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19 Cheap Gifts for Teenage Guys Under $10

Cheap gifts for teenage guys under $10 (they'll actually use). Check out this list of great ideas your teenage guy will love.

You may be looking for cheap gifts for teenage guys under $10…but you don’t want to look cheap, right?

teen boy opening up gift with teen girl at Christmas tree, text overlay

No worries – I’ve got a great list of ideas for you that are cheap, and your teenage guy will love.

These can also make great Secret Santa gifts for guys under $10!

Please note: all of these products were under $10 at the time of writing this article. Prices may have changed!  

Cheap Gifts for Teenager Guys (Under $10)

How to make your teenage guy excited when opening up his gift this year (without spending a fortune)?

Here are some really cool cheap gifts for teenage guys. And by “cheap”? I mean under $10 and all-around cool!

How awesome.

1. The Manual to Manhood

This book has gotten rave reviews from over 2,000 buyers!

It covers topics like:

  • Dating
  • Changing a tire
  • Money management
  • Shaving
  • Etc.

2. Knot Tying Kit

What teenage guy hasn’t fiddled around with tying knots before? Heck, some men in their 20s and 30s still enjoy this pastime!

This waterproof, plastic card set will teach your teenager how to tie 20 different types of knots.

3. Infinity Fidget Cube

I used to love fidgeting with things as a teenager! Here’s a cool fidget gift for teenage guys, under $10.

Psst: another great fidget toy for teens are these magnetic rings.

4. Black Foil Playing Cards

Look at how cool these black foil-playing cards look?! My husband would love a deck of these, too.

Psst: here's a Playing Card Case to go with them.

5. Wooden Slingshot

Get your teenage guy outback and in your yard with this wooden slingshot.

6. Wreck this Journal

If your teenage guy likes to mess around with things or even mess things up…then the Wreck This Journal is perfect for them!

They’ll be asked to do crazy things like poking pencil holes through a page, dripping colored drinks on one of the pages, and writing some thoughts and then coloring over all of them until they can no longer read it.

7. One of Us is Lying

Tons of awesome reviews for this teen mystery book – it’s even recommended as the best book for teens by the New York Public Library!

8. Smile and Succeed: For Teens

It’s no surprise that with the rise of technology to communicate with people – FaceTime, Zoom meet-ups, texting, etc. – communicating face-to-face is becoming a lost art form.

Yet, it’s SO important for when your teen ventures out into the real world!

That’s why I’ve included this book on communicating with others, in person.

9. Space Astronaut Keychain

Your teen guy is either driving, or will be soon. And if he's not? Well, he's likely got a house key to keep track of.

Check out this sleep space astronaut keychain.

10. Manly-Looking Keychains – Personalized Gifts for Teenage Guys

Whether it’s for a set of house keys (I had one around the age of 11), locker keys, or car keys…your teenage son will love one of these manly-looking keychains.

A few choices for you:

11. Bush Craft 101

Is your teenage guy fascinated by survival and the wilderness? This is a highly-rated book on wilderness survival that they’ll gobble up.

12. Would You Rather Game Book for Kids & Teens

Don’t be surprised if Christmas morning, your teenage guy is busy asking people “would you rather” questions from this book.

13. Canvas Outdoor Wallet

Here’s a trifold wallet that’s very durable, and cheap (two great qualities when buying for teenage guys!).

Psst: here's my review on the best wallets for teens.

14. The Driving Book

Is driving is on the horizon for your teen (or they’re new drivers)?

Here’s a great book with over 1400 awesome reviews all about driving.

Topics include:

  • Driving with others
  • Speeding tickets
  • Expressways
  • And more!

This also makes a great stocking stuffer for teen drivers.

15. Star Wars Playing Cards

These are sooooo cool! I might just get a set for myself…

16. Aaron's Thinking Putty

Check out this mini-tin of Aaron’s Thinking Putty: Aura (glows in the dark).

17. Dude Wipes

I keep seeing these Dude Wipes being talked about by guys…so thought I would add them. Because apparently, some guys are reallly into them.

Cheap Tech Gifts for Teenage Guys

Looking for cheap tech gifts for teenage guys – under $20? That’s what you’ll find here.

1. Slick Airpods Case

For the Airpods-owner – this case is classy and useful.

I hope I've shown you that cheap gifts for teenage guys under $10 can be awesome gifts to give AND receive. Not to mention, just because something costs under $10 doesn't mean it's not really useful and fun!

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