Teen money management is different from adult or kid money management, just like a teen’s life is different as well.

That’s why I’ve dedicated a category to teen money management. Get tips on first paychecks, teen first jobs, online jobs for teenagers that pay, teen driver gifts that teach responsible car ownership, cheap date ideas for teenage couples, teen debit cards and when it’s appropriate to get them, teen chores, and much, much more.

Here’s a few articles to get you started: 

teenage couple with chocolate and hot cocoa, enjoying cute valentine's day date ideas

20 Cute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Teenage Couples

Got a boyfriend/girlfriend, or are you a parent of a teen who is dating? Here are 20 cute Valentine’s Day date ideas for teenage couples. What are the best Valentine’s day date ideas for teenage couples? Whether you’re looking for…
teen girl having a picture taken of her

Teenage Money Management (Comprehensive Guide for You AND Your Teen)

How to manage your money as a teenager? From first paychecks to first cars – this guide will help both YOU, and your teen figure out teenage money management. Kids turn into teens, and with that comes changes to their money situations…