How to teach kids about money when you aren’t even sure how to teach your child the value of money? I share tips and strategies for how to explain a budget to a child, teaching kids money management, money management activities for kids, money management activities for youth, etc.

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mother leaning over teen or tween daughter, reading investing books for kids

7 Investment Books for Kids + Teens (Give them a Jump Start on Investing)

Investment books for kids are the perfect way to introduce investing to your child (especially if you're not confident teaching investing by yourself). Boy, do I wish my parents had gotten an investment book for kids into my hands when my interests…
group of smiling students at desk, working on an investment game for students

Free Stock Market Games for Students and Kids to Learn How to Invest

Free stock market games for students and kids, stock market board games, and high school investment competitions are awesome resources to teach your child how to invest. One of the biggest requests I get from parents and teachers is for free…
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Teenage Money Management (Comprehensive Guide for You AND Your Teen)

How to manage your money as a teenager? From first paychecks to first cars – this guide will help both YOU, and your teen figure out teenage money management. Kids turn into teens, and with that comes changes to their money situations –…
mother and daughter with glasses on laptop, making purchase with credit card

Teaching Kids about Money (The Comprehensive Guide)

Teaching kids about money – what are the best strategies? I give an age-by-age guide, the most important money lessons to focus on, and show you why you (yes, YOU) are qualified to do this. Teaching kids about money…it’s one of the most…
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50+ Banking Activities for Kids (Plus How to Create a Family Banking Day)

Looking for banking activities for kids? I've got banking activities for students, and a fun idea for teaching banking to your kids (at home). The banking system is going to be an important part of your child's and student's money futures.…
man with son in restaurant, letting son hand over money to waitress

8 Examples of Teachable Moments about Money (from Real Parents)

Teachable moments aren't always easily identifiable, so I'm sharing 8 real-life examples of teachable moments where parents saw an opportunity to teach their kids something about money. Have you ever heard the phrase Teachable Moment? A…
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17 Money Toys for Kids and Teens (Including Toddler Money Toys)

Money toys are excellent educational toys for kids — they're fun and help them self-discover money lessons that will stay with them into adulthood. I’ve got an idea. This year, instead of gifting money to your nieces, nephews, and other…
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Building Confidence in Your Child Using Money and Chores

Putting your child in charge of money and setting up your chore system correctly are great confidence building activities for kids. Looking for activities to help build confidence in your child? You came to the right place. But you might…
two kids folding laundry to do chores off their chore list

Should Kids get Paid to Do Chores? Pros and Cons (with VIDEO)

Should kids get paid to do chores? Let’s discuss the pros and cons and facts about kids getting paid for chores so that you can make an informed decision. If you google the phrase ‘should kids get paid to do chores?’, you’ll come across…
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How Do You Develop Good Money Habits in Your Kids?

How do you develop good money habits in your kids (or in yourself, for that matter)? Let me show you which good money habits to work on, and how to instill them in your child. “You didn’t brush your teeth today.” “Feed the dog –…