Check out these 19 stocking stuffers for tween boys. Cheap stocking fillers boys will actually use!

Tweens…they’re kind of in-between being a kid and being a mature teenager.

And sometimes, they seem to favor one over the other, depending on the day of the week!

That’s why I’ve created a specific list of stocking stuffers for tween boys – because shopping for them doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems.

If you’ve ever wondered what do you put in a 12-year-old stocking or what good stocking fillers for 10-year-old boy look like, then you’re in the right place with this list of tween stocking filler ideas.

Stocking Stuffers for Tween Boys

There are lots of cheap boys stocking stuffers on amazon – you just have to know where to look.

1. Moon Torch

Your tween can use this moon torch to project the moon onto any surface!

2. Fidget Spinner

This is definitely a more adult-version of regular fidget spinners…and what tween boy doesn’t like to have things that look a bit more grown-up?

3. 50 Great Magic Card Tricks

Here’s a set of really fun magic tricks using a deck of cards – don’t be surprised if your Tween spends Christmas morning testing these out on you and their brothers/sisters.

4. Monkey Noodle

It’s stretchy, it’s noodly…it’s a great fidget toy for tween boys that actually stretches to an amazing 8 feet!

5. Metal Brain Teasers

I used to looooovvveee metal brain teasers when I was a tween (and a teen, truth be told). This set would be such fun to find in a stocking!

6. UFO-Shaped Metal Spinning Top

Here’s a really cool metal spinning top that was designed based on a 1980 UFO sighting in England.

7. Harmonica

Let your tween boy try his hand (or mouth) at playing a harmonica.

8. Hacky Sack

These were big when I was a tween…and are still just as fun to play around with.

9. Snake Eggs Strong Magnets

When these magnets come together, they clatter and make a noise sort of like a rattle snake!

10. Cool-Looking Keychain

It’s likely your tween-ager already has a set of house keys, or locker keys, or some other keys.

They’d love to see one of these manly-looking keychains peeking up at them from their stocking!

11. Minecraft Wallet

Does your tween boy still love Minecraft…or at least likes the merchandise around it? Here’s a really cool and very functional idea for a stocking stuffer (your tween boy’s first wallet!).

12. Harry Potter UNO

I lived for UNO as a tween-ager!

13. Lego Wallet

Legos are pretty much for any age…but they can especially be something tween boys love.

Plus getting a wallet that says something about you (“I like Legos”) as a tween? Well, that’s just perfect for their age group.

14. Distraction Card Game

Your tween will request this one on family date nights – it’s a game of memory, and diversions the whole family will find hilarious.

15. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza Game

Here’s a really simple, and tween-friendly game families and tween friends can play together.

16. UNO Minecraft

How cool – they made a Minecraft version of the awesome game UNO!

17. Rotate and Slide Puzzle

This can be for kids, or adults!

18. The Zombie Plant Seeds

Have you ever seen those plants that, when touched, shrink and close right up? That’s what these seeds are. They’re pretty neat! I think about the next best thing to owning a meat-eating plant (I always wanted a Venus Fly Trap plant when I was a tween!).

19. Stocking Stuffers Mad Libs

Mad Libs is that hilarious word game where you have someone fill in a noun, adjective, adverb, etc. without knowing the context of the story. Then, the story is read out loud!

This one is perfect, as it’s holiday-themed.

20. Paper Airplane Squadron

Check this cool gift out – your tween can make a total of 20 paper airplanes from it (and have competitions with your family!).

tween stocking stuffers - image of a paper airplane kit

I hope you've enjoyed this list of fun and cheap stocking stuffers for tween boys! What kinds of tween stocking stuffers are you going to surprise your pre-teens with, this year?

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