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19 Unique Kid Piggy Banks (Plus How to Use Them for Money Lessons)

Cool and unique piggy banks to get kids excited about saving money (instead of spending it all, or you finding it crumpled up in the corner of their bedroom).

The piggy bank.

mason jar on its side with piggy face, text overlay "best unique piggy banks for kids"

It’s kinda the first tool you can give your kiddo – niece, nephew, grandchild, etc. – to get them interested in saving money.

That's because saving money for kids starts simply by giving them a place to accumulate their extra coins + cash.

Getting a child interested in accumulating money can lead to some really cool outcomes later in their lives, such as being able to fund their needs + wants + dreams.

In other words, by gifting them one of these unique piggy banks for kids below, one day you'll be patting yourself on the back as you watch them living their lives OUT LOUD.

Pssst: ever wondered why people put coins into pigs, anyway? I mean, why not put coins into cows? Or dogs? Turns out they’ve been doing it for centuries. Check out the history of the piggy bank here so that you can add in a fun story to tell your kid(dos) when you give them their very own!

3-Section Piggy Banks (Save, Give, Spend)

Looking for a piggy bank that will allow your kid(dos) to divvy up their precious dollars into different categories, like tithing/charitable giving (hint: here are 10 charities for kids to donate to), spending, saving, and investing? These banks are for you.

They'll get your child interested in accumulating money (or at least, not spending all of it as soon as it reaches their pocket – which for their age, is a solid start).

Piggy Bank for Bills #1: Moonjar classic piggy bank

three compartments - red, blue, green - stuck together with a yellow rubberband

This award-winning savings jar allows kids to divvy up their money between saving, spending, and sharing. A Family Guidebook and Passbook are included, and the individual compartments can be taken out, or kept together in one bundle.

(HINT: this is a great piggy bank for bills).

Piggy Bank #2: Trio Box Piggy Bank

light teal box with three drawers, one for give, spend, and save

Check out this unique-looking piggy bank. It's got three box compartments, where kids and teens can store their money in accordance with how they want to use it.

Inside of trio piggy bank box, and the spend drawer is open showing four compartments inside of it

Piggy Bank #3: Learning Resource 3-Compartment Piggy Bank

light blue and orange owl bank with three slots for spend, save, and share

This owl bank gives your kids the option to put their money in three different categories: spend, save, and share.

Piggy Bank for Bills #4: Smart Beasts Trio Bank

This is a set of three boxes with magnetic closures that cover your kid(dos)’ money needs for spending, saving, and sharing.

Boxes can be stored together, or taken out as separate components. Also comes with a simple kid’s money guide.

Piggy Bank #5: Money Savvy Pig

Here's another piggy bank that has divided slots for the ways your child wants to use their money.

Psst: here's a free activity to help kids and tweens create their own Save, Spend, Give bank jars, plus a money lesson that goes with it.

Money Banks for Kids with Single-Use Savings Category

These money banks for kids have one slot, and one opening to access the money from that slot (yes, gone are the days where you have to smash your piggy bank to get the money out).

Could be a good thing, could be a bad thing…depends on how impulsive your little one is!).

Piggy Bank #1: National Geographic’s Glow in the Dark Moon Bank

My 8-year-old, astronaut-obsessed self just got excited – this coin bank is actually made with real meteorites from outer space!

Piggy Bank #2: Wooden Butterfly Personalized Piggy Bank

I love how this is a clear piggy bank so kids can see their money growing. And that it has nice, oak wood!

It comes with A-Z letter stickers so that you can add your child's name.

Piggy Bank #3: Mason Jar Piggy Bank

mason jar on its side with bright pink piggy face and piggy feet on it

Look at this awesome (and suppppeerrr cute) way to turn a mason jar into an actual “piggy” bank! The piggy's mouth? Is the coin slot. It's sooooo cute (comes in both pink and blue!). 

Piggy Bank #4: Tall Dinosaur Belly Bank

This is the cutest piggy bank!

Your child will have fun watching their coins and dollars drop down into the dinosaur's belly (which is transparent, so they can watch their money grow).

Piggy Bank #5: Emergency Money Bank

Want to start instilling the need for an emergency savings fund? It might seem odd that I chose this piggy bank for kids as a good choice.

But the reason is because I think it's a great conversation starter for saving for emergencies.

Piggy Bank #6: Elephant piggy bank

This elephant piggy bank is so cute, you might just want to scratch under his little trunk.

Piggy Bank #7: Jumbo Coca-Cola Bottle Bank

My grandparents had this two-foot-tall Coca-Cola bank…and when they cashed it in after years and years of plunking all their pocket change into it, the total was over $800! Nice.

Piggy Bank #8: 4 Jumbo (20″) Tall Plastic Crayon Piggy Banks

What a cool way to categorize four different reasons to save your money!

Piggy Bank #9: Owl Piggy Bank

Can I just say how super-cute this little guy is? I mean, who couldn’t help but want to feed him nickels and dimes?

Piggy Bank #10: Spiderman Ceramic Piggy Bank

This is a bright red, Spiderman piggy bank your little Marvel fan will enjoy.

Piggy Bank #11: Paint your own piggy bank

Melissa & Doug created this cute unicorn piggy bank that kids get to paint before using it to store money.

Piggy Bank #12: Digital Coin Counter Savings Jar

There’s a digital LCD screen display that counts and keeps track of the jar’s savings for your kid(dos)!

And if they happen to raid the money candy jar early, or if they want to add some bills instead of coins?

They can work on some money skills by using the add/subtract button to report the amount.

Another unique part of this bank is that you can just unscrew the lid to get out your cash. That could be a good thing…or a bad thing.

Piggy Bank #13: Cat Stealing Coins Bank

Soooo…there’s this cool cat who apparently likes to pop up and steal your coins when you place them on a certain spot.

What kid (or adult, for that matter) wouldn’t try to place more coins on that spot (which happens to lead directly into savings)?

Toddler piggy bank, for sure!

Piggy Bank #14: Doctor Who – Tardis 12th Doctor Talking Money Bank

Any Doctor Who fans out there? Here’s an official Doctor Who product all about getting your kid excited to save their money.

I love how transparent the four chambers are with this piggy, one each for: save, spend, donate, and invest. It also comes with stickers to decorate each of the four categories with.

Now that You’ve Picked out a Kid's Piggy Bank…

I want to give you a few more resources, as buying your kid(dos) or the children in your life a piggy bank is likely to peak their money interest.

  • Money Conversation Starters for Kids + Families: Don’t be surprised if buying your kid their first piggy bank helps start the money conversation. This is a good thing! I’ve got a free money conversation starter resource for you here that dubs as a fun family dinnertime game.
  • Creative Ways to Help Them Fund Their Piggy Bank: And how can you help fund your child’s new piggy bank? Well, I’ve got some creative ways to help you fund either their piggy bank or their savings account.
  • How to Open Your Child’s First Savings Account: The next step after accumulating money in a piggy bank? Is opening a savings account where not only can your child accumulate money like in children's banks, but they can grow it via the awesomeness of compound interest. Once you’re ready to open that savings account, check out my guide for how to open your child’s first savings account.
  • Savings for Your Child Now + in the Future: If your child is not really ready to house money in a savings account, then do this. Give them a piggy bank, then also open a savings account for them. Use this strategy to fund their savings account starting this holiday. They won’t miss at least part of the money, and you can be saving a hefty sum towards their future without them knowing it (at least until they’re old enough to appreciate it).

Instead of your child leaving a dollar here, $0.50 in their wallet, and crumpled up in the corner of their bedroom…you can now give them a place to store it. In a kid's bank! And not only store it but watch it grow into something.

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Amanda L. Grossman is a writer and Certified Financial Education Instructor, a 2017 Plutus Foundation Grant Recipient, and founder of Money Prodigy. Her money work has been featured on Experian, GoBankingRates, PT Money,, Rockstar Finance, the Houston Chronicle, and Colonial Life. Amanda is the founder and CEO of Frugal Confessions, LLC. Read more here or on LinkedIn.