How do you raise a generous child, and how can you use charity ideas for kids to teach your child to give?

These charity ideas for kids help with how to explain charity to a child. Find things to make for charity, plus charities for kids to donate to where their money will make a real difference (key in making them interested in helping more!).

Popular Charity Ideas for Kids:

9 Charities for Kids to Donate to (Small Amount of Money does Real, tangible Good)

Family Contentment Day (in the land of Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!)

Family Volunteer Opportunities You Can do from Home

child with a blue superman mask on, holding a big envelope that says "donations"

10 Charities for Kids to Donate to ($12 or Less Makes a Big Impact)

When choosing charities for children to donate to, let your child pick one where a small contribution – $12 or less – makes a tangible difference to engage your child and show them what kindness acts kids can do. You’re trying to raise…

I Propose a Family Contentment Day in Your Household, And Here's What it Can Look Like

Have you ever told your kids "be happy with what you have"? How many times have they seen adults and *gulp* their own parents not taking this advice? It happens. You're human, after all. We have so, so, so much to be thankful for in this world. Yet…
family sitting in front of a Christmas tree, discussing volunteer opportunities for kids

Family Volunteer Opportunities for Kids (from Home)

Trying to raise generous kids? These family volunteer opportunities for kids will help, and you can complete them from the comfort of your own home (or at least your own block). Maybe packing up the kiddos and schlepping them across town to…