How do you explain money to a child? Interactive money activities for kids is a fun way to do this.

You’ll find money math activities, fun money activities for kids of all ages, and much more.

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Fun Ways to Teach Compound Interest for Kids

Fun compound interest activities and compound interest games to help with how to explain compound interest to a child as well as help make your kids WANT to save their money. Compound interest − a phenomenon that you want to get cozy with…
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Free Money Metropolis Game Review Plus Money Conversations Guide

Let me share my Money Metropolis game review. Don’t forget - you can play this money games for kids free online, or get your own free copy without even paying Shipping & Handling! Does your child need a place to start with learning…
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Looking for the best money games for kids? I’ve personally reviewed dozens of fun money games and financial literacy board games for beginners, and am talking about my favorites below. I set out to find the best money games for kids by reaching…
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Teaching Preschoolers about Money (34+ Money Activities for Preschoolers)

Let's go over introducing money to kids, teaching preschoolers about money, money activities for preschoolers, and so much more. Introducing money to kids at an early age is such a great idea. In fact, the President's Advisory Council on Financial…