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17 Free Money Worksheets for 2nd Grade (PDFs)

Find free money worksheets for 2nd grade – PDFs – that will satisfy common core requirements for money word problems, money identification, and money counting.

Since you’ve landed here looking for money worksheets for 2nd-grade PDFs, I’m sure you know about the 2nd-grade common core money requirements.

second graders in classroom working on money worksheets, text overlay, "17 money worksheets for 2nd grade common cores - money word problems, money identification and money counting, all free"

Just to recap, so we’re all on the same page:

CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.2.MD.C.8 (Work with Time and Money):

“Solve word problems involving dollar bills, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies, using $ and ¢ symbols appropriately. Example: If you have 2 dimes and 3 pennies, how many cents do you have?”

I’ve aligned these free money worksheets for 2nd grade (PDFs) with the core curriculum requirements above to, hopefully, make your life easier!

In order to have your students do this, they’ll need to know:

  • What money is
  • How to identify different types of money (bills, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies)
  • How to read and work with money units (like ¢ and $)
  • The different values of each type of coin and bill
  • How to add and subtract different kinds of money values
  • How to make change
  • How to read money word problems and work through them

Hint: there are many, many, many money lessons that this common core doesn’t cover – as I’m sure you’re aware. Check out my free Money Skills Checklist in my article, Teaching Kids About Money for a comprehensive checklist of specific money life skills kids and teens need to learn.

Identifying & Counting Coins Money Worksheets for 2nd Grade

Being able to identify and count coins is one of the first things a child must do – and certainly, before they can do money word problems.

So, let’s start there!

Here are some of my picks for the best free identifying and counting coin 2nd-grade money worksheets.

Psst: you'll also want to check out these coin recognition and identification games for kids, best money books for kids, and best counting money apps.

1. Counting Coins Lesson Plan (with PDFs)

screenshot of coins lesson plan printable for second grade

Here’s a whole counting coins lesson plan, with worksheets that have identifiable coins on them (meaning – they look enough like the real version to be meaningful for students).

2. Introduction to Coins Printables

screenshot of free money worksheet for second grade, intro to coins

Here are some great worksheets – one for each coin – to introduce kids to the value of coins.

3. Touch Money Counting Worksheets

printable counting money worksheets for 2nd grade, touch money

Have you heard of the Touch Money method when teaching kids to count money? Here are some worksheets to use, and here’s a quick video to explain it:

4. Hairy Coin Counting Worksheets

Hairy money counting is another method to teach kids how to count the different values on coins.

Here’s another free Hairy Money printable.

5. Counting Coins: How Much Change

screenshot of how much change printable money worksheet for 2nd graders

What I like about this sheet is it asks students to count up the coins given, and then subtract a numerical amount of money – meaning kids are learning and practicing several different ways to count and recognize the value of money.

6. Writing Money Amounts

screenshot of printable money worksheets pdfs for 2nd graders, writing money amounts

Kids can practice reading money amounts through words, and then writing those amounts out in numbers using this sheet.

7. Comparing Money Worksheets

screenshot of money worksheet printable for second grade, comparing money worksheets

Here’s a great set of free worksheets that forces students to not only count up each section of coins but to then compare to see which pile of coins is more valuable than the other.

Printable Money Worksheets 2nd Grade – Word Problems

Being able to solve money word problems is critical in kids learning how to, eventually, solve real-world money problems in their own lives.

Here are some free printable money worksheets 2nd graders can use to work on money word problems. You might also want to check out these consumer math worksheets, and these online financial games for elementary students.

Psst: you might need to sign up for a free account to access some of these printables, such as with and Teachers Pay Teachers. Then, you can download and use them for free!

1. Math Money Word Problems

screenshot of money word problems free worksheet for second grade

I like how the examples on this free worksheet are realistic for a 2nd grader’s life – including the money amounts they might get (like $20 for their birthday, or $10 from allowance).

2. Beach Word Problem Worksheets on Money

screenshot of money word problems with a beach theme

I like a few things about these summer vacation-themed sheets.

First of all, the theme is really fun!

Secondly, the costs are more accurate to the real world.

Not only that, but it asks some thought-challenging questions for students to work through that will have them counting money, making change, etc.

3. Make Change: Pet Store

I used to loooovvveee going to the pet store with my mother when I was a little kid.

Which is probably why I love these money word problems – they’re themed around buying pets from a pet store!

4. Understanding Word Problems: Money

This word problem worksheet is different – as it really focuses on teaching students HOW to go about doing word problems (and happens to use a money word problem as the example).

They’re asked to read a word problem about money, then answer what the problem is, what they bought and how much it cost, what the word problem is asking the student to do, etc.

5. Money Word Problems #2

Here’s a worksheet that offers simple money word problems to dip your student’s toes into the process.

6. Challenging Money Worksheet

These are some fun, and challenging, money word puzzles/problems. Kids will have to really think about how to figure them out!

For example, “What six coins put together has the value of 22¢?”

Printable Money Games for 2nd Graders

Looking for free printable money games for 2nd graders?

You’ll definitely want to check out my article on free money board games printables, and these Would You Rather questions for middle school students.

Here’s a quick few:

Games can be a great idea for money math centers, brain breaks, and to just grab your student’s attention in a different way.

Teacher Resources to Teach Money – My Top Picks

There are some great teacher money resources that can help you bring these worksheets, activities, and games to life.

I'm going to highlight them below (check back – I'm constantly updating my articles as I find new resources and review them).

Free Printable Money

I've created an entire article around free kid money printables and pretend play money, so you'll definitely want to check that out. Also, here are 7 games you can play with fake money.

Here are a few quick resources for you:

Chalkboard-Sized Classroom Money

Want a great, magnetic, visual to use when teaching money to your students?

I just love Educational Insight's 3-D Magnetic Bills and Coins. I even have a set for my own child!

box of giant bills and coins

Set of Real-Looking Fake Money

You can also really fascinate your students by adding in these very real-looking sets of fake money to use during your Money unit. This particular one comes with over 700 pieces of money and is highly rated.

You're building some awesome money and financial literacy foundations by teaching your students money identification, money counting, and how to work through money word problems. And if you really want to bring these lessons to life? Use these money worksheets for 2nd-grade PDFs with some pretend money for each of your students. That way, they can count along.

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