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3 Fun Selfie Scavenger Hunts for Teens (Christmas, Fin Lit, etc.)

The Selfie: it’s here to stay (for now). Let’s use it to get teens seriously engaged with fun selfie scavenger hunts for teens.

One of the best ways to get teens involved in something – a holiday, an event, family time, learning, etc. – is by making the activity something they’re interested in.

three teen girls taking a selfie at school, text overlay "fun teen selfie challenges"

Kinda difficult to do for some things, right?

Enter: the selfie.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, but they’re a huge part of our culture right now. Kids, teens, and adults alike (including me!) can’t help but litter our social media and photo libraries with them.

They instantly create a little extra something to an otherwise “uncool” (by teen standards) activity.

That’s why I’ve created these selfie scavenger hunts for teens – pairing an event together with the selfie.

It’s almost too much fun to not participate, right?

Christmas Selfie Scavenger Hunt (with Printable)

Ahhhh Christmas.

There are so many events leading up to Christmas – not to mention the big day itself – and getting teens involved in activities can sometimes be difficult.

That’s the inspiration behind my wildly popular article on 26 Christmas Activities for Teens (you’ll definitely want to check that out and then come back).

And one more way to get teens in on the celebrations without having to beg and plead?

Is by giving them a selfie scavenger hunt to complete.

Here’s my free Christmas selfie scavenger hunt printable.

Psst: Are you an educator? Here are 14 Christmas Activities for high school students.

Teen Money Selfie Challenge

You’re on a site all about teaching teens (and kids) about money…so I thought I’d make a fun Teen Money Selfie challenge, too.

Not only will it nudge your teen to do some good money management things, but it’s kinda fun, too.

Hint: this isn’t just for parents – these can be great as extra credit for a personal finance class.

Teens are tasked with money things like:

  • Taking a selfie reading a money book (I’ve got a seriously great list of teen money books, here)
  • Taking a selfie with a paper showing the percentage of their money they want to save (5%? 10%? 50%?)
  • Taking a selfie with something they decided not to purchase (after wanting it – this can lead to great money conversations with teens)

Here’s my free Teen Money Selfie Challenge.

Selfie Scavenger Hunt for Teens

Got a group of teens who need something constructive (and fun) to do?

Or just one teen?

Here’s a general, all-around teen selfie scavenger hunt to keep them working on something positive.

Tasks include taking a selfie with things like:

  • Something they’re proud of
  • With a shirt they can’t believe they still own (from their closet)
  • With a statement shirt/mug/poster/etc.
  • Etc.

Here’s my free selfie scavenger hunt for teens.

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Amanda L. Grossman is a writer and Certified Financial Education Instructor, a 2017 Plutus Foundation Grant Recipient, and founder of Money Prodigy. Her money work has been featured on Experian, GoBankingRates, PT Money,, Rockstar Finance, the Houston Chronicle, and Colonial Life. Amanda is the founder and CEO of Frugal Confessions, LLC. Read more here or on LinkedIn.