25+ Online Jobs for Teenagers that Pay (Jobs for Ages 13 and Up)

Online jobs for teenagers that pay are a great option if your teen doesn’t have transportation yet, can’t find a job, or any other number of reasons.

How to make money as a teenager without a job? Get an online one!

The fact that online jobs for teens exist is very exciting.

Think about it – for teens who don’t have reliable transportation, who may not even have gotten their first car or driver’s license yet, or who can’t find a job in the summer seasonal job rush, can now earn some income. All out of the comfort of their bedroom.teenager working at online job, text overlay "25+ online jobs for teenagers that pay, starting at age 13"

That’s awesome! Certainly not something that was around when I was a teen.

I mean, when I was a teen, to get a job I had to find who was hiring, then fill out applications, make it to interviews, and then get my license so that I could actually get myself to the job and back (ofcourse, I had to get that permit and the license before applying!).

Another way I love how the teen job landscape is changing? There are tons of online jobs for teens starting at the age of 13!

That’s right – if you want your teen to “get a job”, you don’t have to make them wait until they can drive themselves.

Psst: still hoping your teen can get a “traditional”, offline job? Here's my article on how a teen can get a job without a driver's license (and without you being their personal chauffeur all the time). 

What are the Pros and Cons of an Online Job for Teens?

You may be wondering what are the perks of your teen getting an online job (over an offline job). There are many.

For starters, we discussed the convenience factor. If your teen happens to not be able to find a summer job – whether they applied too late, or the teen job market was too hot this time around – then an working online as a teenager still gives them a chance to earn their own money that they can then learn to manage.

Another convenience factor is you don’t have to coordinate rides or figure out transportation. This is especially helpful for teens who aren’t old enough to drive yet!

Getting an online job as a teen also helps with pushing their initiative. Think about it: many of the jobs I’m about to share with you don’t have concrete deadlines. Sure, they have specific activities your teen has to complete in order to get paid, but your teen gets to choose if they want to take the individual gigs/surveys/etc. or not.

They’ll quickly learn that if they’re not hungry for the gigs, then they simply won’t earn very much money.

That’s a valuable lesson!

Finally, they can work around their own schedule (or the family’s). This is especially helpful if they want to continue working during the school year, or work in the school year and not wait until summer.

Now, let’s look at the cons to getting an internet jobs for teens instead of an offline one.

Here’s a few that come to mind:

  • Your child can suffer from something adult bloggers suffer from – the inability to shut down since they can literally make money anytime, from their laptop. The key is going to be for you, the parent, to monitor their job.
  • Not committing to actual gigs or assignments because there’s not necessarily a boss they have to report to. Again, the parent can act as the accountability partner here by checking in with what online jobs they sign up for, and then checking in to make sure they’ve completed it within the deadline (plus discussions for when they miss deadlines).
  • Not having the social outlet working at a “normal” job can give, whether that be with coworkers, or with customers.
  • Not getting the experience of directly reporting to someone, going through reviews, etc.
  • Not getting experience dealing with customer issues.

Psst: are you a parent? Definitely check out my parenting tip section at the end of this article, which talks about ways to monitor your teen's online job performance so that you can provide some of the oversight they aren't going to get with an online job.

Next up, let’s look at the types of online jobs you can get as a teenager.

How Can I Earn Money as a Teenager (Online)?

I just briefly want to mention what types of jobs to look for if you’re doing an online search for how to earn money as a teen.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Product testing paid gigs
  • Teen apps for gigs
  • Surveys/focus groups for teens
  • Website testers
  • Write reviews for new songs and products
  • Video game testers
  • Online tutoring
  • Assistant online
  • Taking photos with your phone and reporting on-the-ground info

Now, let’s move into actual online jobs for teenagers!

Pssst: once your teen starts earning money? Here's 7 money conversations to have with your teen after they get that first paycheck. 

Online Teen Job – Get Paid for Taking an Action

Wow, now this is one of the coolest online jobs for teenagers that pay.

Did you know that you can get paid for taking certain actions as you go about your day? It's not necessarily an online job, per say, but it's still a way to earn cash. Let me show you what I mean.

#1: Mistplay

Age Requirement: 13 and older

Job Responsibilities: No joke…you can get paid to play video games! Choose from a list of video games in your mixlist, play for a number of minutes, and earn units as you do. 

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: You are paid units, and you can redeem these units for gift cards. Gift card options include prepaid Visa gift cards, Amazon, Google Play, Starbucks, iTunes, Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation and more.

#2: Swagbucks

Age Requirement: 13 and older

Job Responsibilities: Kids can use Swagbucks in a variety of ways — doing an Internet search, taking daily polls, watching videos, and taking surveys, to name a few.

I've personally been using Swagbucks since 2009, and I've earned a total of 372,296 Swag Bucks. That's a whopping $3,700 in cash to my PayPal account!

swagbucks ways to earn extra cash

Bonus Tip: If the child qualifies, taking surveys will reap the largest rewards the quickest.

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: Users can choose from a PayPal deposit, or Visa, or merchant gift card in return for the Swagbucks that they earn. If someone earns 2200 Swagbucks, they can cash out for a $25 gift card. Heavy users can usually get 2200 Swagbucks per month. However, you can cash out for as low as 450 points, which is worth a $5 gift card.

#3: SweatCoin

Age Requirement: 13 and older

Job Responsibilities: For every 1,000 steps you take, earn one sweatcoin. With the free sweatcoin program, you’re limited to earning 5 sweatcoins a day and 150 per month. However, there are other levels of the program that allow you to earn more per day, but you need to pay for these versions of the program in sweatcoins.

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: There are a variety of levels to receive rewards depending on what you’d like. You’ll need 20,000 sweatcoins for a $1,000 Paypal deposit, but there are more rewards you can get for far fewer points.  There is no cash payout.

#4: BoostaPal

Age Requirement: 13 to 25

Job Responsibilities: Users ages 13 to 25 talk to family and friends and ask them to sign up to be a “booster.” Then, boosters shop at the boostapal mall, and for every purchase that they make, the student gets a small cash boost. Boostapal is free for both the booster and the student.

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: Users are paid either through PayPal, gift card, or a physical check. Payment can be requested after your account has $10 in it.

Online Jobs for Teenagers that Pay – Leave Reviews for New Products

Your opinion as a teenager is valuable to marketers and product makers. Below, you'll find opportunities to get paid for leaving reviews and giving feedback on products.

#1: Slice the Pie

Age Requirement: 13 and older

Requirements: Internet connection (with a minimum bitrate of 300kbps), a PayPal account, and your date of birth

Job Responsibilities: How would you like to write reviews for a living? You can give businesses, new artists, designers, etc. feedback on their new product (like songs, commercials, fashion items, and accessories) before it hits the market. The fun part is, you might actually SEE or HEAR these products later on in life (and you'll know you helped, in a small way!).

Bonus Tip: You'll be given a star rating as a reviewer, so be sure to put your best stuff forward. 

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: Payment is distributed via Paypal, and you must have accrued at least $10 in earnings. Slicethepie is vague about earnings, simply stating that the more detailed and accurate your review, the more money you make in bonuses (also, some categories pay more than others). You can also refer friends and make money that way. Either way, Slicethepie looks like something to do for fun to earn a little pocket change, not something to do to make money like you would at a traditional job.

Jobs Online for Teens – Sell Your Services

Some of the coolest jobs online for teens are the ones where you're using a skill you either have, or one you can get better at with some practice (also, these can make great resume builders!). 

You may not think you have services to sell, but you likely do — either services you create of your own through sites like fiverr, or services that fit what a specific online job is looking for, like tutoring with SameSpeak.

#1: SameSpeak

Age Requirement: 16 and older

Job Responsibilities: SameSpeak will give you information about what you must do in your tutoring session. You’ll need hi-speed Internet and a headset as well as a quiet atmosphere.

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: For each 30-minute personal conversation coaching session, tutors earn $10. Payment is offered through Paypal, but a parent will need to set up the Paypal account for their child. Payment is made every Friday, assuming you have $100 in your account.

#2: Voices.com

Age Requirement: 13 and older

Job Responsibilities: Voices.com gives you the opportunity and platform to become a voice actor.

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: Workers are paid either through PayPal or a physical check. Earnings vary from $150 for a 15 second spot to $3000 for an audiobook.

#3: Skratch Gig App

Age Requirement: 14 and older

Requirements: Internet connection + a smartphone (it's an app)

Job Responsibilities: This is the first teen paid gig app that I've heard of. As a teen (at least 14 years of age), you can download this app, then set up your profile with the skills you have. After that, you can accept gigs in your neighborhood (gigs are no more than 5 miles away from your address). Both the Sponsor (paying customer) and the teen are rated at the end of each gig. And parents have to give consent for their teen to use the app, plus they're notified via email of every gig their teen accepts.

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: Sponsors pay by credit card or bank account, over the app, and the teen is paid via their bank account within 2-3 days. Prices for each gig are predetermined by Skratch, and rates are between $10.00 and $12.50/hour worked.

#4: PetSitter

Age Requirement: 13 and older

Job Responsibilities: Users can search the listings for pet sitting jobs in their area. There are pet sitting jobs for all types of animals from birds and bunnies to cats and dogs.

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: Most pet sitters charge between $14-$19 an hour. When you are paid for your job, it is not done through the site, but one-on-one with your customer. Petsitter.com does not take a cut of your earnings. Rather, when you sign up, you can open a free (but limited) account, or you can pay a fee for a full account.

Psst: if you'll be dog-walking, then definitely look into SweatCoin to add to your earnings — you get paid for walking.

#5: Humanatic

Age Requirement: 17 and older

Job Responsibilities: Workers listen to recorded calls and then answer brief questions about them. This information is used by companies around the world who record their conversations for security purposes to improve their businesses.

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: Workers generally make between $1 and $4.50 an hour and can request their money after they reach $10. Payments are made via Paypal deposits either on Monday or Tuesday.

#6: Amazon Mechanical Turk

Age Requirement: 18

Job Responsibilities: Workers do any number of tasks for Amazon from rewriting copy to taking surveys, to completing limited tasks, just to name a few.

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: Newbies to Amazon Turk tend to make $2 to $3 an hour, while more experienced workers earn more, though usually less than $10 per hour. Users can request a payment once per day, and there is no minimum threshold you must reach before receiving your funds either in your Amazon Payments account or an Amazon gift card.

#7: Fiverr

Age Requirement: 13 and older

Requirements: Internet connection, Paypal account, a skill you can market and sell

Job Responsibilities: What teens sell on Fiverr depends on their skills. Some might write a witty poem, create a YouTube intro, design something. . .the possibilities are endless. Here's a forum comment from a 15-year-old who made $500 in his first three months, and here's one about a 15-year-old who made $3,000 in his first year!

Bonus Tip: Fiverr also has a new learning platform called Learn More, Earn More. It's packed with courses to teach you specific skills you can then sell online (however, the classes are not free). Could be worth your allowance money!

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: Most gigs start at $5, though users can add complementary services to earn more money. Fiverr will take 20% of all sales. Users who are at Level One or Level Two can request their money 14 days after the job was completed. Payment goes to Paypal, Fiverr Revenue Card, or direct deposit to the user’s bank account.

#8: Care.com

Age Requirement: 18, though you can join if you’re 14 to 17 as long as your parent consents and opens a parent account where they will receive all of the exchanges between you and your customer.

Job Responsibilities: Users can list the jobs that they’re available for such as babysitter, house cleaner, tutor, or nanny. Users can also determine their own rates depending on the market and location. Of course, you’ll do this job in person, but Care.com can make you visible to a wide range of people who may be looking for your services.

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: You can be paid via a payment center on Care.com or one-on-one from the family that you work for. You’ll be charged an upfront fee to list yourself as a sitter on Care.com. If you register for 6 months, you’ll be charged $10 a month, for 3 months, $15 a month, or for one month, $20.

#9: SitterCity

Age Requirement: 18

Job Responsibilities: Users can list the jobs that they’re available for–babysitter, nanny, mother’s helper. You can list the child care responsibilities you’re willing to perform and negotiate them with the families you work for.

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: You’ll be paid directly by the people you babysit for. Sittercity.com is free for sitters to use, but you can also choose the Featured Sitter option for $9.99 a month. You will have a background check and a background check update every three months. Sittercity.com also puts your profile higher in the search results, so Featured Sitters are 4x more likely to get a job.

#10: Upwork

Age Requirement: 18

Payment Form & When: You determine the rate that you want to be paid. Upwork takes a fee of .15 per connect, and a commission of either 20%, 10% or 5% depending on how much you earn for the project. When a client approves your project, the funds are deposited immediately into your Upwork account and are accessible to you after five days.

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: Jobs including writing, blogging, web development, office support, customer service, accounting, and marketing, among others.

Online Jobs for Teens — Survey Taker Jobs for Teens

This section is dedicated to online survey taker jobs that teenagers are legally allowed to do.

Hint: since some teens are searching for “how to become rich as a teenager online”, I just want to let you know ahead of time that taking surveys for a living is not going to make you rich. But, it will get you some pocket money!

#1: Survey Junkie

Age Requirement: 13 and older

Job Responsibilities: You earn money by completing surveys.

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: Payment is distributed via PayPal, or you can choose to get e-gift cards instead. You must earn $10 before you can cash out your money. Most surveys are worth 45 to 350 points, which is the equivalent of 45 cents to $3.50, but there are also surveys worth more points. Most surveys take between 5 and 20 minutes to complete.

#2: Paid View Point

Age Requirement: 13 and older

Requirements: Internet

Job Responsibilities: Users complete surveys.

Bonus Tip: As you take more surveys, your TrustScore increases. And a higher TrustScore will earn you more money.

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: When you reach $15, you can request your money be sent to your PayPal account. Expect to see payment within 72 hours.What I like about these surveys is you actually earn money for each QUESTION that you complete. That's motivating! Also, for each person you refer, you get 20% of their earnings on business surveys (up to $25.00, maximum, per person).

#3: Harris Poll

Age Requirement: 13 and older

Requirements: Internet

Job Responsibilities: Users complete surveys by invitation. Be advised that there aren’t a lot of survey invitations – expect five or less per month – so making enough money to redeem for gift cards may take a few months.

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: Participants earn HIpoints, which can be redeemed for electronic gift cards and merchandise. There is no cash or PayPal option of payment. After you reach 1250 points, you can redeem for a $10 gift card.

#4: Global Test Market

Age Requirement: 14 and older

Requirements: Internet

Job Responsibilities: Users complete surveys for points.

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: Users can redeem points via PayPal, checks, and gift cards. You cannot cash out until you reach $50, which is the equivalent of 1,000 to 1,200 points depending on the country in which you reside. Surveys pay on average 35 to 200 points, and payments take 4 to 6 weeks to receive.

#5: Opinion Outpost

Age Requirement: 18

Job Responsibilities: Users complete surveys for points.

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: When you earn at least 100 points, you can cash out for a $10 Paypal deposit. However, you can also choose to be paid via Amazon or iTunes gift cards, United Mileage Plus points, or American Red Cross donation. Participants can also use their points to enter a quarterly prize drawing of $10,000.

Online Teen Jobs – Sell Your Product

My sister started a book-folding company, and my niece, who is a teenager, does a decent amount of work with it. They sell their book folding patterns on Etsy, through an online FB group, and in other places — it's doing well, and my niece is gaining lots of experience with selling a product online!

Warning: this is not a get-quick-rich way to earn money online. It takes time to build a product, figure out the marketing and distribution, and sell it for a profit. Still, it's worth mentioning and possibly working on in your spare time. 

#1: Etsy

Age Requirement: 18 unless a parent or guardian is a co-owner of the shop, then 13 and older


Job Responsibilities: Kids running an Etsy shop will need to learn how to list their stock, advertise, interact with customers including answering customer complaints and questions and ship out products. Teens sell everything from cat toys to felt dolls to handmade artwork and many more items.

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: You can receive payment either through a check sent in the mail by the buyer or Etsy Payments. With Etsy Payments, the buyer chooses their method of payment, and the money is deposited in your bank account. If the teen is under 18, the parent/guardian will need to give their own bank account for receiving payments. Be aware that Etsy takes a 5% transaction fee from every sale and another 3% plus .25 payment if you use Etsy Payments. Payments take 3 to 5 days to reach your account.

#2: CafePress

Age Requirement: 13 and older. Those under 18 must be supervised by a parent

Job Responsibilities: Users can create slogans, logos, graphic designs and pictures to put on products. The more creative you are, the better!

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: Users can earn a royalty on each product that they create and sell, can earn monthly performance bonuses (base price sales of $100 to $500 earn a 10% bonus), or can earn 5% of Marketplace sales. Users can be paid via check (requires a $100 minimum on earnings) or PayPal (requires a $25 minimum on earnings.) Payment is made within 60 days of when the money was earned.

Online Teen Jobs – Sell Your Writing

Do you like English class, or are you a natural writer? You can earn money through your writing online (not to mention, this type of job will prep you for college and beyond).

#1: HubPages

Age Requirement: 18

Job Responsibilities: Users write articles on HubPages. The articles that do better tend to be 800 to 1,600 words long.

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: Payment is earned when people visit a user’s HubPage articles. Each article has advertising around it, and writers can also choose to add Amazon affiliate links to try to earn more money. You are paid at the end of the month via a PayPal deposit as long as you reach the $50 minimum. HubPages takes 40% of your earnings, leaving you with 60%. If you refer another writer to HubPages, you earn 10% of all of their earnings for life.

#2: TextBroker

Age Requirement: 18

Job Responsibilities: Workers write articles for clients. Articles are screened by Textbroker and given a star rating between two and five; how much writers earn per word depends on their star rating.

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: Users are free to request a payout after they have accrued $10 in earnings. Writers generally earn from .07 to 2 cents per word for their articles.

Online Teen Jobs – Sell Your Photographs

Some online companies now are relying on people's information from across the nation to keep their product and listings the most up-to-date possible. 

That means if you've got a smartphone, then you've got an opportunity to earn some cash with photos and other info you can upload to their platform.

Let me show you what I mean. 

#1: Job Spotter

Age Requirement: 16 years and older

Requirements: A smartphone that you can take pictures with, and the Job Spotter App. 

Job Requirements: Your job is to take two photos when you find a new job posting in your area. The first photo is of the help-wanted sign that you find, and the second photo is of the storefront with the company’s sign/name clearly visible. 

The better your photos, the more points you earn. You'll want to read over the photo guidelines here

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: Each point is worth $0.01, and when you get enough points, you can redeem them for Amazon.com gift cards.

Online Teen Jobs – Sell Your Audience

For the jobs in this section, you need to first build up an audience, and then you can sell to them through ad networks and other means.

Warning: this will take a good bit of time and effort for you to see any return. Just ask me how I know (hint: I've been blogging online for over 10 years now!). 

#1: YouTube

Age Requirement: 13 and older with parental permission. Otherwise, 18 to create a channel independently.

Requirements: Internet connection, YouTube channel, marketing ideas, audience (you'll need to build one before you make money), parental permission

Job Responsibilities: If you choose to create a YouTube channel, you’ll need to have the ability and the equipment to film yourself, edit the video, monetize it, and upload it. YouTube channels can cover any topic from Legos, to make-up tutorials, to dolls, to exercise and fitness and so much more. Eventually, you can monetize a YouTube channel — meaning, you can show ads to the people that watch your videos. You then get paid by ad impression (or by person who views the ads). Here are all the ways that you can monetize a YouTube channel.

Bonus Tip: Here's an article all about what you, as a parent, should consider when allowing your child to start a YouTube channel. Also, check out challenges facing Teen YouTube stars.

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: Users will need to monetize the channel, but they only make ad money when someone watches the ad for 30 seconds or longer. Users need to earn $100 before they can cash out. You'll want to check out this article, How Much Do Kid YouTubers Make?.

#2: Instagram

Age Requirement: 13 and older

Job Responsibilities: Develop your platform to have a high number of followers. Then, you will be able to charge clients for promoting their products or businesses. Or, you could develop an Instagram profile to highlight your own business such as web design, lawn mowing, hair styling, just to name a few.

How Am I Paid, How Much, and When is Payday?: You will be paid directly from advertisers or clients based on the rate you set.

How Could a 13-year-old Make Money? Age 13 Jobs

Are you 13, or your child is 13, and you’re wondering how to get money at age 13 (besides an allowance)?

Lucky for you, there are lots of gigs and online jobs for 13-year-olds that pay.

You’ll specifically want to check out (these all have more detail, above):

  • Mistplay: You can actually get paid to play video games! Earn units that you can redeem for things like prepaid Visa gift cards and Amazon gift cards. 
  • Swagbucks: Get paid to search the internet. There are other ways to earn, such as completing surveys or watching videos.
  • Sweatcoin: Get paid to walk.
  • Slice the Pie: Get paid for your opinion.
  • Harris Poll: Get paid for your opinion.
  • Paid View Point: Get paid for your opinion.
  • Survey Junkie: Get paid to take surveys.
  • PetSitter: Get paid to pet sit for others.

Parenting Tip: How to Stay Involved in Your Teen's Online Job

As I mentioned before, many online teen jobs don't have a boss, like they would have in real life. So, who's overseeing their work?

That's where you come in. There are a few touch points where you can do some gut-checks to make sure your teen is working at their best, and doing what's healthy for them.

For example, you can:

  • Monitor their Star Rating: Some online jobs that pay teenagers will actually rate them. Whether that's on a five-star scale, on a 10-star scale, or through different tiers they can get promoted to. You want to keep up on your teen's rating, as this is a way to understand their job performance.
  • Monitor their Earnings: Having access to your teen's earnings can give you several valuable pieces of information, such as whether or not they're doing enough work, if the online job they chose is worth their time, or if they're spending WAY too much time on the internet with this online gig. Ask your teen to give you a printout of their earnings (through the Paypal and/or checking account they're using) at the end of each two weeks, or every week.
  • Monitor their Internet Time: How long is it taking for your teen to earn that $25 doing surveys? Ask your teen to provide you with a timesheet at the end of each week or every two weeks, so that you can see how much they're working. You can also have them use Toggl, a free time-keeping app. 

Keep coming back to this resource guide on working at home jobs for teenagers, where I'll be constantly updating with more online jobs for teenagers that pay as I find them. There's so many online jobs for teens out there!

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