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☆ Welcome Parents ☆

☆ Welcome Parents ☆

“I've got 3 kids and they're sort of all in different stages of their life. As a parent, you don't really know if they listen to you when you sort of talk about these topics and I wasn't sure how much they knew and I thought that that money lifeskills checklist on your website was fabulous.

You've made me more confident in my conversations with my kids, so bravo to you. Your website is soooo good!” ~ Jessica Nguyen, Mama of 3


“We worked on the Teen Budget Worksheets in class last week. It really opened up the students to seeing what they earn and spend weekly. Thanks again.” – Kelly Dodd, Child Development and Health Teacher


You know teaching your child about money is very important. I'm here to help.

I'm Amanda L. Grossman, a Certified Financial Education Instructor, winner of the 2017 Plutus Foundation Grant to create a kid money program (the Mt. Everest Money Simulation: A Kid's Educational Adventure), and a 13-year personal finance blogger.

Not only do I feel qualified to help you teach your kid(dos) and teens how to earn, save, and manage their money, but I darn well looooooovvvve these subjects.

Here's more about me.

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