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15 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for 18-Year-Olds (Boys and Girls)

I’ve got awesome stocking stuffer ideas for 18-year-olds, whether you’re shopping for a boy or a girl.

Gift shopping for 18-year-olds is different. I mean, they're still technically teenagers, but they're right on the cusp of young adulthood.

stockings lined up on mantel, text overlay "15 stocking stuff ideas for 18 year olds boys and girls"

That's why I've created a special list of stocking stuffer ideas for 18-year-olds.

These are gifts they'll appreciate in this interesting phrase of life, when they're getting ready to do things like:

  • Going off to college
  • Getting their first apartment
  • Holding down a first job
  • Graduating from high school
  • Moving out on their own for the first time
  • Maybe doing a Gap Year, or taking a senior trip.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for 18-Year-Olds

Whether you're shopping for stocking stuffers for an 18-year-old girl, or boy, you'll find plenty of great options below.

1. Light Saber Chopsticks

We're teaching our son to use chopsticks, and this pair is definitely getting added to his stocking this year!

bright blue light up light saber chopsticks

2. Tile Mate Keyfinder

white square tile mate

It really stinks when you lose your car keys. And we’ve all done it!

Can you imagine your teen losing their apartment keys, car keys, and whatever else while living away from home?

Get them this Keyfinder that will alert them where your keys are within 200 ft., or tell you the last place they were (if more than 200 ft. away).

3. Magnetic Car Phone Mount (Universal)

This works for any smartphone, which makes it a convenient purchase to make. And most of us use our phones for directions and GPS, so having it readily in front of a driver makes sense for that.

magnetic phone mount, black

4. Reusable Straw Set

teal colored reusable straw set

Help your teen-adult with both using less straws AND making their occasional (or…daily…) coffee drinks cool-looking.

I love how this is both dishwasher safe, AND, comes with a straw brush (I had to buy my own straw brush because the reusable straw I bought didn’t come with one and I hadn’t thought that far ahead).

5. Rainbow Scratch-Off Post-It Notes

What a fun way to write to-do’s and reminders – by scratching them off to reveal lots of rainbow colors!

black post it notes with wooden pencil that scratches to reveal rainbow colors

6. Java Sok

lavendar and black patterned java sok to put on iced coffee drinks

Does your 18-year-old like iced drinks? Not only is this Java Sok sleeve very stylish, but it serves two functions:

  • Keeping all that condensation from getting everything wet around them
  • Keeping your beverage icy, longer


7. Flash Drive with Lanyard

white flash drive with blue lanyard and with orange lanyard

Who can’t use extra storage in our digital world?

For school stuff, for photos, for college papers, etc. This one comes with 64 GB of space, a lanyard, and an LED light.

8. Glass Nail File with Case

This will make your teen-adult’s nails super shiny, without chemicals and without damaging the surface of their nail.

9. Personal Security Alarm Keychain

You can feel great about equipping your 18-year-old with one of these personal safety alarm keychains. Comes in colors for both boys and girls.

different colored personal security alarm keychains

10. Snazzy Console Cover

What teen guy wouldn’t love to add one of these one-size-fits-most covers to their center console in their truck or car?

And if your 18-year-old is a teen girl, then consider one of these bling-y looking ones.

blingy diamond console cover

Psst: you’ll definitely want to check out my stocking stuffers for new drivers list. And my car gift ideas for used car owners.

11. Last Word Bookmark

These are especially useful for reading from textbooks, the bible, or college texts – because you can move the pointer to show the exact sentence or paragraph where you left off on a page with tons of text.

neon green bookmark that goes over page with pointer to your last line read

12. Wallet and Wallet Purse

This is a great chance to upgrade your 18-year-old's money space.

Here's a classy, but cool, trifold Timberland men's wallet.

For the teen girls, check out this line of wallets with a checkbook holder and more.

13. Paracord Survival Bracelet

Not only does this bracelet have a lot of helpful stuff – like a compass, fire starter, emergency knife, and whistle – but it's also cool enough looking that your 18-year-old guy might wear it out.

orange or black braided survival bracelet

14. Travel Beauty Kit

Does your teen-adult have some travel in their future? Get them ready with these TSA-approved beauty bottles.

travel beauty kit with light pink empty bottles to pack your own in, plastic

15. Burrito Taco Tortilla Microfiber Blanket

blanket that looks like a flour tortilla

What a comfy (and funny – it's a conversation-starter, for sure) blanket to send your 18-year-old off with to the next stage of their lives. Whether that's college, a first apartment, or their childhood bedroom.

Really cute and classy insulation sleeves that are washable. Not only does this keep a drink cold for longer, but it prevents condensation dripping onto a desktop and such.

Made for iced drinks, not hot ones. Lots of different styles to choose from.

How about it – which stocking stuffer ideas for 18-year-olds are you most excited about?

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