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14 Dollar Tree Christmas Gifts for Teens (Guys & Girls Will Love!)

Staring down the barrel of a small Christmas budget this year? You'll never believe these Dollar Tree Christmas gifts for teens.

How to buy Christmas presents on a budget…for teenagers?

three teens with santa hats having fun, text overlay "dollar tree gift ideas for teens"

These Dollar Tree Christmas gifts for teens will surely help keep the bills down this year.

And just as important? Your teen will be excited to receive them.

Dollar Tree Christmas Gifts for Teens

And if the products happen to be the exact kind you’d buy elsewhere, but for a lot more? Well, that’s even better.

Hint: many of these items come in a variety of colors.

1. Flavored Water Drink Set

You can find these BPA-free water bottles in many different colors, not just pink – then pair it with a reusable travel straw (I put it in the inside), plus some flavored drink pouches from brands your teen loves.

pink bpa free water bottle with three boxes of flavored drink packages in front

And voilà! You’ve got a gift to make any teen smile.

2. Teen Guy Bath Stuff

black storage container with several black dude skincare and bath products plus a green pouf

The Dollar Tree now carries a bunch of “guy” bath care and skincare stuff, which I’m quite excited about.

For the teen guy in your life, fill a black storage basket with:

  • Deodorant Wipes
  • Charcoal Eucalyptus Bar of Soap
  • Dove Men+ Care Face, Hands and Body
  • Hunter Green Shower Pouf
  • Black Storage Basket

Total Cost: $6.25 (plus tax)

3. Double-Tip Pens in Kendall + Kylie Pouch

pink unicorn Kendall pencil case with dual-colored pens sticking out

These dual-colored pens create a 3D effect when your teen writes. And I found this really cute, unicorn pouch by Kendall + Kylie right at the Dollar Tree!

4. Shower Pouf + Face Masks Tin

tin filled with mermaid colored shower pouf and three colorful masks

Have you been down the bath products aisle at your local Dollar Tree recently?

I was pleasantly surprised to find some seriously trendy products that any teen girl would love. 

I made this gift basket with:

  • Tin pail
  • 2 poofs (there’s one in the bottom holding everything up for effect)
  • 3 Face Masks

Total Cost = $7.50 (plus tax)

5. Mobile Gaming Grip Holder

black mobile game holder on white background

Wow – this thing kind of turns a smartphone into a gaming console.

Which is pretty cool for anyone who likes to play video games on their phone.

Total Cost: $1.25

6. Cake Decorating Kit

teal tin filled with different sprinkles, gels, and cake decorating tools

Does your teen love watching Cake Boss or other baking shows?

Encourage their baking interests by putting together a cake decorating kit from the Dollar Tree.

In this cute teal tin, I’ve got:

  • Unicorn Party Twinkle Sprinkle Mix
  • Deep Space Twinkle Sprinkle Mix
  • Rainbow Pastels Sugar Pearls
  • Blue Frosting Gel Tube
  • Blue Icing Gel
  • Craft spatula

Total Cost: $8.75 (plus tax)

7. Jerky Sampler Pack

gourmet beef jerkies inside rectangular black basket

It seems like there’s a whole wall of Jerky packages now at the Dollar Tree.

Choose some of the gourmet and/or non-gourmet flavors, and gift them as a sampler pack to a jerky-loving teen on your list.

In this image, I have:

  • Turkey Jerky
  • Peppered Beef Jerky
  • Original Beef Jerky
  • Jalapeño Cheddar Chophouse Bites

Total Cost: $5

8. Travel Teen Set

cactus, diamond, and colorful luggage tags with TSA bottles and inflatable pillow

The Dollar Tree has come out with a line of really fun, teen-friendly travel products that I would’ve loved to receive when I did my first study abroad in Spain at 16.

Included are:

  • Easily identifiable + fun luggage tags
  • Inflatable neck pillow
  • 3 empty beauty bottles that will pass TSA regulations for carry-ons

Total Cost: $3.75 (plus tax)

9. Choose to Shine Journal + Metallic Marker

bright journal says "choose to shine" with metallic marker laying on front

I started journalling in elementary school, and kept a journal as a teen as well (still do, as an adult – I’ve got a lot of history, thoughts, and feelings documented!).

That’s why I was so happy to find this Choose to Shine journal at the Dollar Tree. It has prompts to help your teen, in case they aren’t used to journalling for things like quieting their inner critic, dreaming big, setting an intention for the day, etc.

The inside pages are all a beautiful, dark blush color, so this metallic marker (from the craft section) would work well with it.

Total Cost: $2.50 (plus tax)

10. Teen Personalization Set

bright gem stickers and shoe charms, white background

Teens love to personalize everything.

That’s where this set comes in – a bunch of teen-errific accents that teens can use to personalize shoes, notebooks, tablets, rooms, etc.

Including things like:

  • Shoe charms
  • Gem stickers (this package comes with super glue, too)
  • Iron-on patches
  • Etc.

Total Cost: $3.75 (plus tax)

11. Incense Set

pastel rainbow box with white ceramic incense burner

Did you have incense when you were a teen?

I remember very clearly how much I loved my incense burner (and how cool I felt being able to afford new incense sticks – which happen to be highly affordable).

Here’s an incense burner + incense sticks to get your own teen started.

Total Cost: $2.50 (plus tax)

12. Socks Sampler Set

three socks rolled up in three-compartment see-through plastic container

There is a whole wall of really cute socks – long ones, short ones, and no-show ones.

Choose three, and pick up this very sturdy organizer with lid for a cute gift to stash under the tree.

Total Cost: $5.00 (plus tax)

13. Teen Phone Accessories

There are some really fun smartphone accessories available in the Dollar Tree – actually, there’s half an aisle dedicated to these!

Pick out the following for them:

  • Phone Grip and Stand
  • Fashion Gem stickers
  • Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Hint: they have phone pockets as well to store IDs, cash, and credit cards on the back of phones, too. BUT, I highly caution against gifting that – think about it, if your teen misplaces their phone (which everyone does at some point), then not only do they not have a way to call you, but they've also lost their identification and a way to pay. You can check out my other tips in what to keep in a teen's wallet.

Total Cost: $3.75 (plus tax)

14. Photo Lights Clip String

photo hanger line next to package of copper wire LED lights

Have you seen those cool photo clip strings with lights on them on Amazon or something?

You can recreate one with these two products:

  • Copper Wire LED Lights
  • Photo Hanger Line

Total Cost: $2.50 (plus tax)

Guys, I had so much fun putting this post together. Soooo…I'm dying to know – which Dollar Tree Christmas gifts for teens are you most excited about? Any surprises?

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