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Reading Programs for Kids that Run All Year Round + (Plus Money Books)

Tired of waiting for the summer months to get your child to read more? These 5 reading programs for kids run all year round.

There are actually reading programs for kids that run all throughout the year instead of just during the dog days of summer.

Year-Round Reading Program #1: Sylvan's Book Adventure

Location: Online
How Points are Earned: Through passing quizzes about books your child reads
Prizes:  Includes things like temporary tattoos, subscription to Highlight magazine, free candy bar, eBooks, and a guide for how to make balloon animals

Your child registers at the Book Adventure website, then chooses from over 8,000 books to add to their list. Once they finish reading these books, they take a quiz.

Quizzes for kids in kindergarten to grade 2 have five questions, and from grade 3 onwards the quizzes have 10 questions. Parents and/or teachers are able to track kid's progress in an area called Reports.

They'll earn points, then can redeem those points for prizes from the prize library.

Year-Round Reading Program #2: Pizza Hut's Give Me Twenty Challenge

Location: Online
How Points are Earned: Parent reads to their preschool/pre-kindergarten aged child for 20 minutes per day/5 days per week, over an 8-week period of time (March 6-April 28, 2017)
Prizes:  20 individual prize package winners (so not everyone will win) that includes a hardcover copy of Lisa Mantchev's Strictly No Elephants book, an elephant plush toy, and a $10 Pizza Hut gift card

While most of us can remember earning those free personal pan pizzas through the Book It! program, unfortunately you can only participate through a school or if you homeschool.

With the Give Me 20 Challenge, both schools and parents at home can participate. From March 6 through April 28, 2017, you must read to your preschool/pre-kindergarten aged child participating in the Program for 20 minutes per day for at least five 5 days per week (over an 8-week period).

You'll also be given printable reading activities to do.

Year-Round Reading Program #3: Chuck E. Cheese's Reading Program

Location: Read from home, prize redeemed at your local Chuck E. Cheese
How Points are Earned: Your child needs to read every day for 2 weeks
Prizes:  10 free tokens (redeemable with purchase of food)

Download the rewards calendar for reading (scroll down on that page through the link above), then put a stick on each day that your child reads over two weeks. If they read every single day, take them into your local Chuck E. Cheese's for a prize of 10 free tokens.

Bonus Chance for Your Child to Win $500

Have you ever heard of the Library of Congress Letters About Literature Contest? It starts in the Fall, and gives your child the chance to win a $500 gift card.

Kids in grades 4-12 read a book − fiction, nonfiction, poem, or play − (choose one they read for other reading programs for kids above), then they create a letter to the author answering how their work affected their life.

Competition levels are broken up as follows:

Level 1: Grades 4-6

Level 2: Grades 7-8

Level 3: Grades 9-12

Which program are you going to sign your child up for today? 

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