How do you explain money to a child? Interactive money activities for kids is a fun way to do this.

You’ll find money math activities, fun money activities for kids of all ages, and much more.

Popular Money Activities for Kids:

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kids playing a fake money game together on the couch, smiling

7 Games to Play with Fake Money (Learn Real Money Lessons)

These 7 games to play with fake money will teach your kids, either at home or in the classroom, some great money lessons. While I always say putting real money into your kid’s and students’ hands is the best way to get them to learn how…
tween kid making something to sell at school (easy craft for market day)

19 Things for Kids to Make and Sell at School (Market Day)

Looking for things for kids to make and sell at school (maybe for market day)? Here’s 19 unique things to sell at school for kids, tweens, and teens. I love encouraging kids of all ages to roll up their sleeves and dive head first into entrepreneurship.…
Mom with tween doing fun tween activities after school

18 Fun After School Activities for Tweens (They’ll WANT to Do)

Use this list of fun tween activities ideas, and after school activities for tweens to keep your kids entertained and smiling. Your tweens are sort of be-tween teenagehood and the kid stage…which can make picking out activities for them a…
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26 Christmas Activities for Teenagers (They’ll Actually Find Cool)

These 26 Christmas activities for teenagers are the solution to keep your teenager engaged AND to keep your family creating Christmas memories together. Christmas activities for teenagers deserve an entire article. Because, let’s be honest:…
screenshot of teenager students working on money management worksheets for students

12 Fun Budgeting Activities PDFs for Students (Kids & Teens)

Looking for fun budgeting activities PDFs? You'll love this collection of budgeting scenarios for high school students, and money management worksheets for students (PDFs). Teaching students how to budget doesn't have to be a drag, especially…
young boy laying on bed with iPad playing a math money app

Best Apps to Teach Kids to Count Money (13 Free Count Money Apps)

I’ve taken the time to list out the best apps to teach kids to count money, including coin identification apps, counting money games (free) and more. Your child will be doing all kinds of things in the years to come – such as fundraising,…
young teen talking with mom, who is laying on couch

How Do You talk to Kids about Money? (Money Conversation Guide)

How do you talk to kids about money? I help guide you with when you should talk to your kids about money, how to discuss things like wealth and your job, and give you some fun money conversation starters for kids. Money: the last frontier (cue…
mother and kids having fun playing grocery shopping games

19 Grocery Store Games for Kids (Money Lessons + Keep them Busy!)

19 grocery games for kids that will both keep kids busy at the grocery store AND teach them valuable money lessons. Now that my little guy is getting older, finding and creating grocery games for kids is something that’s been on my mind. Up…
three kids and one adult, kids are talking about money

27 Money Camps for Kids (Plus a DIY Financial Literacy Camp)

This is an Ultimate list of Money Camps for Kids, categorized by Financial Literacy camps, Investment Camps, and Kid Business Camps. Can I just say how much I love the rise of summer money camps for kids? I had no idea how many there were…
young woman on a rock climbing wall, climbing

14 Money Challenges for Kids (Kids Saving Challenges and More!)

14 FUN money challenges for kids to help them pick up money life skills naturally (5 real life challenges for kids to do). Includes kids savings challenges! Naturally discovering money lessons YOURSELF is about the best money education you…