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14 Counting Money Games (Coin Recognition + Counting)

Ready to teach your kid how to confidently count money? These counting money games and counting coin games will get them ready while having fun.

One of the foundational money lessons out there that all kids need to learn is how to count money.

young Asian girl counting money, text overlay "14 counting money games for kids"

Counting money for kids will help them to make store transactions, track their money, learn how to budget money, and so much more.

Good news is that teaching kids – whether in 2nd grade or older – to count doesn’t have to be boring.

Each of the games below focuses on giving your child a fun way to practice the following counting money skills:

  • Coin and bill recognition
  • Solve money word problems
  • Coin and bill values
  • How to make change and use the money in a transaction

Check out these fun counting coin games, counting money games printables, and online counting money games.

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Best Counting Money Games – Counting Coins Games

Make learning how to count money super fun with this list of best counting money games.

Best Counting Money Games for Kids #1: Family Coin-Wrapping Competition

One Friday evening, announce to your family that you’ll all be doing a family coin-wrapping competition.

Step #1: Get free coin wrappers from your bank or credit union. If they don’t offer any, you can buy some cheaply here.

Step #2: Give your family 30 minutes (set a timer) to scour your home and car for all the coins they can find. Look in couch cushions, under the washer/dryer, under couches, under seats in your car…anywhere you’ll let them look.

Step #3: Break out your coin jar, as well as all the coins people found during the coin raid. Give each person or team of people one specific coin to wrap. Set a timer to see who can wrap the most coins by the time it’s over.

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Best Counting Money Games for Kids #2: Quick Pix Money

Suggested Age Range: 7+ years
Players: 2-6

A FUN and fast-paced counting coins game that teaches both coin recognition and money math!

Each player starts with 5 cards from the “Answer” deck. These cards have two money values on them (such as, 41¢ and 63¢).

Then, a “problem” card is pulled and turned over – which displays a group of coins on it.

Players then race to answer this problem deck by adding up the total value of the coins in the problem, and then pulling an “answer” card from their hand to match it. This creates a match.

The first player to get 5 matches, wins!

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Best Counting Money Games for Kids #3: Peter Pig's Money Counter

Suggested Age Range: 4-7+ years

Are you looking for a free online game to help your child learn to identify and count coins?

This one’s pretty fun! Developed by Visa, this game also encourages saving your money instead of spending it by giving your child various-sized trophies depending on how miserly they become.

Your child earns some cash, and they’re asked how much they'd like to save.

What’s leftover is what they can spend at the store to decorate their little pig. What they don't spend gets put into savings.

Play it online for free here: begin playing now.

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Best Counting Money Games for Kids #4: Money Bags – A Crazy Coin Counting Game

Suggested Age Range: 7+ years
Players: 2-4 players

I love how life-like the coins that come with this game are (it even sounds a bit like change when you drop these coins!).

Your child will get pretty savvy with counting coins and recognizing them because this game asks them to exchange coins, make change without using certain coins, and other challenges.

For example, you might have earned $0.40, but you need to be paid out without using any nickels.

Best Counting Money Games for Kids #5: Hungry Caterpillars Money Game

Suggested Age Range: Preschool – 3rd Grade
Players: 2-4 players

screenshot of hungry caterpillar money counting game for kids

What a fun way to learn about counting money – through a Hungry Caterpillar Money Game!

This free printable has two ways to play – just coin recognition for very young kids, and then the make-change variation on the game.

Alright – let’s move onto some really cool, counting money games with free printables!

Fun Counting Money Games Printables

Get your printer ready, and add some of these really fun counting money game printables (all free) to your queue.

Money War

War the card game (from our youth!) has been turned into a coin counting AND recognition game with this free Money War printable from Teachers Pay Teachers. Both players need to count up the coins on each card to determine who has the highest-valued card, and the person with the greater amount wins that round of Money War.

screenshot of money war counting money game

So fun!

Coin Sorting Game

Print this coin-sorting game out, and have your child sort each of the different types of coins: nickels, dimes, quarters, and pennies.

screenshot of corn sorting game for kids

Bonus points: Raid your coin jar and use REAL coins, and not the printable ones. Giving money for your child to handle will increase their money confidence, with practice!

Don’t Break the Bank!

This free printable is a fun money counting game that will teach your child to put the correct coin type into their piggy bank. If they spin and get “the hammer” three different times, then they “break” the bank and the game is over!

screenshot of don't break the bank counting coins game

Coin Match Game

Print out this free coin match game, which will help your kids practice how to match the coins needed to equal a value amount.

Here’s another money match game, and it has both Cents and Dollars!

screenshot of money match counting game

Coin Bingo Game

Get your free coin bingo printables, and play some bingo with your kids.

It’s a bit different than regular bingo – you gather change from your coin jar in your home, and give each child a small cup of it so that they can match the correct coins with the bingo card.

First child to match 4 in a row wins the game!

screenshot of coin bingo money game

Piggy Bank Coin Recognition Game

Your child can use this free printable to match real coins with the sizes and the amounts of their value.

screenshot of coin recognition game

Coin Identification Money Maze

Your child will need to work through identifying the specific coin in the directions you’ll give them, and then color only that coin in to get through these mazes.

screenshot of money maze coin recognition game

Roll & Cover Money Game

Here’s a fun dice game that teaches your child how to count and identify coins. Your child will roll the dice, then add up the coins according to the number on the dice that they get, and then cover that specific value amount on the game board.  

screenshot of counting money game

Fill the Piggy Bank Game

Here’s a free printable with super cute piggy banks on it, each one asking your child to count out a certain amount of money.

screenshot of piggy bank coin counting money game for kids

Counting Money Games Online

Looking for online counting money games your child can play?

Break the Bank Online Counting Game

Suggested Age Range: Kindergarten – 2nd grade

Kids get to “break open” various piggy banks in this free online game, and then count the coins and dollars that come spilling out.

screenshot of Break the Bank online counting game

Which of these counting coin games and counting money games are you most excited to give a try? 

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