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17 Stock Market Worksheets PDFs (Plus Stock Market Lessons)

Use these 17 stock market worksheet PDFs (and stock market lesson PDFs) to engage your students, kids, and teens.

Teaching students about investing, and looking for some killer stock market worksheet PDFs (that also happen to be free)?

mother helping child with worksheet at home, text overlay "free stock market worksheets for kids and teens"

I’ve got you covered.

You don’t have to be a stock market wizard to teach your students, thanks to some great stock market lesson pdfs, lesson plans, and worksheets.

Psst: one of the best ways to teach students about investing and the stock market is to actually have them play it. But don’t worry – they needn’t lose any money. Here are 6 free stock market game for students, and 9 investing board games for kids.

Stock Market Worksheet PDFs

Teaching kids about stocks and how to invest is such a worthy cause – it’s one of the best ways to ensure they’ll have a solid financial future.

I can clearly remember learning (or, at least trying to learn) how to read stock tables in my seminar class back in middle school. We each chose a stock, and then read the stock tables on it from week to week over a series of a few months.

At first, reading a stock table is like trying to read hieroglyphics at a museum – it just isn’t intuitive.

But then as we worked through it together, it became less intimidating. Do the same with your own students! They’ll thank you when they’re older.

And you don’t have to do it alone (especially if you’re not confident with investing, yourself).

Whether you’re looking for worksheets to follow specific stocks on the stock market, or company valuation worksheets, or price-to-earning ratio worksheets – you’ll find them below.

1. One-Page Stock-Monitoring Worksheet

Suggested Age: 4-8 grade

Sometimes, simple is best, right?

Here’s a stock monitoring worksheet you can download for free.

It’s a way for your students to choose a stock to buy with $XXX amount of cash, and then to monitor that stock over several weeks.

Other one-page stock market worksheets include:

To go along with this, you’ll likely want to give your students a worksheet on how to read a stock table. I’ve got that coming up, next!

2. Playing an Investment Game

Suggested Age Range: 9-12 grade

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau came up with this new stock market worksheet where kids work through why they think a company's stocks rose or fell.

This is great, critical thinking they can definitely use when they invest in real life!

Psst: want your child to start buying real stocks? Here are 7 stock apps for kids. And here's a Global Stock Pitch Competition.

3. Stock Investing 101 Worksheet

Suggested Age Range: 7-12 grade

This is a free Microsoft Word document that walks your students through three familiar companies on the stock market: Amazon, Home Depot, and General Motors.

screenshot of stock market investing 101 worksheet for kids

They’re asked to fill in a bunch of info for each one, then more thinking questions like which stock is the most volatile, and which stock is the most profitable.  

4. Stock Market Definitions and Terms

Looking for NYSE terms + an answer key? Great!

This stock market vocabulary worksheet is very simple and straightforward and will help you reinforce a lesson on understanding how to maneuver the stock exchange (links to the worksheets are all the way at the bottom).

Psst: don’t forget to download the answer key – that has all the definitions on it.

5. Price to Earnings Ratio Worksheet

Suggested Age Range: Not given.

A great lesson to teach your students is how to value a stock. You can do this by helping them to figure out the price to earnings using this worksheet.

6. Buy, Sell or Hold?: An Overview of Investing

Suggested Age Range: 9-12 grade

Practical Money Skills offers both a teacher’s guide and student worksheets talking about what the stock market is, plus has them work through the price-to-earnings ratio for real-life stocks. This is Lesson #21, FYI.

7. What’s Up with the Stock Market?

Suggested Age Range: 9-12 grade

BizKids has a great video plus accompanying stock market worksheet PDFs that teach your child to think about investment strategies. Students will also learn how to read a stock ticker.

8. Dividend-Paying Stocks (PDF)

Suggested Age Range: Teens

Here’s a great, free teaching guide + worksheets on dividend-paying stocks.

Psst: you'll want to check out these fun compound interest activities for kids, too.

9. Doing Your Corporate Homework

Suggested Age Range: not given.

Either assign a corporation to each student or let them choose one. Then, have them do research on the company by using this worksheet.

Afterward, ask them if they should buy that company’s stock or not.

screenshot of doing your corporate homework worksheet for kids and teens

10. Are Stocks a Risky Long-Term Investment?

Suggested Age Range: 7-12 grades

Your students will analyze stock market returns from 1871 to 2014, and then answer questions to determine whether or not it’s a good idea to invest in stocks over the long term.

Psst: you’ll want to check out my article on 7 best investment books for kids and teens.

Stock Market Lessons PDFs

Looking for more than just a one-page stock market worksheet?

I’ve got exciting stock market lesson PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and anything else you need to teach your students all about the stock market.

1. Building Your Future: Accumulating Wealth

Suggested Age Range: High school

Are you ready for a really comprehensive set of stock market worksheets and lessons for students?

This is it!

You’ll definitely want to download and read the 22-page Teacher’s Guide that goes along with it.

screenshot of teacher and student guide on stock market with worksheets

Investing subjects covered (with 39 pages of stock market worksheets) include:

  • Overview of investing
  • Asset allocation
  • Evaluating stocks
  • Building a bond portfolio
  • Mutual funds

2. Stock Market Price History Activity

Suggested Age: 9-12 grades

This is a great, in-depth lesson on how real and nominal prices work, inflation, and more by tracking a stock of their choosing over 30 years.

3. EconEdLink’s Where Did All the Money Go?

Suggested Age Range: 9-12 grades

I like how this lesson on the Great Depression gives students clues and has them solve the mystery of what caused the Great Depression.

Great lesson on how interdependent everything is – including the stock market, jobs, banks, farmers, etc.

4. Money Working for You Stock Market Lesson Plan

Suggested Age Range: 9-12 grade

Register with High School Financial Planning, and check out Module 4 on investing, which is an entire lesson plan around investing.

You’ll get the following, all free:

  • Instructor lesson packs
  • Student lesson packs
  • Lesson slide decks

There you have it – some awesome, and free stock market worksheet PDFs for students (both kids and teens) that will help them understand the stock market. Much better than I did at their age, anyway! 

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