Fun money games for kids to help teach them how to manage their money, how to save it, and how to set money goals.

These include free money games, counting money games, and printable money games.

Popular Money Games for Kids:

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girl child playing a budgeting game for youth printable

11 Budget Games (Free, Online, and Board Games)

Budget games offer students and teens the opportunity to try out spending decisions without repercussions from real life. Check these budget games for youth out! What better way to introduce a child to budgeting than with a fun board game? Even…
family playing a game about credit with kids to explain credit to a child

3 Games to Teach Kids about Credit (How to Explain Credit to a Child)

I’ve scoured the game shelves to find games to teach kids about credit, since your kids and teens definitely need to understand the subject. Here’s what I found. Let’s face it: kids need to learn about credit. To be honest,…
group of kids at a table playing a stock market game for kids to learn investing

9 Investing Board Games for Kids (Besides Monopoly)

These investing board games for kids are a perfectly fun way to teach your kids, teens, and students about investing. It can be completely daunting to teach kids about investing and the stock market when you’re not entirely comfortable…
family eating together and having conversation

1,009 Free Family Conversation Starters Roundup (No-optin Required)

Use these family conversation starter PDFs to engage with your child. There are developmental benefits, and no optins are required! How do you engage a child in a conversation? It’s a struggle many Mamas come up against, especially when: …
cash register for kids in the left corner on white background

Best Play Cash Register Games for Kids

Check out these best play cash register games for kids + cashier games to help your child learn how to handle money, how to count money, and even how to run a store. Are you thinking about buying a shiny-new, toy cash register for your child,…

9 Money Facts: Everest for Kids and Parents

While researching for the Mt. Everest Money Simulation, I came across some cool money facts I couldn't wait to share with you to help bring alive Everest for kids + parents. I'm gearing up towards delivering the Mt. Everest Money Simulation…

Yaks and Yetis: Exploring Everest for Kids through Books

Make Everest for kids fun by sharing books on Himalayan culture + myth (Yaks and Yetis). What's a good way to explore Everest for kids? This is something I've been asking myself ever since Money Prodigy was awarded The PLUTUS Foundation…

Everest for Kids Curated Reading List

Help your child explore Everest for kids with this curated list of books. It's no secret that Mt. Everest has been on my mind lately. Psst: Are you new to these parts? Money Prodigy was awarded The PLUTUS Foundation grant in order to create…

Announcement: The Mt. Everest Money Simulation Receives Grant Funding

We're answering the question how to teach kids about money by creating a grant-funded, Everest money simulation program that will blow Personal Finance worksheets off the South Col. At the heart of why I created Money Prodigy was to offer…