What do teenagers like, and what are great Christmas list ideas for teenage girls? I've got 37 unique teenage girl gift ideas + how to go about picking out a gift for them. 

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What do teenagers like? Christmas list ideas for teenage girls can be SO hard to come up with. Because, let’s face it – they’re in-between two separate worlds. They’re neither a kid, nor an adult yet, but somewhere in between.

Which means some days they tend to favor kid-like things you thought they were over, and other days they seem like they’re 25 years old with the things they want to have and to do.

If you’re stumped, wondering ‘what should I get a teenager for Christmas’, then keep reading. I’ve got tons of teenage girl gift ideas that will make your shopping easier.

All gifts on this list are available on Amazon Prime with 2-day free shipping (perfect, especially if you are a last-minute shopper!). Don’t already have Amazon Prime? Grab a free 30-day trial just for the holidays. If you like it? Keep it. If not, well, you just got free, fast shipping all holiday season long.

What are Good Teenage Girl Gifts?

In general, you want to keep the following in mind when picking out gifts for your teenage daughter:

  • Buy them something they can take into their first apartment/college/young adult life
  • Buy them something that makes them feel more grown-up
  • Buy them something that can grow with them
  • Buy them something they can use with their friends
  • Buy them something that lets them explore a possible career interest

Don’t worry – you’ll find examples from each of these categories below.

Psst: These would make awesome birthday gifts for teenage girls, as well. So, bookmark this page and come on back the rest of the year!

Christmas List Ideas for Teenage Girl

When I polled a bunch of my family and friends about the Christmas list ideas their teenage girls came up with over the last two years…time and time again I got the answer “cash”.

It makes sense; cash gives them ultimate control over what they get to buy, plus they can take it with them the next time they go to the mall with friends (score – they don’t have to figure out how to earn more!).

But giving cash also takes away part of the fun of gift-giving…amiright?

SO, I’m going to offer up some really cool cash puzzles first up in this section, and then proceed to some awesome teenager gifts your daughters and nieces will be excited to receive. Best of both worlds, right?

Da Vinci Code Cash Puzzle

Make your teen work for your cash gift! They’ll have to solve this puzzle before they can get their hands on your wad of green.

Enigma Decode Cash Box

Again, gift cash to a teenager inside of a cool puzzle they’ll have to work through to get it.

Money Maze Puzzle Box

I’ll leave you with one more option – a money puzzle box.

Teen Cookbooks

I remember being super interested in looking for recipes and learning about kitchen terms from about the age of 16, onwards. This Young Chef’s cookbook would make a great gift. There’s also the Baking Cookbook for teens, or The Cookbook for Teens. I also love the way Teen Cook: How to Cook What You Want to Eat looks!

Boss Club Entrepreneur Kit

Boss Club offers several teen and kid entrepreneur kits, where they include all the ingredients your teen needs to open up their own business. I love how each kit comes with a comprehensive guide on all-things-business, something your teen will definitely benefit from reading.

flatlay of bos club cake pops entrepreneurship kit - unique gifts for teenager girls

Kits come in the following themes to start up their own business:

  • Cake Pops
  • Dog Treats
  • Bath Bombs

Box of Godiva Chocolates

I can remember the first time someone gave me a box of Godiva chocolates as a teenager. I felt like a million bucks – it was so much more grown-up than regular chocolate gifts.

Escape Room in a Box: Flashback

Your teen might just become the coolest, ever, when they whip out an escape room in a box at their next hangout. Here’s another escape room in a box.

Hair Chalk for Teenage Girls

Check out this cool (and temporary) way for teens to “dye” their hair: hair chalk!

Cold Case Cracker: Murder Mystery Game

Do you have a budding detective or forensic scientist on your hands? Give her a Cold Case Cracker set so that she can work on cracking her first case.

Kanoodle Genius Game

Have you heard of this solitaire puzzle game (I used to LOVE brainteasers and puzzles I had to work through as a teen)? Here’s the second version of it: Kanoodle Genius.


Here’s an origami puzzle game that looks pretty sweet.

Leather Wrap Bracelet

I just love these leather wrap bracelets – different from traditional ones.

Hanayama Cylindrical Puzzle

Can your teen take this cylindrical puzzle apart? Then…can they actually get it back together? This one is Level 4, which is “challenging”.

Wireless Karaoke Microphone

What teenage girls have NOT gotten together during a sleepover and sang karaoke? If yours loves to sing (even if she loves it, but not in public), then this could be a great gift for her.

LED Photo Clips

Teenage girls LOVE posting pics of themselves and friends around their room – this is the perfect way to help them display their social life!

Amazon Gifts for Teenage Girl

Alright – you’ve found the 100% Amazon gifts section for teenage girls. All of the following gifts can be found on Amazon, and they are ALL free with prime membership.

Waterproof and Portable Blue Tooth Speaker

I actually got my husband a JBL portable blue tooth speaker last year for his birthday, and we use it every. Single. day. The quality is outstanding. And with this portable one? Your teen can hangout and listen to music wherever she happens to be chillin’ with friends.

Unicorn Snot Lip Gloss

Such a funny idea! But aside from that, what teenage girl doesn’t like a little lip gloss?

Dual Tip Markers

Here’s a stylish set of markers, with both fine tips and broad tips. They can doodle, write letters (wait…kids still write letters to friends, right?!), etc.

LCD Writing Tablet

This LCD writing tablet is strangely…addicting. My son received a similar one for Christmas, and I must admit – I love playing with it!

Women in Science Book

I just love encouraging our teenage girls to shoot for the moon as far as the career they want to go after. This book offers up 50 women scientists as inspiration.

Friends 4 Ever Scrapbook

I used to LOVE making scrapbooks, as both a teen and as an adult (pre-baby). Need to get back to that…but you can get your teen started by gifting them this friend scrapbook kit.

Rainbow Holographic Note Paper

Ooohhhhh…I pretty much want these for MY office, too!

Unicorn Snot Glitter Sunscreen

Ummm…I think I would wear more sunscreen if I had a bottle of glittery unicorn snot.

Sparkling Unicorn Bath Bomb

I hope your teenage daughter likes unicorns…because this unicorn bath bomb is, well, the bomb.

Reusable Snack Bags

What I love about buying your teenager reusable snack bags? They can take them (and use them) in college, their first apartment, their first job, and beyond. Tons of styles to choose from.

Teen Creative Writing Books

If your teen is showing interest in writing, then they’ll do things like ask for a thesaurus for Christmas (okay, okay, maybe that’s just what I did when I was a teen…).

You can encourage their creative talents with books/kits like Rip the Page, Leap Write In!, and Cliffhanger Writing Prompts.

Teen Entrepreneur Toolbox

When I found this, I had to get my hands on it. And I wasn’t disappointed – I think it’s an excellent tool to teach your teen all about business, and how to be an entrepreneur.

Bullet Journal Kit

I’ve kept a diary ever since my Uncle got me one when I was still writing in crayons. It’s such a blessing to be able to look back over the seasons of my life. This bullet journal kit would be perfect for a teen girl (it also comes with a bunch of different washi tapes, which I know are very popular with my teen niece)!

Rose Gold Phone Ring Holder

This can be both a stand for their phone (so, helping if they like to watch YouTube videos or things like that), and helps lock a phone in place while driving via a stand.

Aaron’s Crazy Thinking Putty

As a teen girl, I would have LOVED this stuff – some are magnetic, some are electric, some are scented…it’s not your normal putty.

In fact, when I went on a trip to New York City in high school with our chorus, we stopped at FAO Schwartz and I picked up a little can of slime!

Where’s My Stuff Book

Where’s My Stuff is written by a professional teen organizer. I love how she takes the benefits of organizing down to your teens’ world, meaning they might buy into the process.

Adulting 101

Help your teen get ready for the next big transition in their lives with this Adulting 101 book (I wish MY parents had given me something like this!).

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