20 Cute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Teenage Couples

Got a boyfriend/girlfriend, or are you a parent of a teen who is dating? Here are 20 cute Valentine’s Day date ideas for teenage couples.

What are the best Valentine’s day date ideas for teenage couples?teenage couple with hot cocoa outside, text overlay "20 cute valentine's day date ideas for teenage couples"

Whether you’re looking for Valentine’s day date ideas for at home, or ones that get you out on the town, you’re in the right place.  

But before I offer these up, a few words on how best to choose from them.

Things to Remember When Choosing Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Teenage Couples

I’m going to be serving you up some seriously fun and cheap date ideas to make Valentine’s Day special for teenage couples…but you should remember a few things when you go through and choose from this list.

Mostly that, which date ideas you go with depends on the following:

  • Parental permission
  • Budget
  • Transportation needs and resources
  • Curfew times
  • Adult supervision requirements
  • What you’re interested in

Go through this list with your teenage daughter or son, and come up with several options for them to choose from that are A-Okay in your book.

Pssst: are you a teen reading through this? If I were you, I would choose several options that you’d love to do, and then discuss them with your parent.

Alright, alright – let’s get to the awesome ideas!

Valentine's Day Date Ideas for Teenage Couples

When you think of Valentine's Day date ideas teen couples can do…what comes to mind? Are you stuck on regular ol' coffee shops, the movies, or ordering a pizza? 

Nah, not for you (or for your date!). 

I've got way cooler, and quite unique, ideas for teen couple dates on Valentine's Day. 

#1: Go to a Candy Store Together

I just love the vibrant colors in candy stores. It’s a great backdrop to Valentine’s Day, and many of them even have seats and sell things like milkshakes you can enjoy while there.

Let your date pick from their favorite candies to take home.

#2: Enjoy the Hot Tub with Christmas Lights

Bust those Christmas lights back out (just a string will do), and ask your parents if you can use the hot tub tonight. String up some Christmas lights around it, and then run from the house to your hot tub in the cold (don’t worry – it’ll feel great once you hit that hot water!).

#3: Eat at a Revolving Sushi Restaurant

It can be quite a cheap date if you watch what you’re doing – that’s because you simply pay for any sushi that you grab off of the conveyor belt.

Not only that, but some serious cool points – it’s quite entertaining to watch the sushi being made and revolving around the room or table on a conveyor belt.

#4: Check Out the Sky View Together

Drive together to the nearest indoor area where you can get really high to see across the landscape. This could be a restaurant that overlooks a valley, or a high-rise building that allows tourists to go to the top, etc.

#5: Get Chinese Takeout + a Movie

Ask your family if you can have exclusive access to the tv for your Valentine’s Day date. Then pick up some Chinese food, and pick out a movie ahead of time for the two of you to share. Chopsticks are a plus!

Bonus Tip: Can you set up everything you need to make s’mores together, on a table in your house? Get your parents to help.

#6: Complete an Escape Room…At Home

For a fraction of the cost of going to an Escape Room, you guys can solve one from a box.

Here's an Escape Room in a Box: The Werewolf Experiment to check out.

And I just love these Free Escape Room Printables! You’ll find audio files for the missions by downloading the free iPhone app or free android app, and you’ll need to get some materials together before your actual date night (like scissors, pens, single-sided printed copies of the free missions, etc.).

Solve puzzles, decipher Morse codes, and deactivate bombs – all while working together.

#7: Go Indoor Rock Climbing

If you checkout a site like Groupon, you can usually find discounted tickets to places like indoor rock-climbing gyms.

What a great opportunity to take your bae on a date that’s quite engaging!

#8: Go on a Digital Scavenger Hunt

Have you ever heard of a digital scavenger hunt? It’s created through an app, and there are several companies to choose from (with over 400 cities represented).

You and your date would get clues, and work on them together to complete a scavenger hunt in the city nearest you.

This can be a little pricey, so you’ll want to check out places like Groupon.com for discounted tickets.

Companies include:

Great opportunity for some fun Valentine’s day selfies (or cuppies…or what do they call them when there is a couple doing it instead of one person?).

#9: Tour a Food Factory

There are hundreds of factory tours that are free or cheap, across the U.S. (use this site to find ones near you).

Many give away free samples at the end!

#10: Meet Up at a Free Event

Great places to look for free events include:

#11: Get Fancy…for Dessert

Make a reservation at a fancy restaurant in town or in your nearest city, get dressed up, and…enjoy a dessert together!

Bonus points if you can get drive home in the dark, so you can see the city lights.

#12: Hang Out in a Cat Café

Did you know there are cafes that have lots of cats in them? They seem to be a new, but growing trend, and can help some of these cats find good homes.

In the meantime, you can take your date to one, get a coffee, and pet cut and cuddly cats all evening.

#13: Coffee Shop + Conversation Cards

I just love the idea of conversation cards – you learn SO much about each other.

Take your date to a local coffee shop, and then whip out one of the following free decks of conversation cards:

#14: Compete on the Dollar Store Challenge

Have you ever heard of the Dollar Store Challenge? Head to the Dollar Store with your date, and you both will be competing against each other (you can do it together as well, if you'd like). Put a dollar cap on the trip — like $5 — and then come home and DIY-create something. 

Whoever creates the coolest thing using just $5 at the Dollar Store for supplies, wins!

For a twist? Buy DIY supplies for each other…and then see what you can each create out of them. 

Now, what happens if you don’t have any transportation or otherwise can’t take your girlfriend or boyfriend out for Valentine’s Day?

Well, you get creative, that’s what.

Cute Valentine's Day Date Ideas for Teenage Couples (Who Can't Drive)

Maybe you can’t actually afford to take your girlfriend or boyfriend out for Valentine’s Day. Or, you can afford it, but you have no transportation. Or you’re grounded. Or any number of other hiccups.

Don’t fret. This is the section of ideas for you!

We’ll start off with ideas you can do while at school, since Valentine’s Day often falls on a week day, and then move onto at-home Valentine’s Day date ideas for teens.

#1: Make School Lunch Extra Special

Do you guys normally eat lunch together at school?

Great – use that as your Valentine’s Day Date.

Bring in a Valentine’s Day cupcake that you surprise your date with to go with whatever the cafeteria or lunch bag is serving up.  

You could even tell them you want to pack lunches that day for both of you, and surprise him or her with something from your home.

Bonus Tip: Think outside of the box here – can you bring in two sets of chopsticks you have hanging around in your silverware drawer at home? That would make lunch more interesting.

#2: Dress up their Locker for a Few Minutes of Conversation Time

If you can only get a few minutes of time together in the morning, after school, or in-between classes, then make it count.

On Valentine’s Day, dress up their locker with some red/pink post-it notes, these free print-and-fold Valentine’s cards (or these), a free candy gram poster, or even some Valentine’s Day window clings (they should cling to the locker, and come off clean).

Sneak in either before they get to school, or do it after you guys meet up in the morning so that when school is over, you’re talking to one another to the background of some Valentine’s Day decorations!

#3: Window Cling their Car

You can buy a bunch of Valentine’s Day window clings, and then time it to get into school after they do so that you can put some on their windows!

#4: Sneak in a Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Get to school a little bit earlier than usual, and meet up at their locker, in the cafeteria, or wherever else you’re allowed to, and present them with some free Donut Forget printables + donuts you pick up at the convenience store on the way in (or from the grocery store)!

#5: Go to a Drive-In Movie…in Your Driveway

Grab some movie-theater candy boxes from the grocery store or dollar store and a blanket. Charge up your laptop or smartphone or whatever else you use to stream a movie/watch a DVD, and invite your boyfriend/girlfriend out into the driveway (backseat of your car) for a movie!

#6: Take the Teen 5 Languages of Love Quiz

Have you ever heard of the 5 Languages of Love? It’s all about how you give and receive love to others (to your family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.).

There’s actually a free version of the quiz for teens, and you can take that together here. Couple quizzes are always fun! You never know what you’ll learn about each other.

Bonus Tip: Pair the evening with some mocktail recipes for kids!

Share your own Valentine's Day date ideas for teenage couples below — I'd love to hear them!

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