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14 Stocking Stuffers for New Drivers (Teens Aged 15-19)

Check out this list of best stocking stuffers for new drivers. These ideas are perfect for teens who either own a car, or just a license. They'll be so excited Christmas morning!

Stuck wondering, what are good stocking stuffers for teenagers?

teen girl driver with Santa hat on, text overlay, "14 best new driver stocking stuffers they'll actually love"

We all know it can be difficult to shop for a teenager. But if you’ve got a new teen driver in your life?

Well, you’re in luck. Because new teen drivers are SUPER excited about all things driving and cars, so one of these stocking stuffers for new drivers is sure to delight them.

Stocking Stuffers for New Drivers

Check out these fun and (mostly) practical ideas for teen stocking stuffers – whether your teen owns a car yet, or not.

1. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Car Diffuser

I love this so much, that I bought several as stocking stuffer gifts last year for Christmas. I think this year? I’m going to get one for myself.

small circular silver essential oil car diffuser with tree design

Here's a black one, too:

small circular black essential oil car diffuser with tree design

2. New Driver Book

This is a highly-rated new driver book that is perfect for a teen reader.

It also happens to be a bit more narrow than normal books, so should be able to fit into a stocking.

Topics covered include things like:

  • Bare essentials to keep in your car
  • Driving in bad weather
  • Getting a ticket
  • Breakdowns
red cover new driver book

3. Dreamcatcher Keychain Ring

I used to collect keychains as a teen and stick them on the back of my backpack…I guess I thought that would make me cool.

Anyway, I would’ve loved to get my hands on this dreamcatcher keychain. So pretty!

Psst: if they don’t own a car yet? No worries – most teens also have a house key they carry around with them.

dreamcatcher silver keychains

4. Vera Bradley ID Case and Keychain Ring

Can I just say how positively posh and grown-up I would’ve felt as a teen if I had this cool ID case + keychain ring?

It’s also super useful – for high school, and beyond – because you can put your ID and maybe a card or two in there, and keep it all attached to your keys.

small ID case with keychain ring, brown with floral pattern

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5. Bling for their Head Rest

Does your new teen driver own their own car? Then help them to add some bling to it (especially if it’s like the clunker I used to own when I was a teen!) with these crystal car seat charms.

sparkly blingy charms for head rest

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6. New Driver Removable Sticker

Here’s the perfect way to warn people (or, to explain sub-par driving moves) that there is a teen driver.

What I love about this? Is that it removes just like a sticky note (don’t get me started on how much I hate stickers on products that leave a sticky residue).

black and yellow license plate that says

7. Personal Alarm Siren Keychain

Safety, safety, safety – especially since teen drivers might now be out after dark for their job, or after going to the movies with friends, etc.

I like how this one is rechargeable – so you don’t have to always have oddly-shaped batteries on hand for when it dies.

pastel colored personal alarm keychain

8. Sasquatch Car Window Decal

What a fun (and funny) car window decal for a teen’s vehicle!

white large sasquatch window decal for car

9. Teen Lanyard

I’ve always loved lanyards because I like to whip them around (over, and over, and over again).

Here’s a great selection of teen-styled ones!

light blue, light pink, white lanyard with leather top and keychain

10. Star Wars Car Freshener

What teen guy (who happens to love Star Wars) wouldn’t want to hang one of these in his car?

Hint: my husband would looooovvveeee this, too.

white storm trooper car freshener on black background

11. Darth Vader Cup Holder Coaster

While you’re at it…you can deck out their cup holder with a sophisticated-looking set of black Darth Vaders.

black and silver darth vader car coasters

12. Gold Glittery ID Badge and Keychain

Here’s a beautiful, glittery ID badge that also has a keychain on it.

gold glittery ID Badge and keychain

13. Magnetic Key Holder

If I got a nickel for every teenager that eventually locks themselves out of their car, or out of their house (myself included)…

This could help.

black magnetic box

14. Stick Shift Pendant

Teens love to decorate and personalize things, but hanging something from a rearview mirror can be distracting and dangerous. Instead, you can help them personalize by getting them this to put around their stick shift.

brown, turquoise, and yellow stick shift bracelet pendant

Which of these awesome stocking stuffers for new drivers are you going to check out? You might also want to look at my article on 19 gifts for new drivers, which has lots more ideas for under the tree.

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