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9 Easy DIY Dollar Tree Gift Boxes for Tweens (Super Affordable!)

DIY Dollar Tree gift boxes tweens will absolutely adore – and they’re easy to put together.

Have you seen those adorable gift boxes available at most Dollar Tree stores?

I got to thinking how they’d be perfect to gift tweens fun sets – for a sleepover, a birthday, a Christmas present, etc. – and easier to fill instead of a full-on gift basket.

Here are loads of ideas for how to fill a box with a theme your tweens will love.

Easy DIY Dollar Tree Gift Boxes for Tweens

Pick out a cute Dollar Tree gift box you find, and then fill it with one of these themed groups of gifts.

1. Sleepover Gift Box

Are you hosting a tween sleepover, or sending your tween to their grandparents' for a sleepover?

I thought this was the cutest way to get tweens excited about a sleepover, plus welcome them.

Hint: want lots of other sleepover ideas? Here are 100 sleepover ideas, plus 17 easy and cheap sleepover snacks to keep them fueled throughout the evening/night.

I've included:

  • Hot & Cold Reusable Eye Pads
  • Small bag of mini Mr. Goodbars
  • Bottle of Barbie hair detangler

Total Cost: $5.00 + tax

2. Nail Art Gift Box

Nail art is quite trendy right now.

I was very surprised with how many quality nail art products you can find at your Dollar Tree!

I've included:

  • Nail Art Sparkle Embellishments
  • 2 Nail Stamps
  • Nail Art Pen
  • Nail Art Precision Pointed Brush
  • Nail Decals
  • Nail Wraps

Total Cost: $10.00 + tax

3. Extreme Tasting Gift Box

Tweens like to test their extremes, amiright?

You can create a gift box full of extreme-tasting food and candies from Dollar Tree (they have more options than you can imagine).

I've included:

  • Warheads Wedgies
  • Warheads Sour Green Apple Soda
  • Jelly Belly Bean Belly Flops
  • Hot Tamales Candies

Total Cost: $6.25 + tax

4. Dog Owner Gift Box

What tween doesn't love to care for and treat their pet dog?

Here's a whole box you can gift them for that.

I've included:

  • Bag of chicken-wrapped sweet potato biscuits
  • Bacon flavored grain-free filled bone
  • Dog throw toy

Total Cost: $5.00 + tax

5. Face Mask Gift Box

I remember vividly getting interested in my skin and face care routine as a tween (barely) and as a teen (very much so).

I would've loved to receive this box of various face masks!

There are:

  • Foot masks
  • Face masks
  • Eye masks
  • Lip masks
  • etc.

Total Cost: $12.50 + tax

6. Lip Gloss Gift Box

gold dollar tree gift box filled with three cute lip glosses

I couldn't believe all the cute and tween-errific lip glosses available at my Dollar Tree.

Check out the ones in this box:

  • Taste Squad Mocha Latte Lip Gloss
  • Taste Squad Blueberry Blast Lip Gloss
  • Taste Squad Birthday Cake Lip Gloss

Total Cost: $5.00 + tax

7. Old-Time Summer Gift Box

light blue dollar tree box filled with classic toys

It was like going down a catalog of my summer childhood each time I found an oldie-but-goodie toy from back then.

So, I thought I'd pass on the joy by creating this Old-Tim Summer Gift Box for tweens!

I've included:

  • Crayola Silly Scents Dough
  • Goofy Play String
  • Mini Uno Go Deck
  • Flarp Slime

Total Cost: $6.25 + tax

8. Gnome Garden Gift Box

rainbow box filled with gnomes and gnome garden accessories

My tween boy is into gnomes much more than fairies.

Which is why I was happy to find a whole display of all kinds of gnomes and gnome gardening supplies.

Hint: he likes to create a gnome village in a big pot of soil out in the backyard (and when he was younger, it started with a foil pan full of sand that he created the village in).

Check out what I included in this box:

  • Ceramic, miniature mushroom house
  • Ceramic, miniature garden gate
  • Ceramic, miniature set of trees
  • Ceramic, miniature set of gnomes
  • Pink, miniature evergreen trees

Total Cost: $7.50 + tax

9. Tween Foot Accessory Box

purple caboodle filled with foot accessories for tweens

Tweens just love to personalize and accessorize – anything to express themselves.

That's the idea behind this foot accessory box.

It includes:

  • 2 Fun pairs of socks
  • 2 packages of shoe charm accessories

Total Cost: $6.25 + tax

Have I gotten you excited about the possibilities here? Even writing this up inspires me to create some more of these DIY Dollar Tree tween gift box ideas for future holidays and gift-giving occasions. I just think they're so cute and fun!

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