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☆ Welcome Educators ☆

☆ Welcome Educators ☆



“I have 3 classes of 30 Personal Finance students, and we are on day 8 of the project. We are using it as part of their classwork and the reflection is part of their semester project.

I like that the students are getting the budgeting techniques they have been learning – I have had really good buy-in and they are enjoying being responsible. I also like that they had to plan out their month of spending. I'm really thankful for the daily list of things to think about and prepare for.” ~Jennifer Galbraith


You know teaching your child about money is very important. I'm here to help.

I'm Amanda L. Grossman, a Certified Financial Education Instructor, winner of the 2017 Plutus Foundation Grant to create a kid money program (the Mt. Everest Money Simulation: A Kid's Educational Adventure), and a 13-year personal finance blogger.

Not only do I feel qualified to help you teach your kid(dos) and teens how to earn, save, and manage their money, but I darn well looooooovvvve these subjects.

Here's more about me.

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