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11 Helpful Teenage Goal-Setting Worksheets PDFs (Free)

Free teenage goal-setting worksheets PDFs to help your teenager write down, prioritize, and figure out action steps to take to reach their goal.

Even if your teen doesn’t know that it’s called a “goal”, they likely have many things they want to either be, do, or have.

teen working on goal setting pdf on couch, text overlay "11 free goal setting worksheets for teens"

Helping them brainstorm goals, prioritize them, and then figure out the action steps they need to take to get them is much, much, easier when you can offer up one of these teenage goal-setting worksheets (PDFs).

Let’s check out these awesome, downloadable worksheets to help your teen with goal setting.

Teenage Goal Setting Worksheets PDFs

First up? Let's look at my own free goal-setting worksheet for high school students (pdfs).

1. Teenage Goal Setting Money Worksheet

We’re going to start off with my very own teenage goal-setting worksheet – this worksheet is all about helping your teen prioritize all of the goals they brainstorm according to how much money it is going to cost them to achieve.

Because let’s be real – many of the goals that you and I, and teenagers, set for ourselves are going to cost money to obtain.

And the more costly a goal? The longer it will take them to get there.

My thinking is that they need to focus on short-term goals in the beginning of their goal-setting journey so that they’ll get some early-on successes and come back to the goal-setting starting line again and again.

Have your teen and kid run through each of their current wants – whether it’s to save up for a car, for a new phone, go to prom, or for a weekend trip with a friend’s family – to see which goal they should prioritize first.

Hint: it’s the quickest-win goal, as short-term kid financial goals are really key right now in your child’s life!  

Here’s a few list of goal examples to get them started:

Yearly Teenage Goal Setting Worksheets

Looking for annual goal-setting worksheets your teenager can use to think about their goals for the entire year ahead?

Great – here you go.

2. Goal Setting Worksheet for Teens by Year

I just love the design of this worksheet – it gets kids and teens thinking about some specific things they want to be/do/have in the upcoming year, without the overwhelm.

screenshot of yearly reflection goal setting worksheet for teens

Great prompts!

Not only that, but it addresses one of the most important – and often neglected (I usually forget to do this) – part of goal setting: reflecting back on what you've done up to this point.

It's one I always forget to do, but that can offer invaluable insight in various ways:

  • Let's you reflect on what has and has not worked
  • Boosts your confidence with mini-wins you can uncover that you may have forgotten about
  • Let's you figure out if this is really the right next goal for you to set
  • etc.

In this case, the worksheet prompts teens to write a few hard lessons they learned, fun memories they had, and things they're proud of from the previous year.

Teenage Goal Setting Worksheets PDFs

Now, let's move into more types of goal-setting worksheets for teens.

3. Goal Setting Workbook PDF for Teens (Biblical)

This is a really thorough teen goal-setting workbook (free PDF) that will walk your teenager through lots of different parts of the goal-setting process, like:

  • Goal-setting lesson plan that corresponds with the bible
  • Bible quotes about goal-setting
  • SMART PDF showing how to set SMART goals
  • Uncovering your God-given talents
  • etc.
screenshot of biblical based goal setting workbook pdf for teens

4. Teen Goal Setting Worksheet Kit

bring yellow, blue, and pink highlighted worksheets in a free teen goal setting PDF pack

Here are a fun, and colorful worksheet pack that will help teens with a vision board, setting goals, and seeing them through.

5. Therapist Aid’s Youth Goal Setting Worksheet

These guys offer several pages that can help chunk teen’s goals in each area of their lives:

  • Social
  • Career
  • Physical
  • Family
  • Leisure
  • Personality
  • Other

They then help your teen break down their goals in each category by 5-year goals, 1-year goals, and 1-month goals.

6. Big Goals Worksheet for Teens

Here's a really simple goal-setting worksheet pdf that helps your teenager focus in on ONE big goal, and then write down some action steps they can take to get towards it.

Screenshot of big goals downloadable worksheet for teens on navy blue background with green pen

7. Brainology’s Goal Setting Lesson Plan

Under the “Applied Brainology” section on this page, you’ll find a free goal-setting lesson plan and PDF for kids.

screenshot of goal setting lesson plan for teenagers on Mindset Works

And I really like it – it’s focused on helping kids and teens make growth-minded goals.

Great notes for parents and teachers on how to facilitate your kids/students choosing a goal, getting more specific about that goal, understanding the realities of hitting it, and more.

8. Your Main Goal Right Now Worksheet

This worksheet gives some great prompts to get teens focused on just one goal, and then to figure out the steps they need to take to get to that goal.

I looooovvveee the question, “How will I know I’ve reached my goal?” Because honestly? If you don’t define what “success” on a goal looks like, then you might just dance around it for months and even years!

screenshot of teen goal setting worksheet pdf for one main goal

9. Monthly Goal Setting PDF

Though technically created for adults, I think this goal-setting printable is great for teens as well. It'll give them the chance to start each month off fresh and to track how their plans are going.

screenshot of monthly goal setting PDF for teens

Smart Goal Setting Worksheets – Smart Goals for High School Students

The system for setting S.M.A.R.T. goals (you know: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely) is not just for us adults. Check out these SMART goal-setting worksheets for teens.

Psst: you'll also want to check out my article on examples of good and bad smart goals for high school students to whip their goal into shape!

10. S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting Worksheets for Students

If you sign up for a free account with Teachers Pay Teachers, then you can access this free S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting worksheet to help teach your kids how to make their goals measurable, specific, and more.

screenshot of smart goals setting worksheet for students on Teachers Pay Teachers

11. Developing Good Habit’s SMART Goal Setting Worksheet

Developing Good Habit has a great, free worksheet for students on setting SMART goals. I like how it focuses kids on one specific goal, and then helps them drill down on the logistics behind meeting it.

Now it's your turn – what are your favorite teen goal-setting worksheets pdfs (or goal-setting worksheets for kids)? Please share in the comments below for possible inclusion in this list!

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