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Unicorn Money Saving Challenge

Unicorn Money Saving Challenge

The 30-Day Savings Challenge for Kids

How do you get a child to WILLINGLY save their money? Even if they don't have consistent money coming in?

That's exactly what I created the Unicorn Savings Challenge for – so that kids and tweens would be GIDDY with excitement to set a savings goal, and then actually work through it over 30 days.

Working through this savings challenge will increase your child's confidence with money.


  • Set a savings goal (the list of savings goal ideas will help)
  • Choose a pre-filled savings challenge sheet according to how much they need to save up ($10, $25, $50, or a blank one)
  • Complete one space per day, for the next 30 days
5 pages from the unicorn savings challenge on a yellow and purple background

And here's the beautiful thing: not every space is a money amount for them to save.

Which is perfect because, let's face it, what child always has money to put aside for a savings goal?

unicorn savings challenge main sheet with arrows pointing to money and symbol spaces

Instead of stalling out and abandoning the goal in week one (because they don't have enough cash), they get to choose from two different types of spaces that work on building their savings habit.

Type #1 is a Money Space with an amount they need to save, and Type #2 is a Symbol Space where they draw a card and take the action on it to complete their savings task for the day.

tween girl with magnifying glass and piggy bank, gif playing of the printable


  • 20-page Unicorn Savings Challenge with instructions
  • 3 pre-filled (1 blank) Savings Challenge sheets to choose from (in $10, $25, and $50 increments)
  • OR, use the blank one to fill in your own amount
  • Reward & Store Transaction Envelopes + Reward Ideas
  • 3 Savings Goal Trackers to choose from
  • Extra Resources: Spending Ledger, Weekly Reflection, etc.

Here's how this works.

how this works image showing four steps
  1. Choose a savings goal
  2. Choose a pre-filled savings challenge sheet (or fill in the blank one)
  3. Complete one space/day on the savings challenge sheet (by both saving certain amounts of money AND using the cards of play)
  4. Track progress

You know teaching your kids and teens about money is very important. I'm here to help.

I'm Amanda L. Grossman, a Certified Financial Education Instructor, winner of the 2017 Plutus Foundation Grant to create a kid money program (the Mt. Everest Money Simulation: A Kid's Educational Adventure), and a 13-year personal finance blogger.

Not only do I feel qualified to help you teach your kid(dos) and teens how to earn, save, and manage their money, but I darn well looooooovvvve these subjects.

Here's more about me.