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19 Fun Date Ideas for Teenage Couples At Home (Fun & Cheap Activities!)

At-home date ideas for teens don’t have to be boring – especially with these cheap, cute, and FUN date ideas for teenage couples.

Is your teen stuck at home, with a low budget, looking for fun date ideas for teenage couples at home?

teen couple at home, guy playing his guitar, text overlay "19 at home date ideas for teens fun and cheap"

I’ve got them covered!

And Mama, rest assured – these are wholesome date ideas for 16-year-olds, or whatever age you deem your teen is ready to “go on” dates (at home).

In fact, let’s talk about how teenagers and parents can work together on this so that each feels like they’re getting a say in what’s appropriate on teen date nights.

At Home Date Night for Teens – Parents and Teens Working Together

Here’s how best to use this list of at-home date ideas for teens:

  • Parent: Before your teen is ready for their next date, you can go through this list on your own and choose a few ideas that you’re most comfortable with. Then, give your teenager THOSE options, so that they still feel like they’re in control of picking out date night.
  • Teen: You can have your teen go through this list of fun at-home date ideas for teens, and see which ones they're interested in.

Then, you guys can discuss which are allowed.

Alright, let’s get into those at-home date ideas for teens!

Fun Date Ideas for Teenage Couples At Home

Date night ideas at home for teens don’t need to be boring.

In fact, if you use some of the ideas below, your teen's at-home date nights might be MORE exciting than the ones where they go out on the town!

1. Play Music Roulette

I find that people love different songs for very interesting and personal reasons – just listening to each other’s favorite songs and why that song means something to them (or why they love it so much) can tell you so much.

teenage couple at home date night, playing music roulette

Have your teen invite their boyfriend or girlfriend over, share a pair of earbuds, and take turns listening to each other’s favorite songs from a playlist.

Make this a bit more fun by taking a deck of cards, and randomly choosing a card from it. Whatever number is on it, that’s the number their girlfriend or boyfriend has to reveal from their playlist (and the two of them must listen to it together!).

Get curious about each other! Your teen can ask their date why they liked it when they started listening to it, do they listen to other songs from that same band or artist, or is it just that song?

2. Tour Works of Art Together

While walking around a museum with a girlfriend or boyfriend is a great teen date activity…it’s not always possible.

These art museums from around the world have made their collections available online:

Your teen couple can pick out their favorites, stop the virtual tour to talk about something they see, and pick out which painting reminds them of each other, and why!

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3. Complete an At-Home Volunteer Project Together

Did you know that there are tons of ways to volunteer from home? Your teen can pick one, and invite their girlfriend or boyfriend to complete it alongside them for a date day, evening, or night.

4. Do a Blind Taste Testing

Your teens can grab blindfolds (or bandanas, or even tee-shirts if you have nothing else), cups/spoons, and a paper/pencil.

And then set up a blind taste test for each other!

"Guess the Pop-Tart Flavor" blind taste test set up on counter with blindfold, and three bowls of different pieces of Pop-Tarts

You can either do this by each of you picking out 5-7 items from the fridge/pantry and setting up a round for the other person.

OR, they can ask you to help plan for the date night by coming up with the 5-7 foods and setting them up so that neither your teen nor their date knows what the foods are.

Keep score, and see who can guess the greatest number of foods on taste alone.

Hint: make sure you ask your teen's date if they have any food allergies before doing this.

5. Build Marshmallow and Pasta Towers

It’s actually a ton of fun building a tower out of food, such as this marshmallow and pasta tower.

My husband and I did this one night for our date night!

Your teen couple can compete against each other, or together (and if you compete as a teen couple, maybe the parents can compete against them).

Figure out the measurement for deciding who wins (is it the tallest tower? The widest? The most intricate? The coolest-looking one?), set a timer for 30 minutes or so, and get to the building!

6. Chopsticks Date Night

Part of the fun of teen dating is just being goofy together.

Your teen can make an at-home teen date night special by instituting a rule that the two of them can ONLY eat using chopsticks.

Then, come up with several snacks, apps, and/or a main meal idea for the evening. Grab two pairs of chopsticks, and “work” at eating their feast!

teenage couple on chopstick date night at home, wholesome date ideas

Get really creative and silly here.

Food ideas for them:

  • Chips
  • Pasta dish
  • Tea sandwich bites
  • Bowl of candy
  • Carrots + ranch dressing for dipping
  • etc.

7. Teach them Something They’re Passionate About

The idea of dating is not only to have fun but to get to know your partner better to see if you guys are really compatible.

Which means an at-home date night for teens is the perfect time to teach each other something you’re passionate about – like:

  • How to play guitar
  • How to bake a cake
  • How to change the oil on a car
  • etc.

8. Carve Out a Teen Hangout Zone in the Garage

You guys can clean out part of the garage (ha! This sounds good so far…) to make room for a small, teen hangout area.

You could install a dartboard, get a disco ball, and bring your speakers out for a place for teens to dance to music together.

9. “Taste the Rainbow” Date Night

Grab some rainbow candies (like Skittles, Nerds, Jelly beans, or something like that), and a pencil/piece of paper.

Your teen and their date will each take a turn blindfolding the other person, and then handing them a flavor. Ask them what it is, and keep a tally of which ones they get right.

Shout out to The Dating Divas for this date night idea!

10. Cook a Dish Together

One of the fondest teen date nights I can remember is when my boyfriend invited me over to cook a pumpkin roll with him. He had the recipe from his Mom, and he had already gotten all the ingredients.

teen couple cooking a dish together - things for teenage couples to do at home

For the next 1.5 hours (let’s face it – we were having too much fun, and we were too inexperienced as chefs, to do anything quickly in the kitchen!) we helped each other through the recipe.

And his Mom gave us complete reign over her kitchen (as long as we cleaned up afterward)!

At the end, we had a semi-edible pumpkin roll to devour.

11. Have a Game Board or Card Game Tournament

I’m not talking about your teen inviting their boyfriend or girlfriend over to play one board game.

Rather, I’m talking about getting snacks and drinks together, and a paper/pen or whiteboard so that your teen and their date can play several rounds of a game for hours…and record who wins each time.

12. Set Up a S'Mores Bar

Parents can help their teen create a fire in the fire pit outback, or set up a tabletop s'mores area for the two of them to roast marshmallows and talk.

13. Wash the Cars Together

Does your teen and their partner have a car? Great! Set up a car-washing station outside with sponges, a bucket, soap, and a vacuum cleaner. They can help each other make both of the cars shine.

14. Plan Out their Ideal Senior Week Trip Together

It is so much fun to daydream with your partner. Not only that, but you learn things about them you didn't know before!

Your teen can gather some vacation brochures from places they dream about going (they can send away for brochures for free from tourism websites). Also, grab a laptop and a whiteboard or paper/pen.

Then they can dream up what would be their ideal, most fun, senior week trip to take.

And guess what? If they never end up taking it for senior week, then maybe they can take it in college. Or after graduation. Or 10 years from now they might find it tucked away in a high school yearbook and they'll have fond memories of that afternoon when the two of them thought up this plan together.

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15. Have an Engaging Conversation

Have you ever used a deck of conversation starter cards to get things going? They're so much fun and you're guaranteed to learn SOMETHING about your date.

Here's my article on 1,009 conversation starters (all free printables).

16. Babysit a Younger Sibling Together

I used to babysit my younger brother (15 years younger than me) with my boyfriend every so often. And it taught me SO much about them. Plus, we were put into kind of hilarious situations, so the whole experience was fun.

Did I mention this can also be really, really helpful to you, the parent?

17. Play Photograph Captions

Your teen can get a dice from a board game, and take turns rolling it with their date.

Whichever number it lands on (or add up the number from two dice), that's the photo number in their partner's phone to dig up.

Set a timer for 5 minutes, and they each write captions for a “meme” on slips of paper. Don't forget to read them out loud!

18. Dessert by Tiki Torch

Set a table of dessert up outside, with two chairs. Help your teen light tiki torches all around, and the two of them can enjoy a quiet evening in the backyard.

19. Make BIG Art

Your teen can use the backyard space to make some BIG art together with their date, using a shower curtain as a canvas. Grab a cheap shower curtain from the dollar store, paints, and paintbrushes. Get to work creating something from just the two of them!

Pretty darn fun date ideas for teenage couples at home, right? Now it's your turn. I'd love to hear YOUR favorite date ideas teens can use from home.

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