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12 Gifts Under $10 for Teenage Girls (They’ll Love these!)

Struggling to shop for teen girls on a really tight budget? Find awesome ideas on this list of gifts under $10 for teenage girls.

The best way to figure out great gifts under $10 for teenager girls is to look at the important things in their life right now – then buy gifts that support, encourage, or revolve around those.

three teen girls at desk, text overlay, "12 gifts for teen girls all under $10 - unique gifts teen girls will just love"

What is a Good Gift for a Teenage Girl?

For example, teenage girls:

  • Are close to getting their driver’s license, or already have it
  • Own a car, or will be buying one in the near future
  • Like to express their own style through items
  • Are socially aware (a natural stage of development)
  • Are straddling the world between kid things and adult things

Worried about finding awesome gifts for teenage girls that are less than $10 that will interest a teen girl?

Don’t be.

I’ve got a killer list below!

Gifts Under $10 for Teenage Girl

Need to shop for a teen girl and your budget is $10?

Perfect – check out the list below.

Psst: got teenage guys to shop for? Here's the brother-list to this, 19 Cheap Gifts for Teenage Guys (Under $10).

1. Dimmable Lightbulb with Remote

small bulb with remote control

Teens love to rearrange their childhood rooms and have more control over their environment. Not only does this lightbulb offer them a range of colors to choose from…but it comes with a remote control.

Who doesn’t want a remote control, all their own?

2. Teen Girl Wallet

turquoise teen girl wallet
pink teen girl wallet with keychain

There’s lots of cool options for getting a teen girl their first (or second) wallet.

I think I like this turquoise, trifold wallet the best!

3. Daily Gratitude Journal for Teen Girls

pink covered daily gratitude journal with florals
green covered daily gratitude journal with florals

Establishing a gratitude habit as a teen? Will serve them soooo well for the rest of their lives.

Here’s a daily gratitude journal that gives prompts, which will help give them structure to how to do a gratitude practice.

4. Scratch-Off Black Post It Notes

black paper with silvery underpart that comes through with writing on it

When I was a teen girl? Not only did I need help with staying organized and jotting down random notes to myself, but I loved the color BLACK.

These scratch-off, black post-it notes would’ve been exactly what I wanted.

5. Personal Safety Keychain

small pink or tan keychain for safety
hand holding a floral-patterned safety keychain

Teen girls are spending more and more time away from home with friends, possibly a boyfriend, groups, etc.

And this is especially true if they’re driving (with or without a job).

Make their lives a bit safer with one of these personal safety keychains.

6. Key Lanyard

leather short key lanyard
long lanyard with pink and navy blue and white

Teens are given more and more responsibility, and with that usually comes at least one key (maybe to their home, maybe to their first car, maybe to their locker?).

These stylish lanyards are just the thing to help them not only easily access their keys, but give them a reason to actually want to remember them.

7. The Driving Book

the driving book with red cover

Here’s a best-selling book all about driving, geared towards teenagers. This is perfect whether or not your teen is driving yet, or on the cusp of doing so.

Topics covered include things like:

  • Expressways, Freeways, Thruways, and Beltways
  • Taking Care of Your Car
  • Getting a Ticket
  • Driving in Bad Weather
  • Etc.

8. Trendy Decal Stickers

100 decal stickers in a pile

Remember when I said that teen girls are in a stage of wanting to express themselves through style?

When I was a teen girl, that was through the keychains you attached to your backpack.

These decal stickers – that they can add to things like their laptop, their water bottle, their notebooks, luggage, etc. – will accomplish the same thing. So many to choose from, that they’ll absolutely find at least one (or 10) that they love!

Pssst: teens love receiving money for gifts, too. Here’s my article on creative ways to give money to a teenager (even if it’s just $10!).

9. Set of 12 Korean Face Masks

group of 12 multi-colored korean face mask packets

The fact that these are face masks from an Asian country makes them so much cooler than the kind they could get at the grocery store!

Also, these are great for girl sleepovers.

10. Leather Wrap Bracelets Set

emerald and white bracelet with silver hearts

Here’s a really neat and unique piece of jewelry for teen girls.

11. Set of Fun Car Coasters

two mosaic car coasters, one blue, one green

You can line their car cupholders with these stylish coasters, and help them keep that area of their lives clean.

12. Car Vent Charms

small heart car vent charm, light pink rhinestones

Here’s yet another way for your teen girl to express some style in her car! This one dubs as an air freshener.

Which of these gifts under $10 for teenage girls are you digging the most? I've got several on my list of people to buy for this year, and personally want the lanyard for myself!

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