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15 Free Printable Chore Bucks to Choose From

Free printable chore bucks to choose from that you can use at home, in the classroom, or for specific events.

Chore bucks take the place of money in a child reward system.

girl with reward jar at desk, text overlay "15 free printable chore bucks and reward bucks"

Which is why you’ll notice your kids and student’s eyes light up as soon as you start talking about how to earn and how to spend them.

These free printable chore bucks can be used to:

Then, you can let your kids and students cash them in for either real money or for a reward. Could be a school or classroom store, a home store, something they want to do, etc.

There are tons of child reward systems out there that work with chore systems.

So, let’s dive in!

Keep reading for free printable reward bucks specific to chores and behavior.

Psst: if you’re looking for straight-up kid fake money printables, here you go.

Free Printable Chore Bucks

Figured out your list of paid chores? No worries if you haven't – I collected a list of age-appropriate chores for kids based on surveying 179 real Moms.

Great! Print out one of these sets of free printable chore bucks below to go along with it.

Pssst: need help figuring out how much to pay for chores? Get help through my chore pay scale article.

1. Chore Cash

screenshot of free printable reward bucks system on wall, with bank envelopes for each child

This Mama offers up free chore cash and behavior bucks in a girl-friendly style.

She also has a Bank Label where kids can stash their chore cash and behavior bucks until it’s Family Store Day!

Hint: Family Store is actually a used, large, pretzel container and has some fun trinkets in it from the Dollar Store and Oriental Trading. Great idea.

2. Reward Tickets

screenshot of printable reward tickets that look like carnival tickets

This free printable chore chart system also comes with printable reward tickets that look like carnival tickets. How fun!

3. Star Wars Bucks

screenshot of behavior bucks printable Star Wars

Got a little one (or husband…just sayin’) who is obsessed with Star Wars?

Use their favorite characters to teach them about earning chore bucks for completing work!

I also love her idea to get some Star Wars stickers and use them to tick off each time a chore is complete.

4. Lego Bucks

screenshot of mom bucks printable Lego bucks

Some cuuuuuttteee Lego-themed chore bucks!

5. Reward Tokens for Screen Time

screenshot of screen time tokens - how to earn mom bucks

Here are three different-looking tokens you can give to your kids that each equal 5 minutes of screen time.

6. Reward Tickets

screenshot of simple reward tickets for kids

This is a simple set of reward tickets that you can use to reward chores, behaviors, or anything else you’d like.

In fact, the creator uses these as incentives in her homeschool.

Printable Mom Bucks

Mom bucks are just like free printable chore bucks – they’re printable bucks representing something valuable in a reward system of your choosing, like a home store.

1. Mom Bucks

screenshot of girl with momma bucks in hand, smiling

Here’s a simple set of Mom Bucks that you can print out, for free. The design is great for tweens and teens!

You can then determine what these bucks are worth in your reward system.

I love how one of the items in her store is for real money! Her kids can cash in 100 Mom Bucks for $10.

Free Printable Reward Bucks

If you’re looking to reward something other than chores, then this is the section for you.

Use these free printable bucks to reward positive behaviors you’re trying to get from your kids, in your classroom as incentives for various activities, or even for catching a sibling being nice to another sibling.

1. Free Printable Kids Reward Coupons

blue, yellow, gray, and green reward coupons for kids that you can fill in for anything

Here’s a set of free printable reward tickets you can fill in and use to reward whatever you'd like.

Checks are worth 1 point, 5 points, or 10 points each. What do you let your kids or students use them for? Is entirely up to you.

Free Printable Incentive Coupons

Looking for free printable incentive and behavior coupons that have nothing to do with coupons?

Here you go!

1. Kid Coupons

screenshot of kid coupon - free behavior coupons

Here are some fun, printable incentive coupons for kids that you can use for just about anything.

Incentives include:

  • 30 minutes of screen time
  • Dessert before dinner
  • Stay up 30 minutes past bedtime
  • Etc.

2. Classroom Student Coupons

Here are some interesting student coupons your kids are sure to love as a reward for anything you’d like in your classroom.

Coupons for things like:

  • Show & Tell
  • Pick Your Seat
  • Decorate the White Board
  • Bring a Stuffed Animal
  • Etc.

3. Classroom Management Coupons

screenshot of behavior chart rewards for classrooms

This woman sells classroom reward coupons, but you can download a bunch for free by signing up for her newsletter (scroll down on this page).

The free ones include rewards like:

  • Pet feeder
  • Yoga time
  • Special seat
  • Tablet time
  • Etc.

4. Editable Reward Coupons for Kids

screenshot of customizable behavior bucks

You can write your own reward coupons using this free set of editable ones.

She also offers pre-filled ones for free, with rewards like:

  • Weekend lazy time
  • One day of no chores
  • Go out to eat, your choice

5. Bee Incentive Punch Cards

screenshot of bee printable reward tickets

These are super cute and simple punch cards you can use to incentivize good behavior. Just figure out what the child will receive when the card is full!

6. Incentive Punch Cards

screenshot of printable reward tickets punch cards for different actions

Here are all sorts of free printable punch cards to reward the actions and behaviors you want to see in your kid(dos).

Remember that chore bucks represent an extrinsic motivation reward system rather than an intrinsic one (no judgment from this Mama – I use both, myself). Even so, free printable chore bucks can be a great addition to your chore routines at home, classroom incentives program, and anything else you can think of! And if after all this, you want to go digital? Here's my article on the best chore and allowance apps.

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