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21 Best Stocking Stuffers for Teen Boys (They’ll Actually Use)

What are good stocking stuffers for teenagers? Best stocking stuffers for teen boys – these are stocking stuffers they’ll actually use (and even THANK you for!).

Teen boys can be…kinda difficult to shop for. Amiright?

teen boy holding up a present and smiling, text overlay

That’s why I’ve spent an extra-long time coming up with a great list of the best stocking stuffers for teen boys.

Follow this list, and you’ll get some “thank you’s” and excited eye-popping on Christmas morning!

First up, let’s take a look at what makes a good stocking stuffer for a teen boy.

Hint: lots of these ideas are great stocking stuffers for tomboys, too. I would know, because I was one when I was a teenager!

What are Good Stocking Stuffers for Teenagers?

So, when you’re going through the list below to choose stocking stuffers for teen boys…what should you be looking for?

What did I look for when I made this list?

Good stocking stuffers for teen boys:

  • Fit into a stocking (worth noting, right?)
  • Grab their attention (measured by eye-popping, and “thank you, MOM’s!”)
  • Are usable now, but can also help them in their next life phase
  • Fit that fine line between kid-hood and adulthood

Here are the cool products I found that each fit at least one of these traits.

Best Stocking Stuffers for Teen Boys

Using the list I made above, I researched tons of stocking stuffers for teen boys…and I’m only including the best of what I found, here.

These are the stocking stuffers they’ll actually use (and thank you for!).

1. Wreck this Journal

Have you ever heard of the “wreck this journal”? It’s soooo…unique and fun and creative and different.

And since guys like to mess around with things, this could make the perfect stocking stuffer for them.

2. Star Wars Playing Cards

Is your teenager into Star Wars (or your husband…for that matter? Mine is!). This deck of playing cards has a sweet design they’ll be excited about.

3. The Driving Book

Your teen may have their permit, be driving already, and be just a few short years away from getting their license.

This book is highly rated and is sure to help them become more responsible and safe drivers.

3. Bigfoot Car Freshener

Do they have a car? Check out this really fun Bigfoot Car Freshener.

4. Kanoodle Brain Teasers

There are over 200 challenges and brain teasers in this neat, self-contained puzzle!

5. Rugged & Heavy Duty Smartphone Case

You can get really rugged-looking (and highly durable) smartphone cases for your teenager’s particular smartphone.

6. Light Saber Chopsticks

We’re teaching our son to use chopsticks this year, and this pair of lightsaber chopsticks is definitely going into his stocking (he’s a Star Wars fanatic!).

7. Norse Viking Amulet

Such a cool “necklace” for teenage guys and men!

8. Thumbs Up Cell Phone Stand

Check out this teen-errific way to prop up a smartphone, tablet, or other device. Lots of different colors to choose from.

9. Card Case

Is your teenage guy into cards? Playing cards, trading cards, card games, etc.?

Here’s a useful card case perfect for their stocking. Holds up to 360 cards.

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10. Aaron’s Thinking Putty

Have you ever heard of Aaron’s Thinking Putty? I first came across them in the toy section of the Buc-ees down here in Texas – and I was hooked.

Your teenager will be, too!

Plus, these are the perfect size to slip into a Christmas stocking.

A few of my favorites:

11. Car Registration and Insurance Document Holder

What a great gift to give your driver, or soon-to-be driver!

12. Fitness Tracker for Teens

Here’s a way to introduce how to measure progress on goals to your teenage boy.

If nothing else, they’ll probably like the new gadget!

13. How to Survive Anything Book

I know some teenage guys who would be FASCINATED (like, nose-in-book-all-Christmas-day) with this book.

14. Chain Link Necklace for Guys

15. Soundbot Shower Speaker

Does your teen guy like listening to music? Great. This speaker actually works in the shower!

Cheap Stocking Fillers for Boys

The great thing about stocking stuffers? Is that they can be really cheap, but still awesome.

Here are cheap stocking fillers for boys (teenagers).

1. Guitar Picks

You can score a very cheap assortment of guitar picks, which would fit perfectly into a teen boy’s stocking!

Here’s one that comes with a guitar pick case, too.

2. Deck of Black, Wolf Playing Cards

Wow…this deck of black playing cards is sleek and super-cool. Your teenage boy might even start to play card games to be able to use ‘em!

Not to mention, they’ll definitely still want to use these into their 20s.

3. Manly Bath Products

I watched my brother light up each Christmas when he would open up a manly bath product from his stocking. He would smell it, and he would use up the whole thing in the next month or two.

Here are a few cheap, manly bath products to put in their stocking:

I hope you can see that there are very affordable ways to stuff your teen’s stockings with items off of this stocking stuffers for teen boys’ list. And how surprised will they be getting to open their stocking up to a bunch of cool items…after opening all of their main gifts?

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