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7 Money Gift Ideas for Kids (for Birthdays, Christmas, etc.)

So, you want to give money gifts to kids in your life. These money gift ideas for kids will keep things fun, plus help you pass on a money lesson.  

Gifting money to kids this year, and you’d like to do it in a way that’s unique?

These money gift ideas for kids are perfect on several levels. First of all, they take a regular ol’ cash gift and make it into something much more – nothing boring, here!

kid putting money into money jar, text overlay "creative ways to gift money to kids to teach them a money lesson for birthdays, Christmas, etc."

Secondly, some of them actually help you pass on important money life skills and money management lessons to the kid you’ll be giving the cash to.

How cool is that?

I just love two-fers in life (you know – when you get two-things-for-the-price-of-one?).

Fun Ways to Give Money – Money Gift Ideas for Kids

Whether you’re looking for money gift ideas for birthdays or money gift ideas for Christmas…you’re in the right place for fun ways to give money.

1. Stash Your Cash Gift in a Puzzle they Have to Solve

Cash gives them ultimate control over what they get to buy, plus they can take it with them the next time they go to the mall with friends (score – they don’t have to figure out how to earn more!).

But giving cash also takes away part of the fun of gift-giving…amiright?

SO, I’m going to offer up some really cool cash puzzles first up in this section, and then proceed to some awesome teenager gifts your daughters and nieces will be excited to receive. Best of both worlds, right?

Money Puzzle

Make your teen work for your cash gift! They’ll have to solve this puzzle before they can get their hands on your wad of green.

blue and white, cylindrical puzzle

Enigma Decode Cash Box

Again, gift cash to a teenager inside of a cool puzzle they’ll have to work through to get it.

wooden puzzle box

Money Maze Puzzle Box

I’ll leave you with one more option – a money puzzle box.

blue puzzle in plastic see-through box

2. Gift them Money in a Unique Mason Jar Piggy Bank

I was so thrilled when I found this cool product that turns a regular mason jar into a piggy bank money jar. It's sooooo cute (comes in both pink and blue!). 

pink parts to put on front and back of mason jar and put horizontal, looks like pig

3. Gift the Cash Inside a Kid Money Management Book

While you can’t really dictate how the child receiving your cash gift is going to spend it, you can certainly influence their spending decisions.

Purchase a kid’s money book, and gift the money in a chapter/page where you specifically want them to pay attention to.

Need ideas for great kid’s money books? A few of my favorites are:

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4. Gift Coins Plus a Coin Collection Kit

You can gift money in a bunch of coins, with a coin collection kit. Talking about sparking their curiosity about money!

Coin Collecting for Kids (Ages 8-12)

coin collecting kit for kids - very colorful, hardcover book

This coin collection kit for kids is made of sturdy board-book material.

Slots include:

  • 50 State Quarters
  • Presidential $1 Coins
  • Westward Journey Nickel Series
  • Birth Year Coins
  • Indian Head Cent
  • Franklin Half Dollar

What I love about it is not only does it give them a place to collect coins, but it also teaches them things about the production of coins and money mints – things like reeding (those tiny grooves around the edge of coins), or how to grade a coin.

5. Give Art Money Gifts for Kids

Who says you can’t have a little fun with money? There are ways to show your child how to use money as art, such as gifting them a money origami book with some cash.

green and white book

6. Gift Money Plus a Field Trip to See Where It’s Made

You can gift money to a child in a card, with a ticket the two of you can use to go see how money is made.

Hint: this one only works if you live near a Money Mint, money museum, or Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

Money Mints with Free Tours:

7. Create a Blooming Money Jar

Grab a mason jar that the child can turn into a money jar, and one of these frog lids. You can then stash change into the jar for awhile, and put the new lid on the top.

silver mason jar lid with criss crosses so that you can stick something into it

Roll up dollar bills (or $5s, $10s, etc.), and stuff them into the top of this lid. It'll look like a blooming money jar! 

Psst: if it's Christmastime? You can snag these snowflake mason jar lids to stash dollar bills into. How cool to create a snowflake design with money!

8. Give Them Money + a Money Inspector

Here's a cool money gift idea for kids: give them some bills ($1, $5, $10, $50, etc.), and also this instrument that can help them see all of the fine details most of us miss as we're going about our day. 

white handled magnifying glass

Using its UV light, LED light, as well as magnifier, you can:

  • Spot security marks found on US and foreign currency
  • Get a close-up view of coins
  • etc.

Things to Remember When Gifting Money to a Kid

In order to make the most of your money gift, you want to remember a few things.

For starters, know that it’s best to give money as actual cash.

While almost every child (if not, every child) understands that money is valuable, not every child understands what a check is and so it’s just not as impactful. And a gift card limits the child’s ability to spend or save the money, meaning they’ll learn fewer money lessons.

Next, you want to make sure you gift an appropriate amount of money. Take the child’s age into consideration here, as well as the size of money gifts you are giving to any siblings.

How much does this child get for a weekly or bi-weekly allowance? Knowing that information can help you determine if what you want to give is too much, or too little.

While you cannot dictate how your money will be spent once you give it away, you can certainly influence a child’s spending decisions. Increase the chances that they’ll hold onto at least part of their money to save or invest by gifting the money itself with (or even inside of) a kid’s book on money management.

group of kids with Christmas presents, text overlay "7 money gift ideas for kids - creative ways to give money for Christmas presents"
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