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Career Exploration Books for Students

7 of the Best Business Simulation Games for Kids

Take Your Child to Work Day Playbook for Small Business Owners (Free PDF)

I Read 23 Biographies of Successful People, and 98% of their Parents Did this One Thing – How to Raise a Successful Child

Fun Family Winter Entrepreneurship Lesson: Winter Beverage Taste Testing Competition

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Career Exploration for Students through Books

Career exploration books for students, middle school kids, teens, etc. that paint a more complete picture of what that career entails. I set out to find the best career exploration books for kids out there. Not the ones that paint rosy…
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7 of the Best Business Simulation Games for Kids

Looking to start your budding kidpreneur off on the right foot? Here are 7 of the best business simulation games for kids (and 4 are completely free!). Do you have a budding kidpreneur, or titan of industry on your hands? Perhaps your child…
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Take Your Child to Work Day Playbook for WAHMs

THIS National Take Your Child to Work day? Give your child a lesson in entrepreneurship (really great for Mamas with their own small biz). ** Psssst: you can create a take your child to work day any day of the year! Ladies, you are killin’…

I Read 23 Biographies of Successful People, and 98% of their Parents Did this ONE Thing

Wondering how to raise a successful child or children? I read 23 biographies in a row of successful adults, and noticed ONE parenting technique that 98% of their parents used. Coincidence? I think not... A funny thing happens when you read…

Looking for Fun Things to Do in the Winter? Host a Winter Beverage Outdoor Taste Testing Competition

Looking for family fun things to do in the winter without snow? Teach your kid(dos) profit margins with this awesome winter family event you’ll create in your own backyard. It’s soooooo easy to sit inside all winter long and slowly accumulate…

How to Make Money for Kids? Start with these 9 Kidpreneur Money Books

Wondering how to make money for kids? Or is your kid really into the kidpreneurship subject? Read on for where to start. Kidpreneurs/kidpreneurship (kid entrepreneurs) are popping up everywhere. And the market appears to be highly ready…

Ignite the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Your Child with this Lesson Plan

Your kid has much to gain when they ignite their entrepreneurial spirit. Use this system, and you might just gain from it as well! Entrepreneurs, among other qualities, need to be able to recognize opportunities in the marketplace. This means…