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14 Sets of Free Printable Chore Cards (Kids & Teens)

A set of free printable chore cards are great to pair with your chore chart so that your kids know what you expect to be completed for each chore.

You know how printable chore charts have about enough space to list your kid(dos)’s name, the chores they need to do, and a check-off area?

set of arms with orange gloves spraying sink, text overlay

Well, another helpful thing for kids to be able to quickly reference is how to actually do the chore, and what a parent expects to be able to check that chore off their list.

This is where a set of free printable chore cards comes in.

Free Printable Chore Cards

Pick one of these awesome, free printable chore cards, and let them guide your kid on your expectations of what a “completed” chore looks like.

1. Chore Cards and Chore System

full chore system on metal background, with chore card PDFs on bottom hung up by magnetic hooks

This set of chore cards lists a simple bit of instructions for each chore task. And if you don’t like their set of chore cards/directions? Well, blank chore cards are included.

2. Family and Personal Chore Cards

family chore card printables, white cards with small square designs

I like how these free printable chore cards are both for family chores and personal chores – two different sets.

Note: while you don’t need to subscribe to get these chore cards, you do need to request access to the Google docs.

3. Room-by-Room Chore Checklist

Free step-by-step chore card printables with thing blue line frame

Are you into chore zones – you know, where you give out an area that your child is responsible for?

This is a set of room chore cards with a detailed checklist for what needs to be done in each zone.

4. Chore Checklist Cards by Room

brightly framed chore card checklists by room with bottle of pine sol cleaner on left side

Need to give your kids a step-by-step checklist for each room in the home? These could be it!

I love how she includes blank chore cards, as well as a cute idea to set up a cleaning kit for each room. That way, it becomes grab-n-go for whichever kid has a specific room/chore zone for the week.

5. Simple Job Cards for Teens

simple job cards for tweens and teens, with thin, colored  square around them

These job cards are for teens, and include checklists for:

  • Your room
  • Garage
  • Dining room + entry way
  • Kitchen
  • Family room
  • Cleaning the fridge
  • Etc.

6. Toddler Visual Chore Cards

Simple, visual chore cards toddlers and preschoolers can handle. I love her simple “To-Do” and “Done” chart.

Cut these out, laminate, and add Velcro to the chart and the chore cards. Then your kid can track what they have to do, and what they’ve already done.

7. Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

detailed bathroom cleaning checklist chore cards on wooden background

Here’s a specific chore card just for the bathroom. I love how detailed, and step-by-step they are.

In fact, since they’re so detailed, you can really divide up the chores by kids, or over several weeks.

For example, there’s step-by-step instructions for:

  • How to clean the outside of the toilet
  • How to clean the counter/sink
  • How to clean the bathtub/shower
  • How to clean the inside of the toilet
  • How to sweep the floor
  • How to empty the trash

8. Lanyard Free Printable Chore Cards

lanyards with clear ID holder filled with chore cards, hanging on wall

Don’t underestimate the power of something “cute” or “different” to get your kids to do chores without nagging.

Which leads me to this cool idea – printable chore cards that fit into lanyards. Your kids and teens can pick up their chore card lanyard, and take it with them to their chore area.

9. Sticker Reward Chore Card

set of chore reward cards with stickers and blank spots for stickers, on yellow background

This set of chore cards could actually be your reward system for kids, too.

You use them by writing in the chores you want completed on the back of the card, and then rewarding your kids with a sticker, hole punch, or some other way to show that they’ve completed their chores to your satisfaction.

Psst: you can also use these free printable chore bucks for a reward.

10. Chore Punch Cards

set of chore punch cards with hole puncher on wooden background

Here’s a free printable set of chore cards that also is the chore reward card – the chores they can choose from are on the back of the punch card.

The age buckets for these are 2-3, 4-5, and 6+ years old.

11. Family Chore Cards

set of chore cards with keyrings, and dry erase marker in each key ring

I love how this set of chore cards is really for the whole family. They’re broken down into rooms, and include:

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Office

She even has a cute idea for how to laminate and include a dry erase marker on the ring of each one so that everyone can check chores off as they go.

Free Printable Picture Chore Cards

Need some visual chore cards that have pictures to help your kid(dos) through their tasks?

Check out these free printable picture chore cards.

1. Free Visual Chore Cards

free printable chore cards with chore visually illustrated in a pocket chart, with reward tickets

Perhaps you’re not looking for directions, but rather a visual way to create a chore chart.

This set of free printable picture chore cards can be for you! Actually, there’s two sets – one for older kids, and one for younger ones.

Just buy a pocket chart organizer to use. This is the one I own.

Psst: Looking to pay your kids for chores? You can also pair chores with these free printable chore charts with money.

2. Picture Chore Cards for Screen Time

green, blue, yellow, pink, and red picture chore card set on wooden table

Are you interested in rewarding your kid’s chore completions with screen time?

Whether you are, or aren’t, you can still snag these free picture chore cards to print out and help your kids along their tasks.

3. Indoor and Outdoor Chore Cards

big-font chore cards with small cleaning picture visual on left of each

Here’s a set of chore cards that includes outdoor chores, too!

Chores like:

  • Cleaning up pet waste
  • Picking up toys in the yard
  • Hosing off the porch

Which of these free printable chore cards set are you most interested in trying out? I just introduced chore cards in my own family for all of us (husband, me, and our son), and am really optimistic about how it’s going to help get our household chores under control. Not to mention, it’ll give my son a few extra earning opportunities, once he gets his chore responsibilities taken cared of.

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