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27 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Teenage Guys (They’ll ACTUALLY Use!)

Teenage guys can be a bit tricky to buy for, which is why I’ve put together this list of best Valentine’s Day gifts for teenage guys.

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Trying to figure out what’s the BEST Valentine’s Day gifts for teenage guys in your life?

If you’re a parent wondering what to get a teenage son for Valentine’s day, or you’re helping your teen daughter get their boyfriend a Valentine’s Day gift, you’re in the right place. 

❤️Valentine’s Day Gifts for Teenage Guys

I remember very well picking out Valentine’s day gifts for my boyfriend when I was a teenager.  

It was so much fun! Welllll…fun once I got past the idea of trying to figure out what to get him. 

I’m going to save you some agony with plenty of ideas that are pretty budget-friendly, and lovable by the teenage guys in your life. 

Car Cleaning Kit

Help them keep their vehicle clean and sparkling with this car cleaning kit

gifts for new teen drivers

Psst: here are a bunch of other gift ideas for new teen drivers.

Throw Throw Burrito Game

Sooo…this looks absolutely hilarious (and teenage-guy-worthy). 

From the makers of Exploding Kittens comes Throw Throw Burrito Game. Players all play at the same time, making it fast-pace and attention-keeping. And at some point, there are burrito brawls! 

Here’s a video to explain it better: 

Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

Does your teenage guy like to fidget with things? This one is quite classy and grown-up

Guy Approved Airpods Case

You can choose from this Stormtrooper design, or this Batman design

Giant Candy

Get them a Giant Hershey Kiss, or a 1-Lb Chocolate Bar.

That’ll turn some heads!

Traditional Slingshot

If you’ve got some space in the backyard (meaning, you’re not right up against the neighbors’ house), then a traditional slingshot could be a great gift! 

red and black slingshot

Toaster Bags

Teenage boys be…hungry. Am I right? They seem to want to eat all the time!

Help them make something quick (like a grilled cheese sandwich) with these BPA-free and otherwise safe toaster bags. No need to start the oven up…just use a toaster!

Bonus: this one is also great because it’s reusable, so they can take these with them (plus a toaster) to either college or their first apartment!

Sports Illustrated (Kids)

Is your teen guy into sports? They can keep up with all of the latest sports news (plus get snail-mail, which is always fun) with a Sports Illustrated magazine subscription. 

Laundry punching bag

You might actually score some brownie points with your teen boyfriend’s Mom if you get this for him and he starts keeping all his dirty laundry in one spot!

Lanyard for his favorite sports team

What’s his favorite team? You can find a really classy-looking sports lanyard for him to put his car keys and any other keys onto. 

Speaking of cars…

Car Door Welcome Logo Light

How cool would your teenage guy feel if, when they opened their side of the car or their own car door, a Batman laser logo appeared? No drill-holes needed, and this one comes with the Batman logo. 

Car Documents Holder

If he’s a car owner, then getting him this car documents holder will help him to stay organized (you know, the insurance papers, the car manual, and anything else to do with the car). 

gifts for new car owners

Trendy, “Guy-Approved” Car Freshener

Have you seen the line of fun, trendy, car fresheners? Your teenage son or boyfriend might enjoy this Big Foot freshener. Or, click through and find one that suits something they like. 

Viking Inspired Guy Necklace

Here’s a Viking-inspired necklace…which is pretty cool. 

Fidget Spinner

I got my 4-year-old son a fidget spinner…and my husband and I ended up playing with it so much more. They’re addictive!

Marshmallow Shooter

Ever heard of a marshmallow shooter? They’re actually quite fun! 

Boss Monster: Dungeon Building Game

Does your teenage guy like to play video games? Help them go off-screen with this cool card game for 13-15 year-olds. It only takes about 20 minutes to play, and it’s for between 2-4 players. 

Heavy Duty Smart Phone Case

Did you know you can get smart phone cases that are close to indestructible? Not only will they help your teen boyfriend keep his smart phone nice, but they look pretty cool, too.

Guitar Pick Holder

For guitar players everywhere, these can be a God-send.

Magnetic Dart Board

This is such a fun way to be able to play darts without making tons of holes in Mom’s walls.

RipStick Caster Board

These look incredibly fun.

Bluetooth Beanie Hat

A cool-looking winter hat for the teen guy who listens to music!

Timberland Trifold Wallet

The teenage guy in your life might just take their money even more seriously with a wallet like this.

Serious Drawing Set

If your teen guy loves to draw, then this adult set is perfect to show him both that you have faith in his abilities, and that you care about his interests.

Let’s face it: teenage boys can be a little tricky to buy for. I hope you’ve found tons of great ideas with this list of Valentine’s day gifts for teenage guys!

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