Money Conversation Starters for Kids

Use these free money conversation starters for teens, kids, and families to open up money dialogue in your household (plus keep the kids interested at dinner time and road trips). Free printable, with fun ideas for how to get the money conversation rolling. |

Use these fun, thoughtful money conversation starters for kids to liven up your family dinner + a road trip.

Money: the last frontier (cue the Star Trek opening music).

Not really.

But certainly in conversations.

It can be really difficult to bring up the topic with other adults, let alone for kids to ask their burning questions (especially if they’ve picked up on the idea that it’s not a topic that is eagerly discussed).

And it’s not your fault, Mama Bear. Chances are good that money conversations weren’t blooming in your household growing up either.

When I thumb through the mental archives of my own childhood, I can barely remember having a money conversation with my parents (outside of the usual, “can I have $7.00 for this field trip,” and “I need a new pair of sneakers, Mom,” of course).

What are things I held back on? I knew about this thing called “investing” when I was a teenager, and desperately wanted to get in on the action. So I had my stepmother drop me off at a bookstore and I purchased a book on investing. But feeling like a conversation about that with my parents was encouraged would have been very helpful as well (not to mention the amount of money I’d have in my IRA today if I had started back then!).

The good news? This is an area that you can certainly change, no matter what the reason for not having money conversations in your household is.

Your Deck of Money Conversation Starters for Kids

Download your free deck of money conversation starters for kids. These are meant to be really fun, provoke thoughtful (or downright silly) answers, and lighten up the air around money convos in your household.

Psst: Does the idea of your tween bringing up investing and other Stephen-King-scary money questions leave your knees wobbly? Don’t be afraid to say that you do not know the answer. Really. It’s that simple. Then you can either research something with them together (score on engaging with them in a  new activity), or ask a friend of a friend who might know about the subject at hand and be able to talk to them. You got this, Mama Bear!

There are two sets of questions in this free printable: pages 1-6 are the kid questions, and pages 7-12 are the adult questions.

You’ll want to cut them all out. Place all the kid questions into one jar, and all the parent questions into another. Take turns choosing from each jar, with either the person choosing the card having to answer it, or each person choosing a card for another family member to answer.

Where to Use these Money Conversation Starters for Kids

You can use these money conversation starters for kids around the dinner table (talk about a fun way to keep the kids engaged at dinner time!), on road trips, or even laminate them and twist a rubber band around the deck to keep in your purse and whip out the next time you + your kids have to wait, like at the doctor’s office.

Some of my favorites? Here’s a sneak peek.

Kid Examples:

  1. What is one belonging you’d like to keep forever because you think it’ll be worth money one day?
  2. Would you be willing to give up all video games for five years if someone paid you $1,000? How about $5,000?
  3. Look to the person to your left. What is one thing you would want to buy them if money was no object?

Parent Examples:

  1. What is one souvenir you regret buying on a vacation because you’d rather have the money back?
  2. You see an ad that details a way to make $10,000 in 5 days, money back guaranteed. Do you purchase the product to show you how to do this (it’s $135.99) or move on?
  3. Name something you cannot give up. Now, would you give it up for $50,000?

So, what are you waiting for? Download these today and start cracking the  money ice with your kiddos.

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