9 Charities Kids Can Donate to where $12 or Less Makes a Big, Tangible Impact

I'm looking for activities to teach kids kindness and help commit acts of kindness for kids. One of the ideas I like is them donating part of their allowance to a charity. #teachkidskindness #kids #randomacts #ideas| https://www.moneyprodigy.com/9-charities-commit-acts-of-kindness-for-kids/

Show your child how to be charitable by helping them commit acts of kindness for kids with their money. Choose charities where a small contribution – $12 or less – makes a tangible difference to engage your child.

You’re trying to raise a giving, charitable child, right? But how are you supposed to get them motivated when their small amount of dollars and change barely makes a ding in the cause they’re trying to fund?

We need kids to feel really good + resourceful with being able to help out the world now so that they habit stays with them through to when their paycheck allows them to ACTUALLY make huge splashes in this world.

So, I’ve got a list of 9 charities where less than $10 charitable donation really means something tangible your child can sink their teeth into.

Note: these are not recurring donations, they’re one-time donations, which is what your child is much more likely able to make.

Charity #1: SharetheMeal

What $0.50 Gives Other: Feeds one child for a day. So, for $10? You could feed a meal to 20 children!

The United Nation’s World Food Programme created this app (yes, you need to download an app to donate) that allows people to donate small but meaningful amounts of money with the tap of their finger, starting at $0.50.

Seeing their Money in Action: Your child does get to choose which country they’d like their donation to go to, and a child will be fed in that country.

Charity #2: Project Night Night

What $3.50 + Item Costs Gives Others: A tote you fill with a (new) stuffed animal, blanket, and children’s book. You also can just purchase one of those items and donate them to be included in a tote.

Your tote is donated to a homeless child to provide them with comfort.

Note: you need to either mail the tote or drop-off at one of their locations.

Charity #3: Fundacion Reforestemos

What $4 Gives Others: Each $4 contribution plants one tree!

This charity is all about caring for + recovering Chilean eco-systems in Patagonia.

Seeing their Money in Action: The cool part? Your child’s purchase is published on their (or your) facebook timeline, they receive a Certificate of Restoration by email with exact tree coordinates where it will be planted and they can even locate it on Google Maps thanks to geo-tag linking.

Charity #4: Against Malaria Foundation

What $2 Gives Others: A net to protect children and adults from malaria-carrying mosquitoes.

Half a million people (70% of which are children under 5) die each year from malaria.

Seeing their Money in Action: This site tracks net distributions by videos and images (not sure that your child’s particular net is tracked).

Charity #5: AppleTree Institute for Education

What $10 Gives Others: A book for a classroom library serving kids in low-economic neighborhoods in Washington D.C.

This charity seeks to close the education gap for kids in low-economic neighborhoods by the time they reach the age of kindergarten.

Seeing their Money in Action:

Charity #6: La Esperanza Granada

What $10 Gives Others: Choose between a backpack filled with supplies, a child dental treatment, one month of art supplies, or a set of wooden teaching blocks.

This charity is focused on child education in Granada, Nicaragua.

Seeing their Money in Action: Your child will receive a photo of what their money has purchased + a thank you.

Charity #7: Google’s One Today

What $10 or Less Gives Others: $4 gives one child with pneumonia a dose of antibiotics, $1 allows 1 child to receive clean water for a month, $1 pays for 1 chick for a farming family, and $3 plants a tree in China to restore Panda habitat.

You’ll need to download the One Today app, and then your child can choose which specific cause calls their heart.

Charity #8: The Life You Can Save

What $10 Gives Others: There are all sorts of charities on here where you can donate $10 to and where they’ll tell you exactly what it goes for, such as providing 38 people with “food-based micronutrient fortification for one year,” through Project Healthy Children, and provide 4 Ugandans with vital health products and services through Living Goods, and provide safe water to 11 people for one year through Evidence Action.

Play around with their calculator to see exactly how your child’s money will impact people through a list of 17 different global charities.

Charity #9: Oxfam Gifts

What $12 Gives Others: Choose from either a pack of seeds for a farmer who lost his/her harvest due to drought, or a pile of manure (yes, MANURE!) to increase crop yields.

This is a collection of gifts to make an impact to another person, and you can donate it in another person’s name.

Seeing their Money in Action: The fun thing with this is that your child can make a micro-donation that buys something tangible for someone, and do it in honor of someone else who will then receive a card detailing the donation made in their name.

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