How to teach kids about money when you aren’t even sure how to teach your child the value of money? I share tips and strategies for how to explain a budget to a child, teaching kids money management, money management activities for kids, money management activities for youth, etc.

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Building Confidence in Your Child Using Money and Chores

Putting your child in charge of money and setting up your chore system correctly are great confidence building activities for kids. Looking for activities to help build confidence in your child? You came to the right place. But you might…
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Should Kids get Paid to Do Chores? Pros and Cons (with VIDEO)

Should kids get paid to do chores? Let’s discuss the pros and cons and facts about kids getting paid for chores so that you can make an informed decision. If you google the phrase ‘should kids get paid to do chores?’, you’ll come across…
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How Do You Develop Good Money Habits in Your Kids?

How do you develop good money habits in your kids (or in yourself, for that matter)? Let me show you which good money habits to work on, and how to instill them in your child. “You didn’t brush your teeth today.” “Feed the dog –…
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Money Books for Kids (by age) to Jump Start their Financial Literacy

Money books for kids (by age) that will jump-start their money learning. Use the bonus activities I'm giving you alongside these children's stories about money. Money books for kids (by age) that will jump start their financial literacy.…
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Teaching Money Skills: Let Your Child Leave a Tip for a Waitress

Teaching money skills starts at home. Let me show you a simple lesson – how to leave a tip for a waitress – that you can add to your child’s money life skills. I just love teachable money teaching moments where teaching money skills to…
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Banking for Kids: Create a Family Banking Day

Are you trying to teach banking for kids? How about general money management? One of the best ways to normalize banking in your household is to establish a family banking day. One of the ways to teach banking for kids is to normalize the banking…

How Do I Teach My Child to Be Financially Responsible? Family Money Values.

Wondering how to raise a financially responsible child? Teach your child financial responsibility by establishing + modeling your family's money values. Have you ever stayed up at night over the question of "how to teach my teenager financial…
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5 Money Activities for Kids to Involve them in Household Finances

I’ve got some great money activities for kids you can use to get your child participating in household finances (without telling them your salary). If I had to order the top three things you can do to help your child learn to manage money,…
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31+ Free Personal Finance Homeschool Resources

Need FREE personal finance homeschool curriculum? One of these 31 free homeschool resources below should cover you. Do you home school your children? Perhaps there are certain requirements you’ve got to meet when it comes to personal finance…
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Teaching Children About Money By Modeling Good Money Strategy

If you’re working on teaching children about money, then I want to show you why you need to be modeling good money strategy as part of your efforts, and 7 ways to do so (even if you’re faking it!). Did you know that 69% of parents feel…