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11 Teen Party Games to Make a Party Memorable

These teen party games are off. the. hook! Pick a few to create an engaging and memorable party teenager guests will be talking about for months.

Some of my fondest memories as a teen comes from friends’ parties I got to go to.

 And you can bet that the teen party games set up by either the parents or my friend were what made that party so much more memorable.

three teenager girls with mustache props, text overlay

In fact, coming up with at least one teen party game ahead of time are a great idea because it:

  • Helps break up cliques and gets the guests engaging with other teens outside of their normal hangout “group”.
  • Helps give structure to the party, so a bunch of teens aren’t just sitting around wondering when the cake is going to be served.
  • Creates a shared bonding experience that’s likely to last for weeks, months, and even years down the road.

 Lots of benefits, so, let’s dive right in!

Teen Party Games – Indoor Games for Teenagers

First up on this teen party games list? Indoor games for teenagers.

1. Marshmallow Assassin

A group of teens gets to hunt down each other with a marshmallow. The person who hits the most other teens with marshmallows (and stays in the game, themselves) wins!

Free pintables and game variations, included!

2. Shocking Potato

How cool – someone actually took the age-old game of Hot Potato and made this from it!

large brown potato game

3. Winter Beverage Taste Testing Game

My own Winter Beverage Taste Competition can really be either an indoor game for teens OR an outdoor game – your call.

Basically, each teen is given the task of coming up with a new beverage for a local ski-resort. They’ll need to measure out ingredients, taste test, and price things out so that they can at least make a $1.00 profit.

Then, each new beverage goes through taste-testing by a panel of judges (could be the adults?), and a winner/awards are given out.

Coolest part about this game for teens? Well, they’ll learn about money and what it means to be a consultant for a company.

4. Escape the Room: The Cursed Dollhouse

For ages 13+, this escape the room comes in a box that actually transforms into a 5-room, spooooooky dollhouse (so cool!)!

dark box with escape the room game inside

Between 1 and 4 players get to work on puzzles while exploring the mysterious dollhouse…all in the hopes of escaping it. There's a solution wheel, a storyline to read aloud to everyone as you all progress throughout the house, dollhouse furniture and other components.

I love the high-quality of this escape room. It's quite sturdy, and well thought out.

What a fun way to get a group of teens really engaged with teen party games! Did I mention that you can get some cool printable invites on their website to get your teen's friends excited about their evening ahead?

You also can get reassemble instructions, to use this over and over again.

Honestly, I would've loved to go over to a teen's house and do this at their party.

5. Would You, Could You?

This is for a group of teens (at least 3 – would be a great thing to do at a sleepover), and includes a deck of free printable cards with crazy, bizarre, and downright fun questions on them to answer.

The cool part is that this is part a truth/dare type game, and part rock/paper/scissors – each player must come up with their own answer (silently) from the card’s prompt, and then they play rock/paper/scissors to reveal their answers. Points are awarded.

screenshot of would you could you teen party game

6. Pressure Cooker

Here’s a really fun, teen team-building activity that will make people think (and giggle!).

You’ll need to create as many numbered circles as there are people in the group. Then, you scatter those circles around. Each person chooses to stand on one circle, and their mission then becomes they must step on each of the numbered circles, in ascending order from the number they started with.

SO, if they start on #8, and there are 12 numbered circles, then they need to next get to #9, #10, #11, and then #12 (then starting over at 1-8, when they get back to their original spot).

As each person successfully completes the challenge, they step out of the circles altogether, opening up more spaces for the last people to finish up. 

7. Marshmallow Building Challenge

Divide your teen party goers into smaller groups, hand them a marshmallow building kit (really low-cost props from the grocery store), and set a timer to see which team can build the highest marshmallow tower.

Next up, let’s look at some cool teen prizes to give out.

8. Tag Team Twister

What’s really cool about my idea to do tag team twister is that a whole group of teen partygoers can play the same game, at once.

Basically, get everyone together in pairs. Play Twister like normal, but then after a timer goes off (set it for 5 minutes or 10 minutes, or something like that), the other person on the sidelines must jump in at the same position their partner leaves.

Super fun!

large white canvas for floor with big colorful dots on it

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Prizes for Teenage Party Games

Let me share with you some cool prizes for teenage party games – the kind your teen guests will be clamoring over to win.

1. Cool Teen Keychain

Teens are either driving, or just a few short months/years away from doing so.

Giving one of these awesome keychains as a prize will definitely make them more interested in competing!

This teenage girl keychain also holds lip gloss!

different patterned, small chapstick holder keychains

For teenage boys, check out this cool keychain.

red and black keychain with dark metal at end

2. Rainbow Scratch-Off Notepad

Look how cool these post-it notes are!

black notepad with wooden pencil to scratch off and reveal rainbow colors

3. Double-Sided Burrito Blanket

I think teens would find this pretty cool – especially teenager boys!

tank blanket that looks like a flour tortilla

4. Full-Sized Candy Bars

Snickers, 3 Musketeers, Kit Kats…whatever you like!

Heck, a giant-sized candy is awesome, too.

giant sized Hershey's Kisses chocolate

5. Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

Check out this fun infinity cube – great for teens who like to fidget.

black puzzle in black box

Party Games for Pre-Teenagers

About to host a party for pre-teenagers? Here are some great ideas for tween party games.

1. Tween Photo Scavenger Hunt

Here’s a ready-to-go, free scavenger hunt tweens complete using their phones. I love her idea to upload all of the party’s photos onto your TV screen and play it in the background later on in the party! #memories

screenshot of photo scavenger hunt pre-teenager party game

2. Cat on Yer Head

For larger groups of tweens, check out this fun cat-and-mouse game (just balloons and a timer are needed!). One person plays the cat, one person plays the mouse, and to win, the cat must either catch the mouse within 30 seconds, OR, the mouse must stay alive for 30 whole seconds.

3. Toe Tag

Break your tween group down into pairs, standing back-to-back. On the count of three, each person whips around, and the object is to be the first person to tag the toe of the other person (score that point!).

4. Tween Murder Mystery Game

This party game for pre-teens comes with a free printable (you’ll need to email the owner of the site to ask for it).

He used this at his son’s 10th birthday party with a group of 10-12-year olds.

You’ll be able to customize the invites, and everything (though he does warn that setting this type of party game up can be tedious work, even with his free printables).

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