How to teach kids about money when you aren’t even sure how to teach your child the value of money? I share tips and strategies for how to explain a budget to a child, teaching kids money management, money management activities for kids, money management activities for youth, etc.

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17 Free Money Worksheets for 2nd Grade (PDFs)

Find free money worksheets for 2nd grade - PDFs - that will satisfy common core requirements for money word problems, money identification, and money counting. Since you’ve landed here looking for money worksheets for 2nd grade pdfs, I’m…
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Budgeting for Kids (Simple Step-by-Step Guide)

How do you teach kids about budgeting? Here’s a simple, step-by-step guide that will make teaching budgeting for kids feel do-able. Let’s face it: budgeting for kids looks different than for teens or adults. Kids face some interesting…
father playing guitar with teenage daughter as a family activity with teen

17 Activities to do with Teenager (Family Activities with Teens)

Check out these activities to do with teenagers that they (and you) will actually love! Great way to bond with your teen. Sometimes, it can feel like we’re not connected at all with our used-to-be-kid, turned-teen. As teens work…
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After School Routine for High School Students (Plus Editable Free Printable)

Teen back to school and needs help with an after school routine? A free after school routine printable high school students can follow (plus homework tracker). After school routines for high school teens look different than when they were…
mother with two teen daughters on bed, discussing teen expenses and money responsibilities

58 Common Teenage Expenses (Plus Free Printable PDF)

Use this list of teenage expenses to help you and your teen figure out who is paying for what, and to help them make a budget. Let’s be honest here and say that a teen’s expenses are dependent on both: the teenager (their wants,…
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5 Give Save Spend Banks (Plus Free Money Jar Printable!)

Give Save Spend Banks – the best choices out there, plus a free printable to help make your money jar actually teach your child money lessons. Have you or your child ever wondered where all their money went?   Or worse yet,…
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21 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Classroom (Cheap & Unique!)

These cheap stocking stuffer ideas for classroom and school Christmas parties will help you fill your student’s stockings with a special surprise! What are some good stocking stuffer ideas for students in your classroom? Great stocking…
father with two sons and their cash envelopes for kids

3 Money Envelopes for Kids (Kid Budget System)

Check out these free money envelopes for kids, which will help them spend cash by category (and stick to their budget). After your child sets up their budget, they’ll need a way to spend that money. And not just spend that money,…
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7 Money Gift Ideas for Kids (for Birthdays, Christmas, etc.)

So, you want to give money gifts to kids in your life. These money gift ideas for kids will keep things fun, plus help you pass on a money lesson.   Gifting money to kids this year, and you’d like to do it in a way that’s unique? These…
three teenage girls having fun

10 Free Teen Budget Worksheets to Start Your Teenager Budgeting

Teen budget worksheets are a great way to help teach kids how to budget and how to track expenses. I round up the best (free) budget planners for teenagers. A weird thing happens when a teen starts to put numbers down on a piece of paper…