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The Chocolate Business Project for Kids & Teens

The Chocolate Business Project

A delicious way to teach your child some serious business and money lessons.

You know that teaching your child about business, entrepreneurship, and investing is really important.

Because you know that teaching your child about these things will: 

  • Increase their money-making opportunities in childhood and adulthood
  • Help them put their own business idea out into the world
  • Give them some working knowledge of how to invest in a company

But teaching your child these things yourself, and in a way they’ll find really engaging, feels challenging. 

Imagine your child excitedly: 

  • Talking knowledgeably about the product creation process for one of the most popular foods on earth (hint: the chocolate bar!)
  • Creating their own signature chocolate product, including pricing and packaging it up 
  • Deciding on whether or not to invest their money, knowing that they could gain or lose in the process
image showing worksheets in the Chocolate Business Project, with icons showing each section

Note: This is a digital product. You'll be given a link to download to enjoy immediately after purchase! Worksheets need to be printed out for you to use.

After The Chocolate Business Project, your child will:

  • Understand how a finished chocolate bar product is made, starting all the way back to the Cacao Pods on a Cacao Tree
  • Be able to price a product, and understand what goes into the business pricing process
  • Focus on and research one company, including its mission statement, its supply chain, its manufacturing process, and its competitors.
  • Create their own product, price it, and package it
  • Understand what it means to invest in a company, why they might want to, and how to track their gain or loss

Your child will never look at a chocolate bar the same, again!

four large icons showing sections of the project
hand drawn cacao pod and cocoa beans
  1. An introduction to the project
  2. A Pre-Quiz and Post-Quiz, to see what your child knows and what they learn during the project.
  3. Learning the process of chocolate-making from cacao bean to packaged product, before creating their signature chocolate bar. 
  4. Chocolate Tasting Mat you can print out each time you complete one of the 5 suggested tastings.
hand drawn chocolate bar
  1. Recipe Lab, with plenty of guidance and space for iterations, until you get to your signature chocolate bar.
  2. Detailed look at how to price your chocolate bar, based on ingredients used and trying to earn a profit.
  3. Packaging worksheets to guide your child through the information and benefits to use when creating their own package.
drawn chocolate bar factory machine with factory worker
  1. Do a deep dive into one chocolate company of your choosing, and learn more about its products and manufacturing process.
  2. Identify several of its competitors, and understand what they offer.
  3. Take an in-person or virtual factory tour, with prep and follow-up worksheets to fill out.
  4. Factory Tour prep and follow-up worksheets.
investing icon

Invest Lab worksheets that guide your child through what it means to invest, how to do it, and how to check up on their stock gains/losses (whether they choose to invest with parental help during this project, or they choose a Fantasy Pick to follow along with).

Note: This is a digital product. You'll be given a link to download to enjoy immediately after purchase! Worksheets need to be printed out for you to use.

I'm Amanda L. Grossman, a Certified Financial Education Instructor, winner of the 2017 Plutus Foundation Grant to create a kid money program (the Mt. Everest Money Simulation: A Kid's Educational Adventure), and a 13-year personal finance blogger.

Not only do I feel qualified to help you teach your kid(dos) and teens how to earn, save, and manage their money, but I darn well looooooovvvve these subjects.

Here's more about me.

What would change for you AND for your child if you took just 1 hour today to put into place your entire Kid Money System? I'll tell you one result: you could start watching as your child self-discovers those Money Lessons you had in mind for them.

1. Am I going to get stuff in the mail?

No. This is a digital product that you print out. You'll need to print out the worksheets for your kids & teens to work through.

2. Do we need to buy anything else to use this product?

To take part in the Chocolate Tasting, you'll need to purchase chocolate bars to taste.

You can also do an in-person factory tour (or virtual), and an in-person way may cost money (plus travel fees).

And you'll need chocolate-making supplies and ingredients for your child to make their own signature chocolate bar.

3. What do I get again?

  • 33 pages of printables guiding your child through the four sections of the Chocolate Business Project
  • 15-page Parent/Educator guide with resources and tips to help you and your child have a great experience
  • Chocolate Tasting Mat (use over and over again)
  • Geographical Tasting Tracker (for single-source chocolate bars)