You want to give your child a solid money foundation (better than the one you got), but it’s probably a little murky knowing where the heck to start.

That’s probably because you’re not 100% sure of where your child’s current money understanding is (wanna find out? Click the button to the right) ———->

Your child could:

  • Be a money-counting whiz, but completely confused by the role of plastic in our world
  • Understand how transactions are made, but not understand the financial tradeoffs made when deciding which transactions to make
  • Struggle needs vs. wants, especially when their well-being doesn’t currently depend on it

And where your child is with their money doesn‘t necessarily correlate with your child’s current age.

The President’s Financial Advisory Council on Financial Capability came out with a helpful graphic for money milestones for your child at specific ages.

But here at Money Prodigy we know that money know-how doesn’t necessarily correlate with the age of your child. Some preschoolers know more about money than tweens, and some teens still struggle with the basics (heck, so do some adults!).

No worries if you don‘t know what your child does and does not understand, especially since there’s way more to raising a money-whiz kid than the basics outlined above.

Let’s find out where they are now so we can meet them where they’re at and you both can get the most from Money Prodigy.

I’ve created a free money quiz>> that’s going to give us an idea of where your child’s money development is without taking into consideration where they “should” be due to their age.

You will also fill out some information and become subscribed to Money Prodigy so that I can:

:: Send you your child’s results + a Money Prodigy Roadmap with clear directions for where and how to start their money education from where they are
:: Send you updates with blog posts + news from Money Prodigy