16 kids business ideas to help your child start their entrepreneur journey.

When I think back to all the kids business ideas I had growing up, the only one I can remember doing anything with was the bean bag selling business I started with my best childhood friend.  

It was a flop. The materials cost more than we ever brought in. We gave up by the end of summer. two kids working on plant business together, text overlay "business ideas for kids: 16 unique ideas"

And yet, I still learned so much from that experience!

That’s because starting up a kid business and (attempting) to run it is much different than earning chore commissions, mowing someone’s lawn twice a month, or even babysitting.

When choosing from these kid business ideas, consider a few things:

  • Seasonality: Do you want a seasonal business, or one that can make money throughout the year? Choose a business idea that reflects that.
  • Capability Level: Are you capable of running this type of business, or is it something you’ll need training on?
  • Upfront Costs: Does the business idea cost a bunch of money upfront to get started in equipment, permits, materials, etc.? Is that something you can handle, or should you pick a lower-costing option instead?
  • Amount/Type of People Needed: Can you handle starting this business up with just you, or will you need a partner to help? Do you need a parent to run this business because certain parts of it require someone over the age of 18?

Psst: Don't forget to download one of these business plan templates for kids to flesh out your plan for any of the ideas below. 

Kid Business Ideas

Making money through chores, allowances, mowing someone’s lawn, selling something at their school’s market day, etc. can really make a kid’s head spin trying to figure out even more ways to earn cash.

Check out this list of 16 good kid business ideas your child can use to start earning more!

1. Pet Photography Business

People just love their pets. They want to get photos of their pets, and probably even photos of themselves interacting with them.

But is everyone willing to pay large sums to get professional photos done? Not really.

That’s where you can come in – offer to photograph their pets and them playing with their pets for a fraction of the normal cost a professional photographer would charge.

2. Drop-Off Christmas Wrapping Service

My sister has always been good at wrapping gifts – from the time she was a tween onwards. She could’ve totally done this.

Me? Not so much.

Depending on if you have a driver’s license/transportation or not, you could both pick up and drop off wrapped Christmas gifts.

And if you don’t have a driver’s license? This is a great business to run out of your home – clients can drop off, then pick up a day or several hours later (depending on what you think is best).

Offer a few different varieties of wrapping paper designs for your clients to choose from.

3. Worm Farming

Here’s a 12-year-old girl who started a successful worm farm business! You can sell the worms to bait shops, organic farmers, etc.

4. Amusement Park Mother’s Helper Service

There are tons of Moms trying to take all of their kids (and keep them all happy + together) to amusement parks, splash pads, water parks, etc. in the summertime.

Trust me when I say – it can be exhausting!

Instead of being a “Mother’s Helper” at home, come up with a business model where you go to the recreational area WITH a mother and her family, and then you help with whatever she needs to keep everyone happy. Could be taking one kid on a ride while she takes a different kid on a ride. Or watching the other kids while she goes to the bathroom with her little one.

Psst: great thing about working for a mother? If she likes you, she’ll tell all her Mom friends. Referrals are a fantastic way to get more customers!

5. Youth Sports Team Uniform Washing

Can you offer a service to wash uniforms for teams at your local laundromat? Not every team will bite, by any means. But some might.

6. Pressure Washing Houses

We actually hired a teen to pressure wash our home when we were getting ready to sell it last summer. He brought his own machine (you can also rent them – though you want to make sure you’ll still make a decent profit if you rent the equipment), and he made about $150!

7. Strawberry Business

You could really specialize in growing just one thing – to get really good at it – like strawberries, and selling them to your neighbors. My mother used to do this when she was a kid, and it’s how her family bought their new set of living room furniture!

Remember that this is seasonal work, so you only have a certain timeframe to make money during the year from it (like, 1-3 months, depending on your climate, soil makeup, etc.).

Psst: if your child goes through with a business idea? Then you might want to check into some of these youth entrepreneurship awards!

8. Birthday Party Assistant

Hosting a birthday party where other parents drop children off can quickly get overwhelming.

You can offer your services that are part-babysitting, part-entertaining (you’ll use one of these business templates for kids to refine your idea) to mothers to help make their birthday parties go smoothly.

9. Rock Band

Ever thought about starting a band? If you treat that band like a business from the beginning, then think about how much more likely it is that you’ll actually make some money.

In fact, all the bands on the radio and accepting awards at shows? They have business plans, and conduct themselves like a business instead of solely focusing on their music creation.

10. Decluttering/KonMari Pick-Ups

Sooooo many people want to declutter their homes: their garage, their living rooms, their basements, their closets, etc.

Offer a service where you schedule pick-ups of donations, trash, and things to sell at any number of places (online, or offline). You could offer profit-sharing with what you sell, OR, you could make that the “payment” for picking up sellable items.

Up to you!

11. AirBnB Cleaning Service

Lots of people around the U.S. now rent out their guest house, guest room, home, etc. for several weeks or more throughout the year – kind of like a hotel – and could maybe use help with a cleaning service in-between bookings.

12. Vending Machine Business

If you have a bit of money upfront to buy a vending machine (you can get used ones, like the girls in the video did), stuff it full of candy, and you can find vendors to allow your vending machine in their shop, then you can start creating a vending machine business.

Here’s a story about a 10-year old entrepreneur who started his own vending machine business.

13. Subscription Box Service

Subscription boxes for kids, teens, adults, and even pets are pretty big right now. You can help your child create their own subscription service. Here’s how one woman got started with hers.

14. Tech Classes for Seniors

Can you get a group of interested seniors together for classes on things like using FaceTime, setting up Facebook, updating their Facebook page, setting up their favorite apps on their smartphone, and other things they might not know how to do (but you excel at)?

15. Plan Kid Parties for Parents

You could get your feet wet with party planning by helping mothers and parents plan parties. Think about different milestones the average kid reaches, such as the 16th Birthday, the 1st Birthday, graduations, baptisms, etc.

Start with this free Kid Party Planner.

16. Etsy Digital Printable Business

Here’s a free guide on how to start selling printables on Etsy. Could be a fun project you do to learn some graphic design and work with your parents!

Which of these kids business idea are you most excited about trying out? Hit me up in the comments below!

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