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10 Lemonade Stand Worksheets (Math, Business Plan, Budgeting, etc.)

Lemonade stand worksheets are the perfect way to help your child setup a real lemonade stand, OR, to teach students business math in a fun way.

Kid starting a lemonade stand?

group of tweens with teacher, working on calculator and worksheet, text overlay "10 lemonade stand worksheets - students and kids can learn business and money lessons"

OR, do you want to teach some serious math and business skills through lemonade stand worksheets?

I’ve got great lemonade stand printables that will help teach:

  • Planning your lemonade stand (i.e., create your first kid business plan!)
  • Pricing your lemonade
  • Attracting customers
  • Tracking sales and calculating profit
  • Etc.

First up, some seriously cute (and free) lemonade stand business plans.

Lemonade Stand Business Plan PDFs

This is possibly one of my favorite sections, because these are super cute, and really comprehensive.

You can print one of these lemonade stand business plan PDFs out, and let your child or students work through planning their own stand!

1. Lemonade Stand Business Startup Printables

set of yellow and blue-teal lemonade stand business printables

Not only are the design of these gorgeous, but they really offer some great guidance for kids.

Included are worksheets that help kids:

  • Price your lemonade
  • Create a marketing plan
  • Tally up their profits (using gross profits, expenses, etc.)
  • Reflect on their Lemonade Stand experience

There’s also some pricing signs in the back you can just print, cut, and use.

2. Lemonade Stand Planner

yellow, light pink, and green set of lemonade stand worksheets

Running a good lemonade stand is like running a good business: making a plan is going to put your light years ahead.

Get your kids in on the business-planning mode wayyyyy earlier than me (my first business plan was about 4 years after starting one!) with these printables.

Included are:

  • Supplies list
  • Sales flyers for advertising
  • Expense & sales trackers
  • Planning sheet
  • Goals sheet
  • Etc.

3. Lemonade Stand Business Planner

set of older-kid looking lemonade stand printables with checkered light blue decoration

Here’s a classy-looking business planner for a tween’s lemonade stand.

Included are:

  • Brainstorm section for naming the stand
  • Menu brainstorm
  • Lemonade recipe + pricing sheet
  • Pricing, profit, goals, and tracking worksheet

4. Lemonade Stand Worksheets

three worksheets with designing a lemonade stand, Order sheet, and expenses sheet

This set of lemonade stand business worksheets has the same business plan PDF types as the sets above, but also includes:

  • Lemonade stand vocabulary worksheet
  • Lemonade stand quiz
  • Lemonade stand word search

Psst: starting a real lemonade stand? Here are my best lemonade stand ideas. And want different kid business ideas? Here are 17 boy crafts to sell, and 22 things for kids to make and sell.

Lemonade Stand Math Worksheet

Looking for free math worksheets with lemonade stands as the theme?

I’ve found a few for you!

1. Lemonade Stand More than, Less than Activity

one more one less play mat with three boxes and a glass of lemonade in each, and red buttons

Look at this cute, free printable!

Preschoolers can use it to practice multi-step activities, practice counting, etc. They’ll choose a card, and then need to count the number of strawberries in the lemonade glass. They then count out their own objects to place on their mat, then figure out what is one less than that, and one more than that.

2. Lemonade Stand Math Pack

teal-blue and pink lemonade stand math and copypack with girl cartoon on front cover

Here’s a set of cute math worksheets that tackle the following money subjects:

  • Adding up various coins and coin math
  • Coin and bill identification
  • Profit, and figuring out how much a lemonade stand would need to sell to “break even”

There are also handwriting practice worksheets.

3. Lemonade Preschool Math Game

bright yellow lemonade pitcher and glass on lemonade stand game printables

This preschool math game – centered around a lemonade stand – has a great imaginative play/pretend play element to it.

For example, kids can use any objects they can find as lemons, to fill their lemonade pitcher up with.

You’ll give them different orders, in the form of an addition problem you make up.

4. Lemonade Math Word Problems

word problem black and white sheets, with boxes

This set of sheets deals with word math problems, money word problems, and time elapse problems.

You’ll find math word problems for grades 2-4 (answer keys included).

Lemonade Stand Pretend Play Printables

Perhaps you’re not yet ready to tackle a business plan with your child.

There’s still some great lemonade stand printables that will help with pretend play (and to spruce things up!).

1. Pretend Play Lemonade Stand Kit

blue, teal, pink, and yellow pretend play lemonade stand printables with menu and banner

These are cute, simple printables your child can use to either play pretend with a Lemonade stand, or at a real lemonade stand. There's a menu, decorations, and more.

2. Pretend Play Lemonade Stand Printables

yellow, blue-teal, and magenta colored pretend play lemonade stand printables

Look at these cute coasters your kids can play with in this set of printables! Your kids also get a price list, banners, favor tags, and more.

Really cute printables, right? I love how you can use these lemonade stand worksheets to teach business lessons, math lessons, or even to just have fun playing around the house.

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