Family Volunteer Opportunities You Can Complete from the Comfort of Your Home

Family volunteer opportunities and ideas you can complete from the comfort of your own home (or at least your own block). For both kids and parents! Complete some community service + acts of kindness together. |

Trying to raise charitable kids? Try these family volunteer opportunities you can complete from the comfort of your own home (or at least your own block)

Maybe packing up the kiddos and schlepping them across town to participate in a charity project is not your thing.

But you’d still like to commit a charitable act (not to mention set a good example for the little ones).

There are multiple projects your family can sit down (or walk around the block) to do together at home that will help others in need.

Family Volunteer Opportunities #1: Clip Coupons for Other Military Families

Clipping coupons to benefit military families around the world is something I’ve been doing for several years. It’s one of the most perfect family volunteer opportunities because besides driving to a post office the next day on your way to work, you can get all cozy and complete this from home.

I’m thinking hot chocolate, a hot fire + a family podcast playing in the background?

Ask your family and friends to save their coupon inserts (even their newly expired ones; military personnel may use coupons expired up to 6 months!), then every few months sit down as a family and clip all the coupons out together.

Together, pick out a military base from around the world where you’d like to send them to benefit military families.

Bonus: sending mail through a military address costs less than regular international mail.

Family Volunteer Opportunities #2: Write Letters/Post Cards to Brighten A Stranger’s Day

  • Send Strangers Happy Cards: The Post Card Happiness Project is all about writing a cheerful, encouraging post cards to people going through difficult times. Choose someone from the website, print out their info (so that you can go screen-free during the actual letter writing), then send off your drop of happiness.
  • Cheer up Sick People: Reach out to ill and lonely people across America by writing them thoughtful cards. Send one, commit to sending monthly, or send in bulk. Print out the directions ahead of time so that, again, you can go screen-free come family time.

Family Volunteer Opportunities #3: Go for Family Donation Walks

Maybe this one is leaving the comfort of your own home…but you need not roam far. You can download various walking apps representing lots of different kinds of charitable causes, and then each time you log some miles, you are actually donating to the cause (through the help of sponsors, advertisers, etc.).

Psst: it’s helpful to have an unlimited data plan for this idea; mine is unlimited everything for just $35/month with tax.

  • Charity Miles: I use this app because I walk and run often (either taking our 16-month old around the block, or working out at the gym). I like that it counts my miles whether I’m indoor or outdoor, and that it has a charity my Veteran husband feels passionately about (so I’m happy to help with): Wounded Warrior. It’s sort of like my free fit bit! You can choose from a variety of charities with this app, donating to causes such as Wounded Warrior, Stand Up to Cancer, and ASPCA.
  • WoofTrax: Make a donation by walking your dog! Download the Walk for a Dog app, then each time you walk your dog click the “start walking” button. Your miles are logged and turn into donations for animal shelters around the U.S. Available on both Android as well as iPhone.
  • ResqWalk: At the beginning of every month this site announces a new amount of cash available from their ResQsponsors they’ve got. If you want it for your fave organization, then download the app, select a ResQpartner and press start. Your walking, running or biking counts, “as long as the activity can be measured by GPS and involves a speed of less than 14 mph.” By the end of the month the dough is divided proportionally to the charities based on the number of miles logged in their name. There are also bonus challenges throughout the month that result in donations of things like pet toys + treats.

Which one are you excited about trying first?

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