21 Cool Piggy Banks as Gifts for Kids

Unique piggy banks for kids | looking for cool piggy banks for kids? I've got 21 for you. Not only that, but read to the end for some resources for how to teach your kid to save money. After all, they'll be super interested in the idea once they see their new gift. #uniquepiggybanks #forkids #products| https://www.moneyprodigy.com/21-cool-piggy-banks-gifts-kids/

Cool piggy banks to help the kiddo in your life get excited about saving money. Heck, they might even accumulate some instead of you finding it crumpled up in their jeans pocket!

The piggy bank. It’s kinda the first instrument/tool/resource you can give your kiddo, or your niece, nephew, grandchild, etc. to get them interested in saving money.

Saving money for kids starts simply by giving them a place to start accumulating their extra coins + cash. Instead of leaving a dollar here, $0.50 in their wallet, and finding money crumpled up in the corner of their bedroom…you can now give them a place to store it.

And not only store it, but to watch it grow into something.

Getting a child interested in accumulating money can lead to some really cool outcomes later in their lives, such as them being able to fund their needs + wants + dreams.

In other words, by gifting them one of the cool piggy banks below, you’ll be able to pat yourself on the back down the road when you see them living their lives OUT LOUD.

Choose from one of the 21 unique piggy banks to get the kid(dos) in your life interested in accumulating money (or at least, not spending all of it as soon as it reaches their pocket — which for their age, is a solid start).

FYI: all prices below are estimates, as we all know how much Amazon loves to change prices as the seasons progress.

Pssst: ever wondered why people put coins into pigs, anyway? I mean, why not put coins into cows? Or dogs? Turns out they’ve been doing it for centuries. Check out the history of the piggy bank here so that you can add in a fun story to tell your kid(dos) when you give them their very own!

Piggy Banks with Single-Use Savings Category

These piggy banks have one slot, and one opening to access the money from that slot (yes, gone are the days where you have to smash your piggy bank to get the money out. Could be a good thing, could be a bad thing…depends on how impulsive your little one is!).

Piggy Bank #1: National Geographic’s Glow in the dark moon bank ($14.95)

My 8-year-old, astronaut-obsessed self just got excited – this coin bank is actually made with real meteorite from outer space!

Piggy Bank #2: Pokémon Pokeball Kids Coin Bank ($9.42)

Did you ever give Pokémon GO a whirl? C’mon, tell the truth. I actually tried it out myself after hearing about it from NPR. After several duels in the bread + vegetable aisles at the grocery store, I threw in the towel.

For any little Pokémon fanatics in your life, this is the bank.

Piggy Bank #3: Frozen Elsa Piggy Bank ($7.25)

Fun little fact: my husband is in love with Frozen. He might not admit to it out on the street…but he is. He plays the songs for our little guy on his phone (and may or may not sing along with them).

Any other Frozen fans on your shopping list? Personally, I’m wondering how many coins will actually fit inside this Elsa doll.

Piggy Bank #4: Dog Mechanical Piggy Bank ($19.99)

Two things you need to know: this dog’s name is Bailey…and he eats spare change. Nice way to encourage your kid(dos) to put their coins “away”!

Piggy Bank #5: Emergency Money Bank ($14.97)

Want to start instilling the need to save for an emergency fund? This coin bank is a great conversation starter for that. Bonus: no batteries needed.

Piggy Bank #6: Elephant piggy bank ($12.99)

This one’s so cute, you might just want to scratch under his little trunk.

Piggy Bank #7: Jumbo Coca-Cola Bottle Bank ($24.99)

My grandparents had this two-foot tall Coca-Cola bank…and when they cashed it in after years and years of plunking all their pocket change into it, the total was over $800! Nice.

Piggy Bank #8: 4 Jumbo (20″) Tall Plastic Crayon Piggy Banks ($20.99)

What a cool way to categorize four different reasons to save your money!

Piggy Bank #9: Light Up Kids Railroad Standing Bank ($27.99)

Kid(dos) get immediate gratification when putting their hard-found coins in this giant bank, which lights up as if a train were passing each time a coin is deposited.

Piggy Bank #10: Owl Piggy Bank ($18.99)

Can I just say how super-cute this little guy is? I mean, who couldn’t help but want to feed him nickels and dimes?

Piggy Bank #11: Kate Spade Elephant Bank ($49.95)

Stylish + chic are the words I’d use to describe this Kate-Spade designed elephant bank. Black and white, and would match any décor. Bonus: it’s so stylish that really, it’ll grow with the child.

Heck, I’d like to have this little guy sitting on my library-turned-playroom shelf!

Piggy Bank #12: Paint your own piggy bank ($11.80)

My favorite? The cow. I want to paint the cow! Probably has nothing to do with me growing up on a dairy farm. Nothing at all.

Piggy Bank #13: Digital Coin Counter Savings Jar ($15.99)

There’s a digital LCD screen display that counts and keeps track of the jar’s savings for your kid(dos)! And if they happen to raid the money-candy jar early, or if they want to add some bills instead of coins? They can work on some money skills by using the add/subtract button to report the amount. Another unique part of this bank is that you can just unscrew the lid to get out your cash. That could be a good thing…or a bad thing.

Piggy Bank #14: Cat Stealing Coins Bank ($13.99)

Soooo…there’s this cool cat who apparently likes to pop up and steal your coins when you place them on a certain spot. What kid (or adult, for that matter) wouldn’t try to place more coins on that spot (which happens to lead directly into savings)?

Piggy Bank #15: Doctor Who – Tardis 12th Doctor Talking Money Bank ($24.99)

Any Doctor Who fans out there? Here’s an official Doctor Who product all about getting your kid excited to save their money.

Piggy Banks with Multiple Savings Categories (Save, Tithe, Invest, etc.)

Looking for a piggy bank that will allow your kid(dos) to divvy up their precious dollars into different categories, like tithing, spending, saving, and investing? These banks are for you.

Piggy Bank #16: Moonjar classic piggy bank ($18.99)

This award-winning savings jar allows kids to divvy up their money between saving, spending, and sharing. A Family Guidebook and Passbook are included, and the individual compartments can be taken out, or kept together in one bundle.

Piggy Bank #17: Legos-Looking piggy bank ($20.49)

Have a little person who is really into building blocks? This piggy bank will delight them. I like how the individual containers are transparent, which is one way to get your child to see their money physically growing (or declining, if they decide to use the funds early).

Piggy Bank #18: Fire Truck Coin Bank ($37.95)

My two-year old is obsessed with fire trucks. On a recent visit to PA where my family lives, he actually got to tour one! Which isn’t out of the ordinary, as my Mom’s side of the family owns a firehouse.

The neat thing about this coin bank is there are four chambers for SAVE-INVEST-GIVE-SPEND, with four different exits.

Piggy Bank #19: Surfboards piggy bank ($29.97)

This surfing bank gives your kids the option to put their money in four different categories: spend, give, invest, and save. It actually made an appearance in Oprah Magazine’s Favorite Things section!

Piggy Bank #20: Smart Piggy Trio Bank ($14.99)

This is a set of three boxes with magnetic closures that cover your kid(dos)’ money needs for spending, saving, and sharing. Boxes can be stored together, or taken out as separate components. Also comes with a simple kid’s money guide.

Piggy Bank #21: Money Savvy Pig ($24.99)

I love how transparent the four chambers are with this piggy, one each for: save, spend, donate, and invest. It also comes with stickers to decorate each of the four categories with.

Now that You’ve Picked out a Piggy Bank…

I want to give you a few more resources, as buying your kid(dos) or the children in your life a piggy bank is likely to peak their money interest.

  • Money Conversation Starters for Kids + Families: Don’t be surprised if buying your kid their first piggy bank helps start the money conversation. This is a good thing! I’ve got a free money conversation starter resource for you here that dubs as a fun family dinnertime game.
  • Creative Ways to Help them Fund their Piggy Bank: And how can you help fund your child’s new piggy bank? Well, I’ve got some creative ways to help you fund either their piggy bank, or their savings account.
  • How to Open Your Child’s First Savings Account: The next step after accumulating money in a piggy bank? Is opening a savings account where not only can your child accumulate money, but they can grow it via the awesomeness of compound interest. Once you’re ready to open that savings account, check out my guide for how to open your child’s first savings account.
  • Savings for Your Child Now + in the Future: If your child is not really ready to house money in a savings account, then do this. Give them a piggy bank, then also open the savings account for them. Use this strategy to fund their savings account starting this holiday. They won’t miss at least part of the money, and you can be saving a hefty sum towards their future without them knowing it (at least until they’re old enough to appreciate it).
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