Free Video Games about Money for Your Child (Come in the Mail, No S&H Costs!)

4 FREE video games teaching kids some money management skills! No joke, and you won't even pay shipping & handling. A good intro to money life skills. |

Free video games about money for your kid. Kids love getting mail…and you don’t even have to pay S&H!

What child doesn’t love to get mail? If you pair that with a FREE money video game…well now you’re just asking for a high-pitch squeal.

Through its Practical Money Skills program, Visa is on a mission to educate the public about money management. The great news about this? They’ve created 4 money video games and they’re giving them away to anyone (yes, including parents) who want to have one.

You don’t even have to pay shipping & handling!

I’ve tested out each of these games, so you can get a better sense of what they are below as well as the link for how to order one for your own kiddos.

Free Money Video Game #1: Peter Pig’s Money Counter

Age Range: 4-7 years

Money Lessons Learned: This game is mainly about learning to identify and count coins. Saving your money is encouraged instead of spending it by giving your child various-sized trophies depending on how miserly they become.

Earn virtual money with right answers that you can use to save or spend on decking out your pig with accessories and scenes. Plus there are lessons built into the game itself that occasionally pop up.

After your child earns some cash, they’re asked how much they’d like to save. Then what’s left is what they’re allowed to spend at the store to deck out their little pig. I like how they show an image of the savings they set aside, as well as count down for the child how much money they have left to spend before it’s all gone. Also, your child doesn’t have to spend all their money either. What they don’t spend gets put into savings.

Play it online for free here: Download immediately for your PC or Mac computer and begin playing now.

Free Money Video Game #2: Money Metropolis

Age Range: 7-12 years

Money Lessons Learned: This game is about declaring a savings goal (such as an airplane ticket that costs $350), then earning money and setting it aside to meet that goal. Of course there are temptations to spend some money along the way, and sometimes you have to spend money in order to earn some (such as having to purchase a rake in order to rake your neighbors’ yards for pay).

In Money Metropolis, your child gets to chooses from one of three different savings goals. They then are offered a bunch of different jobs in order to earn the money and meet their goal (such as pumping gasoline for $10, or babysitting a sleeping baby for $15).

What I like about the amounts used in this game is that they are reasonable compared with the overall goal. For example, when I pumped gas, I was bombarded with about 15 cars and only earned $10. My overall goal to purchase was a plane ticket at $350. So it shows children that it could take a lot of work at low-paying jobs to actually save up for something.

This game also reinforces the idea of doing a good job at something (even though the work is done only by pressing buttons) because if you mess up, you don’t get paid. For example, I “crashed” the mower too many times, so I wasn’t paid at Luke’s house.

At anytime your child can click on the “Your Budget” button on the left-hand side to see how much money they’ve saved from earnings, how much they’ve spent, and their total.

You get an allowance as well, $15 at a time. Click here to get my full Money Metropolis review.

Play it online for free here: Download immediately for your PC or Mac computer and begin playing now.

Free Money Video Game #3: Financial Football

Age Range: 11+ years (broken down in categories: Rookie 11-14, Pro is 14-18, Hall of Fame is 18+)

Money Lessons Learned: Key concepts include saving & spending, budgeting, as well as the wise use of credit.

Crafted in partnership with the NFL, expect some interesting play options in this game, such as a Sweep Left or a Quick Out. Your child even gets to select their team + their opposing team.

You choose a play − easy, medium, or hard − and you’re given a financial question to answer. If you answer it correctly, then your football team gains yardage (the harder the question, the more yardage you gain when you get it correct).

What I like about this game is that if your child doesn’t quite know how to answer, then can click the “Lessons” button on the Main Menu to enter the Financial Training Camp and learn all kinds of things, such as the difference between debit cards, credit cards, and prepaid cards.

Play it online now right here: Download immediately for your PC or Mac computer and begin playing now.

Free Money Video Game #4: Financial Soccer

Age Range: 11+ years (broken down in categories: Amateur 11-14, Semi-Pro is 14-18, World Class is 18+)

Money Lessons Learned: This game offers money learning from many different categories. Everywhere from whether or not your contributions to a 401(k) are generally pre-tax, to the uses of a savings account.

Visa’s World Cup-themed Financial Soccer game tests your child’s financial knowledge of a variety of money skills. Select an action you want to take − pass, dribble, or shoot − and you are then given a question. Answer it correctly, and advance forward. Answer it incorrectly, and surrender the ball to your opponent.

If you choose Pregame, then you are given the chance to go through lessons on all types of money categories in order to prep for the game.

Just like in the NFL game, you get to choose what country your team is, and the country of your opponent.

Play it online for free here: Download immediately for your PC or Mac computer and begin playing now.

In order to score any or all of these four free video game, just visit the links above, fill in your name, email address, and shipping name, and wait between 3 and 4 weeks for delivery.

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