Teach children to save money, and you’ll be passing on a critical self-sufficiency lesson. I provide teach children to save lesson plans, and help you with teaching students about saving money.

Popular Ways to Teach Child to Save Money:

How to Make Saving Money for Kids Second Nature

The 9 Reasons Why Your Kid is Not Saving Money

3 Ways to Re-Kickstart Your Kid’s Savings Goal After They Lose Interest

57 Savings Action Steps to Get Your Kid Saving More Money Today

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Teaching Kids to Save Money? 15 Saving Tips for Kids

So, you're teaching children to save money...and it's just not happening. Let's figure out why your kid's not saving and solve it with these 15 tips on saving money for kids. Sooooo, your kid’s not saving money. In fact, they’re spending…
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The 1-Page Money Goal Setting Worksheet for Your Kiddo

This 1-page goal setting worksheet for kids will get your child to choose the BEST money goal for themselves – meaning the one they're most likely to stick with. Kids have many competing desires in life (which is why they need a goal setting…
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21 Unique Kid Piggy Banks (Plus How to Use them for Money Lessons)

Cool money banks for kids to get them excited about saving money plus best piggy banks for toddlers. Heck, they might even accumulate some money instead of you finding it crumpled up in their jeans pocket! The piggy bank. It’s kinda the first…

Steal this Amish Blueprint for Managing Your Child’s Paycheck

Learn how to save money for kids + how to manage your child's paycheck with this Amish blueprint. The outcome is impressive! The Amish provide an interesting case study when figuring out how to deal with your own child's paycheck once they…
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Setting Up Bank Account for Baby? Here’s How + Best Savings Plan for Child

Setting up bank account for baby? Let me walk  you through how to do it, considerations to make, and one of the best savings plan for children. I've made it through cloth diapering, 2:00 a.m. feedings, and car seat installations. Now, I'm…