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Teen Job Lab

Teen Job Lab

Help your teen land their first (or next) job, even if they’ve got no experience.

Let’s face it: the teen job market can be kinda tough to navigate. 

Teens are faced with:

  • Sifting through hundreds of useless job postings they don’t qualify for, since you can’t search most job search sites by age
  • Trying to create a resume by piecing together random skills from the little experience they’ve got
  • Competing for a small pool of eligible jobs, whether that’s because of location (small town), limited transportation, a filled schedule with sports and school, etc.
  • …Never mind actually having to sit face-to-face and tell a hiring manager why they want this job in the first place
teen girl with yellow bag behind teen job lab printable photo

And most “get-a-job” resources – like books, website articles, etc. – are geared towards helping adults land a job. Adults who have lots of experience under their belts, referrals to call upon, and the ability to look for work in lots of locations.

This is simply not the case for teens.

The Teen Job Lab system breaks down the overwhelming job search process – from creating a resume that’ll actually get read and online & offline job searching, to interview prep – so that you can finally stop paying for their gas.

teen girl with laptop and orange bag, gif playing through the pages of the Teen Job Lab quickly

After the Teen Job Lab, your teen will:

  • Stretch their ability to find jobs to apply to, thanks to the 9 Job Search Plays
  • Avoid wasting a bunch of time when they sit down to job search, since they’ll have a list of online/offline teen job hotspots I share (BONUS: teen-specific job keywords to use)
  • Get on the same page with you about job boundaries and job search parameters, thanks to the Job Search Domain exercise
  • Create a Job Search Elevator Pitch that’ll have other adults helping them find jobs to apply for, since they’ll know your teen is serious
  • and more


Creating their resume will be a cinch – even without formal work experience – thanks to the the teen skills worksheet and resume generator.

Here’s the resume help they’ll get:

  • ATS-friendly teen resume templates to use (ATS = (an automated applicant tracking system most companies use to automatically weed out bad resumes from the good ones)
  • Plug’n’play instructions + formulas to fill out their resume
  • Teen skill finder exercise to translate their experiences into job market skills
  • Teen resume examples
  • Guidance for how to tweak their “baseline” resume for each job they want to apply to

Did I mention there’s a bonus? (Well, a few).

ipad with Hirirng Manager's Talk PDF in it, another iPad with Parent Guide
  • Teen Job tracker (a $7 value) – to keep everything straight so that they increase their chances of getting hired by following up
  • Parent Guide: Your Working Teen (a $9 value) – information and resources to answer tough questions like expected pay rate, monitoring an online teen job, money conversations to have with your teen, tax implications (both for your teen, and for you), etc.
  • Hiring Managers Talk bonus guide (a $19 value) – managers dish on what they look for when they hire a teenager

Note: This is a digital product. You’ll be given a link to download to enjoy immediately after purchase. Worksheets need to be printed out for your teen to use.

Your teen needs their own money, and the Teen Job Lab is their fast-pass way to start earning it.

Earning money can help them…

  • Gain confidence and increase feelings of independence
  • Start saving money towards some big goals, like saving up for a car, or money towards their college tuition
  • Take over some of the money responsibilities + expenses in their life
  • Help them start the process of learning to manage money

You don’t need to make it your full-time job to help your teen get a job. I’m here to help.

I’m Amanda L. Grossman, a Certified Financial Education Instructor, winner of the 2017 Plutus Foundation Grant to create a kid money program (the Mt. Everest Money Simulation: A Kid’s Educational Adventure), and a 13-year personal finance blogger.

Not only do I feel qualified to help you teach your kid(dos) and teens how to earn, save, and manage their money, but I darn well looooooovvvve these subjects.

Here’s more about me.

Can you imagine seeing the look of pride on your teen’s face when they hold up their first paycheck?

mockups of the whole product and bonuses, on white background


1. I’ve tried to get my teen to work on finding a job in the past, but they didn’t listen to me. Why will they use this instead?

I hear ya on this one.

Here’s how I set this Teen Job Lab up to motivate and inspire your teen into action:

  • It’s sophisticated enough that they feel they’re being treated like an adult, but the colors and design scream “THIS IS SO COOL”
  • It breaks the job search process down into bite-sized pieces that your teen can work through, bit-by-bit
  • It covers some sticky teen resume and job search situations that’ll help them work through what’s held them back (like, how to get a job when they don’t drive, or how to fill out a resume with no formal work experience)

2. Will my teen actually be able to use this to find a job? I don’t know how much effort I’ll have to give to help them through this.

Great question − and one I’ve given considerable thought to while creating this.

I want teens from every skill and capability level to be able to pick up this Teen Job Lab, excitedly work through it, and learn how to search + apply for jobs. Then…to land one.

YOU, are part of that process, of course. I mean, you have to approve of the type of job they’re applying to, the hours they want to work or are allowed to work, etc.

That’s why I created the Job Search Domain Worksheet that the two of you will fill out together and then agree on before they move forward.

It’ll get you guys on the same page for what types of jobs they can/cannot apply to.

After that, the Teen Job Lab is designed to be pretty hands-off.

For example, it has:

  • Timeline guidance, showing teens how many months in advance they should start the job search process if they want a job by a certain date
  • Specific tasks that need to be completed in each of the three weeks, plus a calendar for them to use to keep track of everything
  • Plug’n’Play formulas to create their Job Search Elevator pitch, objective summary on their resume, etc.
  • Specific guidance on how to fill in their resume, with tons of examples they can use
  • and lots more

3. Am I going to get stuff in the mail?

No. This is a digital product that you print out. You’ll need to print out the worksheets for your teen to work through.

4. Do we need to buy anything else to use this product?

No further products are needed to use this product. You’ll just need to print out the worksheets.

5. What do I get again?

screenshot of 6 parts you get with this product when you purchase, on teal background
  • The Teen Job Lab 3-week system to finding a job
  • The Teen Job Search Domain Exercise
  • The Teen Resume Generator
  • The Teen Job tracker
  • The Parent Guide: Your Working Teen
  • The Hiring Managers Talk bonus guide